Are you seeking gorgeous inspiration for mother of the bride hair? If yes, then firstly, congratulations! Your daughter is getting hitched! And as mother of the bride this is almost as BIG as your own special day. Chic, elegant and picture-perfect hair that complements your wedding attire is essential.

Lucky for you we’ve curated a selection of 10 elegant mother of the bride hairstyles for an array of styles and hair types. From graceful updos to shoulder length half up mother of the bride hair, our practical guide ensures EVERY mother of the bride finds inspiration for her perfect look.

On top of the stunning mother of the bride hair ideas, we’ve additionally included some insider tips on how to keep that gorgeous style pristine from morning to night.

Mother Of The Bride: Hairstyles For Long Hair

When talking about long hair, it’s pretty easy to think of many different hairstyles to play with. For a mother who wears her hair long, here’s three stunning options to style your mane appropriately for your daughter’s big day.

Half Up, Half Down

The half up, half down hairstyle is a timeless classic. You can wear it straight and sleek, perhaps adding a jewel pin at the back to add a touch of light and class to a minimalistic hairstyle; or you can grab your curling iron and add ringlets to it for a youthful, fresh finish.

Either way, if you’re lacking volume, adding subtle clip-in hair extensions will help you achieve depth and dimension without missing out on the simplicity of this hairstyle.

Crown Braid

This is a popular hairstyle for every age, really. We personally like it a lot, therefore if you’ve been reading our blogs for a while, you will often find the words “crown braid” whenever we recommend a hairstyle. Versatile, romantic and even a little quirky - this hairstyle never fails.

Oh, and did I mention it’s also a protective hairstyle? Yes, the crown braid tucks in your ends, sparing them from the wedding party stress.

Low Chignon

A classic for formal events, the low chignon never really lost its appeal. This hairstyle can be worn as it is, shiny and minimal, or embellished with hair jewellery or flowers - the choice is yours. In case your hair lacks the right volume to get the perfectly round chignon, you can look into adding volume and length with Seamless Hair Extensions - no one will know.

Mother Of The Bride: Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Medium length hair is the perfect combination between comfort and styling opportunities. When it comes to formal hairstyles, they still offer a lot of fun - and if you’re looking to recreate a hairstyle you’d need more length for, you can always opt for clip-in human hair extensions for a quick makeover without commitment!

Messy Bun

An evergreen hairstyle seen everywhere is the bohemian-style messy bun, a firm favourite no matter what the occasion. Low or high, that doesn’t matter; in case of emergency, a messy bun with added ringlets or flowy tendrils is the perfect go-to hairstyle. You can accessorise it or keep it simple, you can wear it with straight or curly hair, and most importantly: it will never cease being popular!

Loose Waves

If you usually wear your hair in a shoulder length long bob, then adding something as simple yet elegant as soft waves on your tresses can go a long, long way (no pun intended). You should also consider adding hair extensions to blend in gorgeous Hollywood waves, a huge trend this year.

Bouncy Blow Dry

The iconic Bouncy Blow-dry is by far the most requested style for mothers of the brides. Regardless of the hair length, this style is gifted with timeless glamour and elegance and complements any outfit. To add even more volume or length, add a set of Seamless Clip-In hair extensions.

Mother Of The Bride: Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you’re a fan of short hairstyles - such as bixie, pixie or a bob haircut - you may think it will be difficult to change your look for a special occasion. Don’t worry, there’s no such a thing; in fact, short hair can be quite flexible too when it comes to styling!  Check out our blog if you want to know "how to add hair extensions for short hair" where we break down the key points. 

Short & Textured

This blow-dry for short hair is all about creating a frizz-free mane even on short hair, resulting in a polished, halo-like effect. This choice is very popular in women that are struggling with thinning hair and don't feel safe in using styling techniques that involve hot tools such as curling wands and irons.

Slicked Back

This may seem like a bold look, perhaps even too edgy - but trust me, with the right dress and accessories, this simple yet elegant hairstyle will highlight your features and style with its minimalistic style. They say less is more, and with this effective, edgy hairstyle, you’re guaranteed to look just amazing. Achieve this beautiful hairstyle with our 16" Classic Full Head Hair Extensions to add volume to fine hair. 

Low Bun

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need long hair to create beautiful bun hairstyles. Adding hair extensions to your short hair gives you all the length and volume you need to create any low bun style and the bun makes them even easier to hide. Decorate with hair accessories or let your hair do the talking!

