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With there being so many different hair extension varieties and methods available in today’s world, it can be quite overwhelming trying to choose the correct type for your hair and specific needs! In addition to that, when you also have fine or thin hair, it can be especially tricky to know which hair extensions are suitable and safe to use. If you are looking for hair extensions for thickness and volume, you need to consider some factors such as the weight, length, and quality of the extensions. Choosing the correct human hair extensions can not only most importantly prevent causing any unnecessary damage to your own hair, it can also save you money!

Here at Cliphair, we have listed and explained the best types of remy hair extensions to use when you have thin or fine hair and which ones to avoid. Meaning you can start your hair extensions journey with confidence knowing you are using the correct product for you and your personal needs without causing any damage to your own precious hair.

What is the difference between Thin and Fine Hair?

Many people get confused with the difference between Thin or Fine hair, it’s a controversial subject as a some hair stylists will have different views on it. As a general rule the term “Thin hair” is referring to the amount of hairs on your head (density) and “Fine hair” to the texture and size of the actual hair strand. We have assembled all of our research and knowledge into 3 easy to understand definitions of these hair types.


This is referring to the hair density, meaning that there are not many or a small amount of hairs on the head. You may be able to see the scalp through the hair and have more extreme areas of excessive thinning or hair loss. Thin hair usually also looks wispy and sparse on the ends.  


This is referring to the texture and size of the actual hair strand. Fine hair has a smaller and thinner size than other hair types, it is also softer and weaker. Fine hair is easily damaged and cannot hold a lot of weight or chemical processing. As fine hair is referring to the texture/size rather than the density you can still have a lot of fine hair so it does not mean that your hair is thin. However it does mean more care needs to be taken when using chemicals or hair extensions as the hair is weaker than strong, coarse thick hair. 


A combination of the two, it is very common to have both thin and fine hair. This is because as fine hair is weaker and easily damaged the hair can break and cause the hair to seem thin.

Three Golden Factors to consider when choosing your Hair Extensions

Whatever hair type you are, there are 3 golden factors to consider when you are choosing your human hair extensions, you must establish these first before making your choice. This will not only help you decide but will also help your stylist or hair expert if you are having a professional or online consultation. Today we are focusing on Fine/Thin hair but these factors still need to be considered whatever the thickness of your hair is. Remember, here at Cliphair we offer a FREE advice service run by hair extension experts so if your still having trouble choosing your method after reading this blog feel free to get in touch. These are the 3 main factors you will need to consider before deciding on your hair extensions.

Why do you want hair extensions?

Your reason for wanting hair extensions can have a huge impact on the choice you will make. For example if you have fine hair and you are just wanting to thicken your hair up, it is not necessary to use a large amount of hair or a long length, you can get the effect you are after from only a small amount of hair extensions which in turn is kinder to your hair, and your wallet.  

  • To add volume/thickness
  • To add length
  • To add volume, thickness & Length
  • To add colour
  • All of the above
  • To wear everyday
  • For specific occasions/events

What is your hair-type? 

Your hair type is the most important thing to consider when you are choosing your hair extensions. There are some heavy methods that are not suitable for thin/fine or damaged hair and can cause hair loss or breakage. It is extremely important to do your research or to get professional advice if you have thin/fine hair before purchasing your hair extensions to avoid this happening.

  • Extreme Thin hair, Very little amount of it
  • Thin, little amount of it
  • Fine hair texture but a normal amount
  • Thin & Fine hair
  • Areas of very thin hair but on average a normal thickness. For example: Crown area, Temples or around the hairline.
  • Very Weak, Damaged and brittle hair, likely to snap under pressure 

How much time/effort are you willing to put into your hair routine?

Your lifestyle and hair routine should play a big part in deciding your hair extensions type. If you’re a busy, minimal effort, get up and go kinda person you will most likely want to go with something that needs the least amount of work to apply or maintain. If you are happy to take some extra time caring for your hair and feel confident in this department then you can consider going for a type that requires a bit more hair skill and TLC. All extension types have there advantages and disadvantages but It is important to establish how much effort your willing to put in and how often you will use them before committing to a set. Caring for hair extensions incorrectly can cause them to lose their quality and decrease their lifetime so this is an essential point to consider.

  • Are you wanting to wear the extensions everyday?
  • Are you wanting to wear them only for special occasions or 2-3 times a week?
  • Are you confident in styling/applying temporary hair extensions?
  • Are you confident in styling hair extensions?
  • Are you happy and have time to attend maintenance appointments every 3-4 weeks?
  • Do you have time to care correctly for permanent hair extensions?
  • Can you afford to have regular maintenance and repositioning appointments every 3-4 weeks?  

Being clear on these key points will help you or your hair stylist make the right decision for your personal needs. Purchasing the correct hair extensions will save you money, cause little to no hair damage and give you the best quality result. Now you’ve recognized what you want to achieve from your hair extensions take a look below to explore the best methods for thin & fine hair and the lifestyles or needs they are best suited to!

