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Micro Ring, Loop & Bead Hair Extensions

Our revolutionary Micro Ring Hair Extensions are the best choice for longer lasting hair extensions. Also known as Micro Bead or Micro Loop Extensions, these ground-breaking beauties will leave you awe-inspired. Our Micro Loop Hair Extensions are meticulously looped strand by strand into your natural hair, resulting in a seamless blend that enhances your overall look. Read more

What sets our Micro Loop Hair Extensions apart is their remarkable longevity, lasting up to an impressive 12 weeks with the right care. With the ease of maintenance, you can confidently flaunt your voluminous and lengthened hair without worry.

At Cliphair, you can buy micro ring hair extensions online with a free colour matching service to ensure you get the right set and free shipping to your door.

Browse our range of Remy Loop Micro Ring Hair Extensions below to find your perfect set, or explore our wider range of permanent hair extensions. Read less