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Hair Extension Care

To guarantee a long and happy life with your Hair Extensions they will need to be cared for properly with the correct products and tools. We have created the Ultimate Care Guide to help you look after your precious hair extensions and included lots of fantastic tips for your own hair too. We’ve left no stone unturned covering all areas from washing to dying and everything in between meaning both experienced users and first time buyers can feel confident in caring for their human hair extensions. Below you’ll find a complete index of all things Haircare and a handy glossary simplifying all the technical terms related to hair and maintenance. 

Not bought your hair extensions yet? Then read our ultimate hair extension buying guide and hair glossary.

What is Hair Extensions Maintenance?

Good maintenance of Remy Hair Extensions and of your own hair is vital if you would like your hair extensions to last and look great. Looking after your own hair and extensions does not only keep them looking and feeling amazing it also prevents damage to your own hair and saves you money in the long run. Permanent and Temporary Hair Extensions have a slightly different care regime and its important to know the right procedures for each depending on your hair extension type.  

What is the difference between Permanent and Temporary hair extensions? 

Permanent hair extensions are attached to your hair for several weeks before needing to be removed or repositioned. Unlike Temporary hair extensions you can sleep, wash, swim and work out with Permanent extensions applied to your hair. Temporary hair extensions or hair pieces are attached and removed on the same day and should never be slept in, sleeping with them attached can cause tension on the scalp and breakage to your own hair.

How do you take care of Human Hair Extensions? 

Here at Cliphair we only stock human hair extensions as that is the best quality of hair on the market and gives you much more freedom when it comes to styling and customising the hair. Synthetic options can be cheaper on your initial purchase however they usually only last a few uses and cannot be styled using heat or products. Investing in a great quality of human hair extensions is a great idea if your looking for a product to last you many months! 

2. Why buy hair extensions? (thickness, length, volume, colour) 

Your reason for wanting hair extensions can have a huge impact on the choice you will make. For example, if you have fine hair and you are just wanting to thicken your hair up, it is not necessary to use a large amount of hair or a long length, you can get the effect you are after from only a small amount of hair extensions which in turn is kinder to your hair, and your wallet.  

3. How often do you want to wear hair extensions? (everyday, on occasions)  

All Extension types have there advantages and disadvantages but It is important to establish how much effort your willing to put in and how often you will use them before committing to a set. Ask yourself these questions before committing to any permanent hair extensions: Are you happy and have time to attend maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks? Do you have time to care correctly for permanent hair extensions? Can you afford to have regular maintenance and repositioning appointments every 6-8 weeks?

How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions?

Applying clip in hair extensions can sound like a daunting task, but you can follow our simple step by step video guide below to get you started.

Visit our You Tube Hair Extension Fitting Guide Playlist for more tips and advice. 

INDEX (click on the headings to visit that blog)

  • Washing and drying Hair Extensions
  • Hair Extensions product 
  • How to look After your Hair Extensions
  • How to keep your own hair healthy
  • FAQS about Hair Extensions 
  • Glossary

Washing and Drying Hair Extensions 

Washing and drying our hair can be a chore at the best of times, add hair extensions to the mix and it becomes a military operation. When Dry Shampoo has done all it can do and the only option left is to wash, the following time saving tips will help make this process a lot less daunting.

The beauty of using permanent human hair extensions is that they will mimic the pattern of your own hair when left to dry naturally, this is a fantastic feature that gives a far more natural finish than extensions that have been chemically straightened or synthetic hair.

However, for the days you have a little more time and you want to speed up this drying process by doing it yourself there are some rules and tips that should be considered. We have explained the best products, methods and tools to perfectly clean and dry your hair and all the things to avoid too. 

  • How to wash all types of human hair xxtensions
  • How to wash your hair extensions | Step by Step 
  • How to wash permanent hair extensions | Q and A session 6 
  • Blow-drying | post lockdown salon rules 
  • How to get the perfect blow-dry at home

Hair Extensions Products 

There are some products on the market that should be avoided when using with hair extensions, these usually contain lots of alcohol and sulphate which are both ingredients that dry the hair out. Even though the Hair extensions are human they have been removed from their natural root so they are missing all the nutrients and oils needed to keep the hair hydrated and strong which is why extra moisture needs to be added to the hair to keep it healthy. Below we’ve collected all of our top product guides for haircare that is suitable for hair extensions and even better for your own hair too!

  • Top 10 haircare products and accessories to use with hair extensions 
  • Is your shampoo ruining your hair
  • Your autumn essential products guide 

How To Style Hair Extensions?

There is a number of ways you can style and provide aftercare to your hair extensions, check out our videos below to get top styling tips and product advice.

Visit our YouTube Hair Extensions Tutorials Playlist for more tips and advice on how to apply all hair extension types.


>> Applying tape in extensions

>> Applying micro ring extensions

>> Applying and blending clip in bangs

>> Applying and styling pony tail clip ins

>> Fitting double weft clip in extensions

How to Look After Your Hair Extensions  

Using the right products and washing the extensions correctly are great ways to maintain the health and strength of your hair extensions. The things you do in between these times are also extremely important for example storage and styling. Below we’ve listed some great blogs with tons of info on how to maintain the quality in your hair extensions.

