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Product Quality

Cliphair extensions are made with 100% Indian remy human hair. You’ll never find animal hair or synthetic hair substitutes in our extensions.


What are Human Hair Extensions?

Human hair extensions are additional lengths of human hair that you add to your natural hair for more length or increased volume using clips, specialist hair glue, adhesive strips or micro-rings. Hair extensions are made with only human hair – you won’t find animal hair or synthetic materials in human hair extensions.

You can choose clip-in human hair extensions to wear as and when you want a boost to your look or to chop and change between styles. Or choose permanent human hair extensions, applied by a professional for a longer-lasting change to your hairstyle.


Why choose Human Hair Extensions?

Here are our top three reasons for choosing human hair extensions.

1.    Human hair extensions look beautifully natural because their natural texture blends perfectly with your own hair.

2.    When cared for correctly – in the same way as you should care for your own hair - human hair extensions are durable and long lasting.

3.    Because human hair extensions cope with the same styling and maintenance as your own hair, you can wear them any way you like. Curl, colour or straighten them to your heart’s desire, you can also wash and dye them.

You won’t find synthetic hair extensions at Cliphair. Unlike human hair extensions, synthetic extensions are unnaturally shiny; you can spot them at 100 paces! Synthetic extensions cannot be heat-styled or coloured. Even with the gentlest of care, synthetic hair extensions will quickly tangle and lose their original appearance.


What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is the highest grade of human hair available in extensions. Remy hair refers to hair that has gone through minimal processing. The cuticles on the hair will be intact and face downwards, just the same as the hair on our heads. Because the cuticles follow the same direction, the hair is smooth and silky, looks shiny and remains tangle-free. Non-remy hair has hair cuticles lying in both directions. It tangles easily, has a duller appearance and feels less soft than remy hair.


Why Remy Hair?

Why spend your hard-earned money on anything but the best? Invest in remy human hair extensions and you’ll look stunning and feel confident with long lasting, luxurious and realistic hair extensions. In comparison, cheaper hair extensions made with non-remy hair deteriorate quickly; you’ll feel less confident about your look and will need to buy new hair sooner.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Cliphair extensions which is why we use only remy human hair in our extensions.


Individual Product Quality

You’ll only find the finest quality Indian Remy human hair in Cliphair extensions. Whichever product you choose, know you’ll look beautiful with naturally shiny, luxurious hair that’s touchably soft.


Clip-in Hair Extensions

Use our clip-in hair extensions for the fastest way to change your look. Flowing long ombre one day, funky purple highlights the next – you choose!

Made with secure and sturdy clips, our clip-in hair extensions stay in place all day long. The silicone strips help prevent damage and uncomfortable snagging, so you feel as good as you look.


Double Wefted Clip-in Hair Extensions

Get thicker, even more luxurious locks in a flash with our double weft clip-in extensions. Quick and simple to apply and in a range of beautiful shades, they contain double the amount of hair as our regular clip-in full head sets. The two wefts are securely and discreetly sewn together with strong cotton.

Made with secure and sturdy clips, they stay looking gorgeous for as long as you need them to.


Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

For permanently stunning locks, pre-bonded hair extensions are an easy choice. Bonded with the highest quality keratin, you can choose between stick tips or keratin nail tips depending on your preference and stylist’s advice. Pre-bonded hair extensions are easy to remove from your hair with no damage.

Choose from the range of beautiful shades, these 100% remy human hair extensions will look silky, smooth and tangle-free for as long as you need them to.


Quad Weft Hair Extensions

Want thicker, longer hair in seconds? Applied in even less time than it takes to apply a full-head set of clip-in extensions, a quad weft hair extension is 10inches wide and clips onto your hair from ear to ear. The result? Lusciously long locks in just moments.

Made with 100% Indian remy human hair and secured with silicone covered clips, the quad weft extensions are available in three different lengths and ten different shades for a stunning and natural transformation in a flash.


Tape-in Hair Extensions

The faster way to permanent extensions, tape-in extensions mean glamorously thick and long hair in less time than you thought possible. Easy to wash and style, your tape-in extensions will last for up to 6 months with good care.

There are 40 invisible, repositionable adhesive wefts in each pack. All Cliphair tape-in extensions are made with the highest quality human hair for a natural-looking shine and excellent quality.


Micro Ring/Loop Hair Extensions

These permanent extensions are an alternative to pre-bonded extensions. Our micro ring hair extensions are made with Indian remy hair for a glamorous and silky-soft boost to your look.

Durable, smooth and comfortable, you can choose from a range of stunning shades to complement your natural beauty.


Wavy Hair Extensions

Add curls to straight hair or enhance your natural curls with our beautiful bodywave hair extensions. Choose clip-in wavy extensions for a speedy change to your look or pre bonded wavy extensions for more permanent length and volume.

Made with pure Indian remy hair, these extensions have been chemically treated to stay wavy even with washing and repeated styling.


Fringe Clip-in Hair Extensions

Mix up your look with our super-realistic clip-in bangs. Cliphair fringe extensions are made with thick wefts of remy human hair and are styled to blend perfectly with your own hair.

Trim, style or even dye your clip-in fringe extensions to suit your unique style, the natural human hair is undetectable from your own – no-one will guess your fringe is clipped in – unless you decide to let on!


Ponytail Extensions

Add length to your pony or volume to a bun with our shiny, swishy ponytail extensions. Attached to your hair with a sturdy grip and thick but discreet ribbons, a Cliphair ponytail extension is the fastest ways we know to add wow to a hair-up look. Wear it loose for a casual gorgeousness or style it into a bun for a more sophisticated appearance.

Made with 100% human hair there’s no tell-tale synthetic shine, just a glossy, healthy-looking length. Trim to your perfect length or dye to mix up your look, our ponytail extensions are waiting to transform your mane. 

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