Adding bridal hair accessories can transform even the simplest hairdo into a work of wedding art, they are also perfect for hiding hair extension attachments, pins, and securing veils. Whether your hair is stylishly short or super long, no matter the hair texture or colour, wedding hair accessories will work beautifully to elevate your chosen hairstyle. In today's blog, we explore each type of hair accessory and explain which hairstyles they work best on and how to use them.  

Wedding Hair Clips And Pins 

Wedding hair pins and clips are probably the easiest hair accessory to use as they just slide into the hair, they can be taken out and moved around until you find the sweet spot without interfering with the style you’ve crafted. They usually consist of a long pin or clip which is topped with a particular motif such as pearls, golden leaves, flowers, diamonds, jewels and many more each complimenting different aesthetics but working with all manner of hairdos. For intricate hairdos that involve lots of grips and pins to hold the style, wedding hair pins are the ideal solution to hide the attachments as they can be placed in multiple areas as opposed to one larger hair accessory.  

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Wedding Hair Flowers  

For spring and summer weddings, wedding hair flowers are extremely popular, with both real and synthetic varieties being widely used by brides and wedding guests. In addition to these floral accessories, many brides also choose to incorporate hair extensions into their hairstyles. Hair extensions can provide added length, volume, and versatility, enhancing bohemian up-do styles like chunky fishtail braids, messy low buns, and loose half up half downs. Brides can select from a range of colors, lengths, and types of hair extensions to suit their personal preferences. These extensions can easily be integrated into the hairstyle, offering a seamless and beautiful enhancement. Just like hairpins, hair extensions are simple to use and can be easily manipulated without damaging the hairstyle if adjustments are needed. Gypsophila, with its white color and delicate shape, remains the most popular flower for bridal hair styling.

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Wedding Hair Vines 

Vines are becoming more and more popular thanks to the rise of the bohemian aesthetic. You can find long, flexible versions that can be woven into braids or vines that are pre-shaped and attached to a clip that is used to adorn buns or cleverly hide veil attachments. For a touch of angelic grace, this accessory is perfect, we find artificial vines are easier to manoeuvre as the real ones can be fragile.  

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Bridal Hair Combs  

Hair combs are super versatile as they can be used in both up-dos and hair-down looks. With the rise of the Hollywood wave hairstyle still dominating the wedding hair trend, bridal combs are a firm favourite amongst hair stylists. For hair downs, they are typically used to push back one side of the hair which helps to accentuate the volume in the face-framing portion of the Hollywood wave whilst hiding the pins on the side. They are straightforward to use as they simply slide into the hair however as they are slightly bulkier than other options and the teeth have grips it's best to leave them in once you apply them as they can disturb the style if pulled out of the hair.

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Wedding Headbands or Headpieces  

For a modern spin on the traditional bridal tiara, a headpiece or headband is the perfect option. They work beautifully with both up and down hairdos to decorate the top, front of the hair. In recent times pearl headbands have made a huge comeback and seem to be one of the top choices amongst brides and hair stylists alike. We find this variety compliments dark hair superbly giving an effortlessly vintage finish to soft, long waves.  

To further enhance your hairstyle with a headpiece or headband, clip-in hair extensions can be utilized. By adding clip-in extensions, you can create additional volume and length, allowing for more versatility when styling your hair. Whether you choose to wear your hair up or down, incorporating clip-in hair extensions can help achieve a fuller and more luxurious appearance, while the headpiece or headband adds a stylish focal point to your overall bridal ensemble.

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Bridal Tiaras  

The one day of our lives where it's acceptable to dress up like a princess is our wedding day, so for full-on regal glamour a tiara is the ultimate accessory for any bride. Not only can they be used on any hair length, colour, texture and style they come in endless designs from floral to jewel encrusted to match pretty much any aesthetic! They can be as elaborate or as subtle as you so choose, just make sure to keep them in once they are applied as they will disturb the hairstyle once removed. Some stylists prefer to shape the hair around the tiara once its in to avoid any mishaps.  

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What Are Wedding Hair Accessories Called?  

Wedding hair accessories is the collective term for the ornaments used to decorate the hair on a person's wedding day but the varieties are split into smaller categories. These categories include slides, headbands, tiaras, pins, clips, combs, vines, and flowers each with their own design motifs and variations.   

Can Wedding Guests Wear Hair Accessories?  

Of course! It used to be customary for wedding guests to wear Fascinators or hats to a wedding, it was absolutely the done thing in many societies and is still very traditional even today. The size and intricacy of the accessories may have become more subtle and understated but it's still a very popular tradition for guests to wear accessories in their hair. Pearls, diamonds and tiaras are usually avoided as it’s the bride that tends to wear these. 

Conclusion: Do Brides Need Hair Accessories?  

Although its very traditional for brides to adorn their hair with accessories it's not compulsory, what’s most important on a bride's wedding day is for her to feel confident and comfortable with her appearance. It's worth trailing a few options before the big day with your chosen hairstyle to find your perfect accessory to avoid any disappointment on the day. Wedding hair accessories are also a special keepsake that can be passed down from generation to generation making their use even more meaningful.

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