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I-Tip & Stick Tip Hair Extensions

For flawless and professional-looking hair extensions, look no further than Cliphair's Pre Bonded I Tip Hair Extensions, also known as Stick Tips. These premium extensions are meticulously crafted using only the finest 100% Remy human hair, held together by a durable and natural keratin tip. Read more

With lengths ranging from 18 to 22 inches and a vast array of shades, from the lightest blonde to the deepest jet black, Cliphair ensures that there's an ideal option for everyone. No matter your hair length or desired colour, our I Tip Hair Extensions will seamlessly blend in, providing a stunning and natural finish.

Versatility is at the heart of our I Tip Hair Extensions, as they can be easily used with micro rings, shrinkies, and copper tubes, making the application process smooth and hassle-free.

For top-quality Stick Tip Hair Extensions in the UK, Cliphair is the go-to destination. Experience the convenience of shopping online and have salon-quality hair extensions delivered straight to your door.

Enhance your hair with our exquisite Stick Tip Extensions collection by exploring the range. Or for more options, check out our U Tip Hair Extensions, or browse our full permanent extension range here. Read less



I Tip and Stick Tip Hair Extensions with Cliphair

I-tip Hair/Stick Tip Hair Extensions are ideal for adding length and volume with ease, whilst blending in seamlessly with your natural hair.

Why Buy I Tip Extensions from Cliphair?

Our I Tip Hair Extensions are a form of semi-permanent hair extension meaning they’re long-lasting. They can be in your hair for up to six months, with the correct aftercare, only needing re-application or touch-ups at 8-12 weeks. Read more

All our I Tip Human Hair Extensions are made with pure Remy hair where the cuticle remains intact and all the hair flows in the same direction. This makes it easy to cut, dye and style so you aren’t stuck with only one look for six months straight.

Cliphair offers a free colour matching service so all our extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair. We even have Ombre and Balayage I Tip Hair Extensions for those who have already dyed their hair! We have a lot of experience with colour matching Stick Tip Hair Extensions in the UK, so you can buy with confidence. Whether you want ice blonde or ombre stick tip hair extensions, we’ve got the right shade for you!

The strand-by-strand method of applying I Tip hair extensions gives your hairdresser a huge amount of flexibility when applying the hair, allowing them greater control as they blend together the pre bonded I tip hair extensions with your natural hair.

For everything you need to know about I Tip extension care, application and more, visit our guide here. Read less

How to Apply I Tip Extensions

I-tip Hair/Stick Tip Hair Extensions are keratin tipped hair extensions. Just like all of our pre bonded hair extensions this keratin is what holds the hair extension together. With Stick Tip Extensions the keratin isn’t melted to fuse into your natural hair; it only holds the hair strand in one piece. Read more

I Tip Hair Extensions need something to attach them to your natural hair, which can be done with or without a hot extension tool, in the following ways:

  • ‘Shrinkies’: A strand of your natural hair is inserted through a shrink tube, which is then heat-shrunk to hold your extension onto your natural hair. Strong and durable, I Tip Hair Extensions applied with ‘shrinkies’ are easy to reuse.
  • I Tip Micro Ring: A small metal ring is fitted over the Stick Tip Extensions and a strand of your natural hair is looped through. Using pliers, the micro rings are clamped tight to your hair, holding the extensions on, without needing any heat.

All of Cliphair’s Stick/I Tip Human Hair Extensions can be used with either method. Read less


    • Nano tip extensions are smaller and more discreet, using tiny rings for attachment. On the other hand, I tip extensions use slightly larger rings to attach the extensions to your natural hair.
    • Yes, I tip extensions can be suitable for thin hair when applied and maintained properly by a professional. It's essential to consider the weight and length of the extensions to avoid putting too much strain on the thin hair strands.

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