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Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Invisible even in the finest of hair, Nano hair extensions make the ultimate technology in hair makeovers - giving maximum performance and results with whatever hairstyle you decide to wear, including ponytails and tricky updos. Read more

Our Nano Ring hair extensions are made of the best quality human hair and get secured to your natural tresses with the smallest bead ever.

The Nano Ring, 90% smaller than Micro Rings - latches onto your hair with a discreet, gentle approach, adding volume and length to your mane with no glue or keratin, for a zero-damage finish.

Nano ring Hair Extensions offer you all the perks of having longer, fuller tresses without worrying about having to take them all out at the end of your day. Last but not least: their beads are imperceptible in your sleep - guaranteeing comfort and glamour at any given time!

When you get to try Nano bead hair extensions, their popularity (together with their longevity, versatility, and overall cost) is a no-brainer. Read less

For more information check out our Nano Ring FAQS below.