Transforming Short Hair With Tape-In Hair Extensions

Did you know that even with a haircut such as a pixie or a bixie, having long hair for a day (or more) isn't as impossible as you may think?

With tape-in hair extensions, even the shortest hair can get transformed. And they not only are kind to your hair but can also last between 4 to 8 weeks - giving you all the time to grow out your natural mane in the meantime.

Styling Tips for Long-lasting Elegance

Have you chosen your favourite look from our 10 elegant mother of the bride hair styles? Great. The next step is to ensure the longevity of the style throughout the long day. Wind, rain, heat, sweat, cuddles and dancing – you name it… there are endless obstacles that will be thrown your way. You gotta protect that lovely mother of the bride hair!

Don’t fret, our insider styling tips will ensure long-lasting hairstyles, even when the clock strikes midnight!

Prep Hair Using the Correct Products

Achieving an elegant, everlasting style is all about the PREP. Firstly, wash and condition your hair with the correct products for your hair type. Washing fine hair with ultra nourishing products will cause limpness. Alternatively, not adequately hydrating curly or frizzy hair will cause dry and unmanageable tresses. None of which are ideal states for long-lasting hairstyles.

Once you’ve washed that bonce with suitable hair products, use a volumising spray to keep your hair held high and/or a primer for mega-watt shine and frizz-free locks. We love ClipHair’s Heat Protection Hair Spray for texture, volume and heat protection. Check our blog dedicated to the best products to use for wedding hair styling.


One of the best styling tips for pristine mother of the bride hair is TEXTURE. Pins, curls and waves ain’t gunna stay in place on silky, slippy hair. The solution? Backcombing. This will ensure long-lasting volume and keep your updos up. Texturising spray, such as salt spray, or dry shampoo are other secret styling tips to create grip and texture. Your bobby pins need something to grab hold of – a handy hack for long-lasting hairstyles.

Go More Extreme Than You Need

Pin those curls tight and go OTT on the volume…. even if you desire subtle mother of the bride hair styles. Why? Because, unfortunately, there’s no amount of clips or sprays that will keep your hair immaculate. Everything will drop a little. Want cascading waves? Tong your locks into bouncy curls and they’ll relax into mermaid waves just in time for the ceremony. Alternatively, pin your mother of the bride hair up tightly and watch it come elegantly undone throughout the day.

Use Bobby Pins CORRECTLY

We’ve all seen the bobby pin memes where we discover we’ve been using them wrong this WHOLE time. Here’s a few more styling tips on how to use them correctly for wedding-proof, long-lasting hairstyles.

  • Slide them in ridge side down for a secure hold
  • Criss-cross the bobby pins for a stronger grip
  • Pin smaller sections of hair for a better hold
  • Use XXL bobby pins if you have thicker hair
  • Spray the pin with hairspray for extra hold

Finishing Touches

The secret to everlasting mother of the bride hair styles is HAIRSPRAY. And lots of it. Don’t worry, you won’t end up with crunchy hair. Modern hairsprays provide maximum hold without compromising softness or natural movement. Just make sure to choose a hairspray that’s suitable for your style – firm hold for long-lasting updos or flexible hold for soft, flowing waves. Finally, finish off with a shine spray for glossy, healthy-looking hair. Our ClipHair Moisturising Silky Hairspray leaves hair silky smooth for an enviable gleam.

Touch Up Throughout the Day

The above styling tips and tricks guarantee luxurious, long-lasting hairstyles. However, you still require a backup plan. It’s your daughter’s BIG day and you don’t want ANYTHING to go wrong. Especially not your mother of the bride hair!

Play it safe and stash a can of travel-sized hair products (that are appropriate to your hairstyle, such as hairspray, shine spray or frizz-tamer) in your bag. Being prepared eradicates a potential frizz attack right before the wedding photos. Another handy tip is to bring a couple of pretty accessories, such as floral headbands or clips. Use them to revive your hair if it becomes a little lacklustre throughout the day.

Which of the 10 elegant mother of the bride hair styles is your favourite? Thanks to our diverse selection of sophisticated updos, shoulder length half up mother of the bride hair and luxurious loose locks we’re confident you’ll find the perfect style for you! Can’t decide? Why not experiment with a couple of different looks to discover which one suits you best?

Once you’ve decided on your special style make sure to incorporate the above styling tips for long lasting elegance. You and your daughter will cherish these photos forever. Therefore, it’s important for the mother of the bride to look beautiful, timeless and pristine on her daughter’s special day. And with these amazing styling tips, you bound to look your most confident, radiant self!

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