How to apply Temporary Hair Extensions

Temporary hair extensions include Clip ins or one pieces, these extensions do not require a professional application. They can be applied and removed quickly by yourself, have a long-life span and involve less maintenance than permanent hair extensions. These products best suit to customers that are confident to apply and style hair themselves, they will need to be removed before sleeping and washing. It can take a little bit of skill and practice to master applying a full head set of clip ins on yourself, but once you have cracked it this type of hair extension can be a dream as they do not need to stay permanently attached and only need to be washed every 10-12 uses. They are also a one off purchase, you will not need to go back for maintenance appointments every 4-8 weeks to replace or reposition your hair making this method the most cost effective of all hair extension types. Below we have listed the Clip ins and Hair pieces in our range that are perfect for Thin and Fine hair. 

The Classic Full Head Set

classic full head

This set is our most lightweight and discreet full head set of extensions weighing 130g. Its perfect for customers with fine or thin hair that are looking to add a natural amount of volume for fullness and body. It comes with 8 different sized pieces with silicone lined metal clips and can be applied in minutes. The seam and clips are small and discreet so this set can be easily hidden even in finer hair. The classic full head set comes in 16,18 and 20” lengths and in over 40 different shades, This set can be worn daily or on special occasions for a added boost!

The One Piece Top Up

one piece top up

This item is perfect for adding a extra layer of thickness to your extensions or to fine hair. Weighing 40g and measuring 10” wide it is one strip that is clipped in from ear to ear and will sit silently under your hair as the seam is very small and discreet. The versatile one piece is also used widely by Bridal and Hair Up specialists as it is so quick and easy to fit and works perfectly to add length, colour and volume to up dos. It is fitted with 5 silicone lined metal clips for comfort and secure hold. The one-piece top up comes in 16,18,20 and 24” lengths and in over 30 different shades, this piece is not suitable to use on its own to create length. 

The Fringe/Bangs Piece


Our Clip in Fringe is perfect for customers who have always dreamed of having a fringe but do not want to cut their hair. It is also a great product for hiding receding or thinning hair lines as it sits on top of the head covering these areas, and being only 30g will not be too heavy for even thin hair. The luxury of this item is that you can switch up your look in seconds without having to commit to a permanent transformation! Our fringe can be worn to the side, as bangs and also cut to suit your face shape, its styled in a special way to blend naturally with your own hair but of course you can customize the piece to your liking! It comes with 3 silicone lined metal clips on a laced seam which matches the colour of the hair so they are very easy to hide and no one will know your secret! Our fringes come in over 20 shades and we have handy tutorials in our blogs for guides to applying them. 

How to apply Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent hair extensions are applied to the hair with the intention of staying in for usually at least 4 weeks without being removed or re positioned. Most permanent extensions methods will need to be maintained no later than after 4-8 weeks of wear, they will then need to be removed and replaced or re positioned after a further 4-8 weeks for the best results. These methods of hair extensions should be applied professionally and are usually more expensive than the temporary alternative. The big advantage of this style of hair extensions is that they can stay in the hair for 4-8 weeks without needing to be taken out or re-applied, this is perfect for those who like to get up and go and prefer to not apply and style their own hair every day. Permanent hair extensions can also be re-used quite a few times before needing to be replaced, even though they are a little pricey to install they are cost effective as they can be used again. Permanent hair extensions also have the most natural finish of all the hair extensions types as they are smaller, more discreet and can be placed cleverly to create any style that you like. Below we have listed the Permanent hair extensions in our range that are perfect for Thin and Fine hair. 

Tape Hair Extensions

tape hair extensions

Tape extensions are one of the most popular hair extension methods on the market due to them being so quick and easy to apply, lightweight and virtually invisible as they lay flat to the head. The biggest advantage of tapes is that as they are the lightest and least damaging type of permanent extension meaning they are suitable for all hair types from very fine hair to thick. Our standard tape extensions come with 40 wefts weighing 100g, enough for a full head when creating thickness and a little length. These extensions are best for people who like to wear their hair down a lot, for customers who like to wear their hair up an individual type is best like Nanos or i-tips. 

Nano Rings 

nano rings

Nano ring extensions are extremely popular in permanent extensions due to there tiny size making them near impossible to see in your hair. They are also suitable for all hair types from very fine to thick hair and can be used to create endless styles. Nano rings are fantastic for customers with thin hair wanting to place extensions closer to their face and hairline and who like to wear their hair up as they are so small and hidden very easily. Our Nano ring sets come with 50 Strands in a pack weighing at 50g, 1g per nano tip strand. The hair is all 100% Remy human hair and double drawn meaning its as thick at the top as it is at the end. A half head of nano rings needs 1-2 sets (50-100 strands) and a full head needs 3-4 sets (150-200 strands). They are applied in the same way as other micro ring versions but instead using silicone lined 2-2.5mm nano rings. They can be removed and repositioned/re-used several times depending on how well they are looked after and maintained, new rings are needed with every reposition. 

Now that you’re a pro at choosing the high-quality extensions for your hair, why not browse through our wide selection here at Cliphair? We’ve got a range of lengths and over 50 shades to choose from, including our new and trendy Balayage colors! We’ve also got all the accessories and haircare products you need to apply and maintain them on our website. Whatever you’re after, you will find it in our selection. And remember, if you need any help choosing the right ones for you, feel free to ask an expert and use our free colour match and advice service. At Cliphair, we are committed to providing you with the best hair extensions and accessories that suit your style and personality. Whether you want to add length, volume, or colour to your hair, we have the perfect solution for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us and use our free colour match and advice service. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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