Hair extensions are a pricey investment, and you want to know everything about how to properly care for them. Like with natural hair, hair extensions shedding can occur for a number of causes, ripping off the strands from the clip, tape, or other fitting methods. Hair extensions shedding is a real issue, damaging a beautiful product and making it less useful and pretty over time. If you want to know how to stop hair extensions shedding, read on to find out how to properly take care of your gorgeous tresses and make them last longer.

1. How To Stop Hair Extensions Shedding: Prepping (back to index)

In case you’ve experienced shedding from products such as nano ring hair extensions, it’s essential that you take action even before your salon appointment. Correctly prepping your hair and scalp before having your nano bead hair extensions fitted is the key to a successful installation and long-lasting finish: ideally, you should use a clarifying shampoo and avoid conditioner to leave your scalp and hair as the purest canvas for your hair extensions technician to work their magic with.

2. How To Stop Hair Extensions Shedding: Products (back to index)

Using the correct products for every step of your hair care routine is essential to make sure that your hair extensions will live a long, happy life. Shampoo and conditioner should always be hair extensions-specific, and you should invest in a good quality hair oil to keep frizz at bay and give that delicious shine to both your natural hair and your added tresses. If you’re looking for a hair-extensions-specific shine spray, I recommend the Cliphair’s Shine Moisturising Spray for a clean, sateen finish.

Make sure you never apply any oils on your roots/rings/micro loops to avoid shedding.

3. How To Stop Hair Extensions Shedding: Washing (back to index)

Whenever you wash your clip-in hair extensions you should pay attention to every stroke and movement that happens, especially as hair is at its weakest when wet. Always brush before wetting and wash your hair gently, remember to use sulfate-free and alcohol-free products to prevent your tresses from going brittle and dried out. Never pull, tug or twist your hair extensions when wet. Never wash your clip-ins whilst wearing them, but give them their own washing-up session separately and allow them to air-dry somewhere safe. 

4. How To Stop Hair Extensions Shedding: Conditioning (back to index)

When using conditioner or other deep-conditioning products such as hair masks and oils or serums, never use them on the attachments of your hair extensions. In the case of tape-in hair extensions, for example, this can cause the attachment to lose its grip on your natural hair, making the whole lock fall out.

5. How To Stop Hair Extensions Shedding: Brushing (back to index)

Brushing your hair extensions is a staple of your TLC hair care routine, but always use the right type of hair brush on them. A detangling hair brush is specifically designed to work through hair extensions without damaging the attachments, and can be used (with delicate strokes) on wet hair too, when needed.

Always support your hair extensions when brushing them whilst you wear them: this way not only you will protect the weft from shedding, but you will also minimise the risk of pulling out your actual hair. 

Regularly brushing your extensions will prevent matting and knots from forming which can both lead to shedding. Matting takes intense brushing and combing to remove which puts a lot of tension on your extension attachments, this can pull the hair out straight from the seam. By brushing your hair morning, noon and night you can keep the tangles at bay for both Clip-ins and Permanent hair extensions. 

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6. How To Stop Hair Extensions Shedding: Drying (back to index)

When drying your hair extensions, always make sure you use the correct technique based on the type of extensions you are using and wearing. Any temporary piece should always be hung to air-dry somewhere safe, and possibly not in direct contact with the sun as this is likely to dry out your tresses. Any styling technique should take place only when the hair is completely dry.

7. How To Stop Hair Extensions Shedding: Styling (back to index)

When it’s time to style your hair extensions, always be mindful to keep the temperature low and - just like for brushing - to sustain your weft with your fingers at the “root”, before proceeding with the actual styling. When curling or straightening your hair always be mindful and don’t pull on your extensions, as this could permanently detach strands of hair from the support.

8. How To Stop Hair Extensions Shedding: Sleeping (back to index)

If you’re wearing permanent hair extensions such as nano hair extensions or micro ring hair extensions, the best thing you can do to protect your hair at night is to resort to protective hairstyles. I have spoken more in detail about how to protect your hair when sleeping in out dedicated blog: 10 Protective Hairstyles For Sleeping Tips & Tricks.

9. How To Stop Hair Extensions Shedding: Storing (back to index)

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If you wear temporary hair extensions or hair pieces such as clip-in bangs, clip-in ponytail hair extensions and top-up locks, always make sure you store them properly in a safe place when you’re not using them. Especially if you have pets and/or kids around, correctly storing your human hair extensions away will keep everyone (and everything) safe.

10. How To Stop Hair Extensions Shedding: Quality (back to index)

This should be a no-brainer, really. Investing in high-quality Remy hair extensions is the first step to guarantee your investment a long life, making it a money-savvy expense. First of all, you should identify the problem you want to tackle: is it length? Volume? Both? Are you looking for a temporary makeover for a special occasion, or are you signing up for a long-lasting transformation instead? Is your hair thick, medium, or thin? Is your scalp leaning on the greasy side? These questions will allow you to make an informed decision when it comes to buying hair extensions.

Real hair extensions are generally much better than synthetic, as they blend in naturally with your hair and perform better in terms of styling. Even in the range of opportunities offered by Remy human hair extensions, there are some options that are considered “premium” compared to others, such as double-drawn hair extensions.

Double-drawn hair extensions are thicker, hand-selected single strands of cuticle-aligned hair that presents the same width from root to tip, guaranteeing a fuller, denser look. In the case of clip-in hair extensions, investing in the right product to achieve your desired hair goals is the first step. For example, Seamless hair extensions are more expensive than a Classic clip-in set - however, they are double-drawn and firmly held together by a super-discreet yet sturdy silicone seam. This means that Seamless hair extensions are way less prone to shedding compared to Classics, which still use the traditional lace seam.

11. Conclusion: (back to index)

Hair extensions shedding happens, especially if you get a little too styling-happy or happen to skip some of these steps when in a rush. Wearing hair extensions requires care and patience. Try to make your hair care routine a self-love ritual - both you and your hair extensions will thank you, but most importantly you will achieve incredible results (and save money, which always helps)!

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