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Wear Your Hair Like Katy Perry

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

It’s easy to forget that bouncy, bubbly colourful pop star Katy Perry has had some really tough years in the public eye. She went through a bitter divorce, under the watchful glare of the media. She was roundly attacked by former best friend Taylor Swift and (allegedly) made the target of the catchiest revenge ditty in a decade.

And yet, she always seems ready to take life by the horns and give her everything to music, fashion, politics, and more. Over the years, her style has changed and she’s now approaching her look as something unique and designed to be fun. She’s sported fruit on her head, crazy pastel coloured space buns, and all manner of quirky hair accessories.

If you’d like to grab some of her infectious spirit and creativity for yourself, read our guide to wearing your hair like Katy Perry.

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The Naked Politician

We couldn’t talk about Katy Perry without mentioning her most recent stunt. In a bid to get young voters out to the polls, she stripped off and got herself arrested. In her own words, she’s ‘using her body as clickbait’ and we think it’s pretty shrewd. While her lollipop filled bouffant might not be ideal for a Saturday night out on the town, we reckon it would make a great Halloween costume. You’ll probably have to stop at the hair though, unless you want to end up grappling with a policeman, which we at Cliphair do not condone!

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The Burning Woman

This next look is more than a little zany, but it’s a good example of why we love the creative star. She was at the Burning Man festival in the desert this year and rocked an unusual combination of braids and coloured hair wraps. It looks surprisingly beautiful and it’s perfect for a music festival. The braids probably kept her head cool and the vibrant helps her stand out and make a big impact. If you don’t like the idea of using fabric wraps, you can create your own version by adding a variety of brightly coloured clip in hair extensions.

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The Cheeky Bike Ride

Perry got a little bit cheeky just recently on a bike ride in France. She was on a romantic holiday with current squeeze Orlando Bloom and decided it was time to be mischievous. Fortunately, both her hair and her outfit were as gorgeous as her figure. She looked positively glowing – and very French actually – with a relaxed and casual chignon. This is a useful style for all of those times when you want a ‘do that hides minor flaws. If you haven’t had time to wash your hair extensions, stick ‘em up in a cute bun and add an elegant hair band or tie.

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The Sunkissed Songstress

It looks like the ombre trend might be on the wane now, so we want to admire it before it disappears in place of winter friendly plum and purple shades. Perry has gone for a soft and subtle version, which complements her features and that lightly feathered cut. She’s split her tresses into two halves and drawn the top section backwards to form a kind of half up, half down style. It’s feminine, flirty, and should definitely be kept on the backburner for your holiday in the sun. You can add a little extra sparkle by clipping the top half of your hair back with a cute accessory or slide.

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