  • Healthy Hair | How to maintain healthy hair 
  • Caring for Clip in Hair Extensions 
  • 5 hacks for Hair Extension Styling 
  • How to restore your Hair Extensions
  • Maintaining Dyed or Coloured Hair Extensions 

How To Keep Your Own Hair Healthy 

Here at Cliphair we care about YOU just as much as your hair extensions. The following blogs are dedicated to some well deserved self-care for your own hair, body, mind and soul! We’ve included everything from natural remedies, mental health and even seasonal haircare tips, we hope you enjoy… 

  • Summer Haircare
  • 6 things you are doing to damage your hair
  • 5 ways to look after your Mental Health
  • 3 Common changes to our Hair during pregnancy 
  • Is Rice water actually good for your hair? 
  • 6 Foods to eat for healthy hair 
  • Colour fading fast? Here’s how to stop it
  • Your Autumn essentials guide 
  • 7 Gym proof hair and make up tips 
  • Winter Hair Care | how to naturally care for your hair in winter 

Hair Extensions Frequently Asked Questions? (FAQS) 

This is the part where we answer all of your burning questions related to Hair and Extensions. We discuss the risks and concerns often associated with hair extensions to put your mind at ease before starting your exciting journey in hair enhancement! 

  • What are Hair Extensions? What ones are right for me? 
  • How to Blend Hair Extensions? 
  • Do hair extensions Damage your Hair? 
  • How do you Colour Match Hair Extensions? 
  • How long do Hair Extensions last? 

Haircare Glossary 

Its not uncommon to come across intimidating and difficult wording for products, methods or tools within the hair and beauty industry. This technical jargon can be quite daunting and off putting. The good news is the actual meanings of these terms are not that scary at all, we’ve translated them into easy-to-understand definitions to help you. 

Accessories – Clips, bands, ties and lots of other things. Anything that is added to the hair to either decorate or hold in place. 

Argan Oil - A very popular smoothing ingredient found in many conditioners and serums. 

Brush - To remove tangles or knots from the hair with a larger tool often with many close together bristles or spikes. 

Comb – To remove tangles or create neat sections. Can have different sized teeth, sometimes very fine or wide toothed. 

Conditioner – Used to smooth and hydrate the hair cuticles after shampooing. 

Cuticle – The protective layer on the hair shaft made from over lapping hair cells that resemble scales. Smoothed, intact cuticles are found on healthy, strong hair. Cuticles that are broken or messy make the hair appear dry and dull. 

Cleanse – To deep clean and remove all impurities 

Detangle – Removing knots, tangles and matting from the hair. 

Dandruff – White or grey flakes of skin that appear In the roots caused by many reasons. Can sometimes feel itchy and irritable however is easily treated with special products and a change of styling habit. 

Dry Shampoo - A powdery hair spray that is used to soak up oil at the roots preventing the need to shampoo the hair so soon. Can also be used to add texture and hold to the hair. 

Elasticity - How far a hair strand can stretch before returning to its natural state. Hair that has lost a lot of elasticity will snap quicker under pressure and is usually very dry and weak. 

Follicle – The very start of a hair strand grows from inside a hair follicle. 

Gel – A product used for hold and shine in the hair. Has a very sticky texture and used a lot in barbering. 

Greasy – when the roots or mid-lengths feel oily, dirty or sticky.  

Heat protection spray – A product sprayed onto the hair before applying heat to prevent the hair from drying out.

Hairspray – A spray product used to keep a style in place, available in different strengths.

Keratin – A protein that makes up 90% of your hair. Its very strong and resilient which is why it is found in many hair treatments.  

Life span – How long the product is likely to last 

Limp – Hair that is flat and lifeless

Mousse – a foamy product used to add volume, colour and create more hold in the hair. Usually added before styling the hair. 

Maintenance – keeping your hair extensions healthy by caring correctly for them and attending appointments to refresh and refit them.

Matting – Extreme knotting in the hair

Oily hair – When the roots get very greasy/oily quickly after washing, this hair type is not suitable for some extension methods. 

Porosity – The hairs ability to absorb moisture and liquid. Very porous hair will take to colour very quickly and also tends to be more prone to breakage. 

Remy – Means all the cuticles in the hair face the same direction, they are aligned. This is the best quality of human hair and ensures longer life, less tangles and a silky finish. 

Ringlet – A very tight, coiled curl 

Roots – The part of the hair that is attached to the scalp 

Shedding – Hair loss in the hair extensions, falling out from the actual weft or tip (this is not hair breakage) 

Sulphate – A cleansing ingredient used in hair products that removes dirt and grease. This ingredient is not suitable for hair extensions. 

Shampoo – The first step of the hair wash used to clean the hair of grease and impurities and add shine.  

Serum – A smoothing oil like product used after styling to leave the hair silky and shiny. 

Trim – A slang term for having a very small amount of hair cut off.

Tangles – Medium knots in the hair

Virgin (in own hair not extensions) – Hair that has never been dyed or chemically altered

Volume – How much body/lift you have at the top of your hair and in the roots. 

Looking for a low maintenance easy to care for Ponytail Extension? Then look no further than our Straight Up Wrap Around Ponytail.

Getting in touch… 

Here at Cliphair we have a team of dedicated hair experts that are ready and waiting to help you along your hair extensions journey! If after reading this Guide you still have questions feel free to get in touch. 

Email – Advice@Cliphair.co.uk
Phone – 03450 211 311 (9.30am - 4.30pm)
Or if you’d prefer you can DM us on our Social channels by using the links below

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