In todays blog we are going to explain everything there is to know about I Tip hair extensions, the individual permanent hair extension system that is a favourite amongst celebrities due to their small size and gentle application. Read on to find out what they are, how they are applied, how long they last, who should get them and where to buy them.

1. What are I Tip Hair Extensions? (back to index)

I Tips are a form of permanent, individual hair extensions, meaning the hair is applied strand by strand rather than in wide wefts. Each strand is topped with a keratin tip that is clamped to the natural hair using micro rings or copper tubes, this gentle method requires zero heat or glue so it is less damaging to the hair. As this is a permanent extension method the I-Tips can stay attached to the hair for many weeks before needing to be removed or replaced. I-Tips Hair Extensions are perfect for add both length and volume to fine, average or thick hair types, they are also used to add highlights and flashes of colour.

2. Other names for I Tip Hair Extensions? (back to index)

The correct term for this particular extension type is either Stick Tip or I-Tip however you may hear the following used to describe them too…

  • Stick Tip Hair Extensions
  • Stick Hair Extensions
  • Micro Ring Hair Extensions

3. Step by Step: How to put in I Tip Hair Extensions? (back to index)

i-tip application

As with all professional, human hair extensions they should only be applied by a trained stylist. Not only will this give you the perfect finish, it will also prevent any damage being done to your own hair or hair extensions.

What you need…

  • I-Tip Hair Extensions
  • Micro Rings or Copper Tubes (for 1g I-Tips use rings/tubes that are 3-5mm in diameter)
  • Hair Extension Clamp tool
  • Hair Extension threader or loop tool
  • Pintail Comb
  • Sectioning Clips
  • Hair Extensions brush

What you do…

apllication of i-tip hair extension

1. Prepare your threader/loop tool by threading on your rings, doing this before you start will save you time during the application. We advise having 3-4 prepared so you don’t have to stop once you start!

2. After your sectioning is complete, take 1cm wide sized pieces of the natural hair using the end of your pintail to ensure a clean section. Neat and tidy sectioning will prevent future matting so do not skip on this part!

3. Use your threader tool to pull that piece of hair fully through the loop then push the top ring up onto the hair. Once the ring is on the hair hold in place at the root with your finger.

4. Now add the tip of the I-Tip Hair Extension into the ring and clamp shut with your clamp tool. Do not place the ring so that it is touching the scalp as this is too tight and will cause discomfort and damage to your clients hair, make sure there is some give so the strand can be easily lifted up.

5.  If you think you have placed the extension too close to your clients hair simply unclamp the ring in the opposite direction and reposition.

6.  Repeat this process in the relevant areas making sure to check for knots or discomfort throughout the application.

i-tip hair extension application

4. I-Tips Hair Extensions Before and After (back to index)

before  and after

5. How long does I Tips Hair Extensions last? (back to index)

The lifespan of all hair extensions depends on the quality, material, colour, length and how well it is maintained. When using any permanent method, you should only use hair extensions that are 100% Remy. In general, the life span rules for human hair are as follows

  • AAA grade quality hair can last up to 3 months
  • AAAAA grade quality hair can last 6-12 months

This totally comes down to how the hair is cared for though, even if you buy the best quality, Remy hair extensions they will only survive their lifespan if you look after them correctly. Very light colours, vibrant shades and extremely long lengths will also have a shorter life than others.  For the full care instructions check out our Ultimate Guide on how to look after hair extensions.

A great benefit of I-Tip extensions is that they can be re-used again and again as long as the condition is well kept and you stick to your stylist maintenance appointments. This makes them a great cost-effective method as you do not need to buy new hair every 6-8 weeks. Most customers will get at least 3 repositions out of our Remy Royale I-Tips as they are made from double drawn, AAAAA grade quality human hair.

6. Advantages and disadvantages of I Tip Hair Extensions (back to index)

pros and cons

7. Where to buy I Tip Hair Extensions? How much do I Tips Hair Extensions cost? (back to index)

The cost of the I-Tips will vary from brand to brand and depends on the hair weight and pack size. There is also an additional cost after the hair purchase which is the application price. Depending on where in the UK this application cost can change and is down to the stylist’s choice. Here at Cliphair, our I-Tips prices start from £75.00 for a pack of 50 1g strands. All the hair is 100% Remy, Human, double drawn which is recognised as the best quality hair you can get. We also offer excellent discounts for trade customers, if your interested in becoming part of our trades team then click here.

8. Summary (back to index)

Now you know all there is to know about I-Tip Hair Extensions why not check out our blogs on other extension methods. Remember, all professional extensions should be applied by a qualified stylist for the best results.

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