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Hair Extensions Care & Maintenance Products

At Cliphair, we understand the importance of hair care products, to help maintain and prolong the life of hair extensions. Read more

With our range of specialist products for tape ins, clip in, and all other extension types, you can care for your hair extensions.

From moisturising sprays to keep your extensions looking silky and shiny and heat protection spray to prevent breakage, to dry shampoo that handles day-three roots with ease and gentle tape in extension remover for when it’s time to start over, we have a range of products to care for your extensions and natural hair. Use our range of aftercare products to keep your extensions looking healthy and strong. Read less

Hair Extensions Care & Maintenance Products

Why Use Hair Care Products?

Hair extensions need a bit more love than your own natural hair, because they are removed from their natural root and no longer getting the natural oils and nutrients it needs.

Using hair care products specifically designed for extensions is crucial for maintaining their quality and prolonging their lifespan. These products are formulated to address the unique needs of hair extensions, providing the necessary nourishment and protection they require.

Essential Products for Maintaining Hair Extensions

At Cliphair, we recommend using a range of hair care products, tools, and accessories. From shampoos to brushes, heat protector to smoothing oil, find out which products are our favourites and why they're important in our Top 10 Haircare Products blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Avoid heavy oil-based products, sulfate-containing shampoos, high-alcohol products, and heat protectants with high alcohol content.
    • Generally, no. Synthetic extensions and some types of human hair extensions don't need oiling. For high-quality human hair extensions, you can apply a small amount of lightweight oil to the ends if desired.
    • Use gentle sulfate-free shampoo, moisturising conditioner, detangle gently, mimise heat styling, protect during sleep, and schedule regular maintenance.
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