If your lucky enough to of been blessed with Curly hair, then you will probably know that styling and caring for it takes a little more work than normal. As much as we love our gorgeous bouncy tresses when they behave, at times they can be difficult to manage and turn into a wild frizzy mess. Pre-styled Curly hair extensions are no exception, they too need a bit more love and attention to keep them looking fresh and defined. Today we have collected the best tips and tricks in maintaining and styling Curly and Wavy hair and hair extensions and listed the best products for this hair type. So whether your hair Is naturally curly, permed or its your Curly hair extensions you are looking after, we’ve got you covered!

Many people have a love/hate relationship with their curls, we want to change that! Curls and Waves are STUNNING! and here at Cliphair we believe they should be embraced and shown off to their full glory. As there are many different styles of Curl, knowing your personal curl pattern can really help with choosing the correct haircare and routines to get the best out of your hair! See below for a simple run down of the 3 most common curl patterns.

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1. More about curls and curl patterns: (back to index)

Loose Wave

loose wave hair extensions human hair

A very common curl pattern is a loose wave to the hair. This is where the hair dries naturally with an almost beachy wave but is not considered to be a tight curl. This hair is especially common in lighter hair colours and European people and tends to be a finer hair type than other curls.

Bouncy Curls

Big, Bouncy curls have a tighter structure than wavy hair. This hair is especially common in darker hair colours and tends to be in thick hair. This hair type can be trickier to style as humidity or water can quickly bring the curls back out and it doesn't tend to stay straight for as long. It has a drier texture than wavy hair but is usually strong and resilient and less frizzy than a ringlet curl.

Ringlet Curls

The ringlet curl or spiral curl is one of the tightest curl patterns and probably the most difficult to manage if styling. This curl works best when its left in its natural state with minimal touching/brushing. This is our favourite curl type here at Cliphair as it provides tons of volume and wow factor! You can find this curl pattern in a lot of colours. This curl pattern does tend to have the driest texture of all the curls and can break easily when chemically processed so it needs lots and lots of conditioner and hydrating creams.

If you are interested in making your Curly or Wavy hair longer or thicker the good news is there are amazing pre-styled hair extensions on the market these days to match your natural texture and curl! At Cliphair we have 2 choices, we have gone to both ends of the curl spectrum and picked a wave and a tight curl to suit the major curl patterns out there. However, as you probably know Hair Extensions even human ones need a little extra care when you are using them to keep them fresh and pro-long the life of them and this is especially relevant to any pre-styled hair extensions. There are 2 ways that Curly & Wavy hair extensions are manufactured, they are either steamed or permed, with the majority being permed. Perming has come along way over the years, it used to be an extremely drying and damaging process to the hair however over time the formulas have been improved as have the results. Even so, this process is still quite harsh on the hair and in turn results in pre-styled hair extensions having a shorter life span and feeling slightly drier in texture, meaning they will need even more care and specialised products than straighter sets.  Below we have created a care guide especially for Curly & Wavy hair extensions, including do's and don'ts! Don't forget to check out part 1 of this guide on what Curly & Wavy Hair extensions are and how they work.

2. How To Wash Curly And Wavy Hair Extensions? (back to index)

  1. Always gently brush out the hair extensions before you wash them, using a Tangle Teezer or a hair extensions-friendly hair brush. The hair will become frizzy but don't worry it will return to its beautiful defined curls after the hair wash.
  2. Separate the hair into sections of 2. Make sure when you wet the hair you are holding it at the seam facing the ends down in the same direction that the water is running, this will prevent the hair from knotting whilst it is being washed.
  3. Always use a sulphate-free and alcohol-free shampoo to wash the hair extensions, as these ingredients can dry the hair out - and curly hair already naturally struggles in retaining moisture do its shape. Avoid cleansing or clarifying shampoos as they will strip the perm from the hair. 

    If you're looking for the best shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions, look no further than Cliphair's Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture hair care line. The collection, featuring a 100% sulphate-free and paraben-free shampoo for hair extensions, conditioner, and a hair mask for extensions, is infused with natural ingredients such as Shea butter, Baobab seed oil, Honey, Avocado oil, Coconut Oil, Fig extracts, silk amino acids, and Rice proteins - providing you with everything you need to supercharge softness, shine, and manageability in your tresses, focusing on restoring the hydration levels in your hair fibres. 
  4. When applying the shampoo, rather than rubbing the hair smooth it over the hair extensions in the direction towards the ends. Once the hair is covered in the shampoo you can gently rub to encourage it to lather up, but not vigorously.
  5. Rinse the hair thoroughly holding the hair in the direction of the water gently rubbing to remove the shampoo.
  6. Pat or dab the excess water off the hair extensions so they are 20-30% dry before applying the conditioner.
  7. Generously apply a strong hydrating hair mask to the entire hair.
  8. Whilst the hair is covered in the conditioner, use a wide toothed comb to very gently comb the hair. We do not ever advise brushing hair extensions whilst they are wet, however with curly/wavy hair we believe this is the best way to redefine the curl back into the hair after washing. Always hold the hair above where your combing to prevent any shedding or damage to the seam.
  9. Once the hair has been combed and there are no knots or matts, you can rinse the conditioner out of the hair again aiming the direction of the water from the top to bottom of the hair.

3. How To Dry Curly & Wavy Hair Extensions (back to index)

  1. Holding the hair extensions by the seams use a dry towel to gently remove the drips from the hair after it has been washed. Do this by scrunching the hair upwards, do not rub or pat the extensions. You are only trying to remove the excess water from the ends, not towel drying the hair.
  2. Once the excess drips have been removed, you can use a good quality curling cream to scrunch into the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. This will encourage the curls to reform and also add some hold to stop them from frizzing or dropping.
  3. To scrunch the cream into the ends, hold the hair extensions up by the seams and apply a pea sized amount of your preferred curl cream to your hands, simply scrunch upwards from the ends towards the roots.
  4. Once you have scrunched the hair, leave it on a flat surface to dry naturally. Do not brush or run your fingers through the hair, the hair needs to be left to dry on its own without any smoothing
  5. Some people like to use a diffuser to encourage the hair to dry, however we find this can cause frizz. We much prefer to let the curls do their thing and dry naturally into there curve. 

4. Curly Hair Extensions: Do's and Dont's (back to index)

Essentials (Do's):

  • Do keep the hair hydrated. This will keep your curls defined, less frizzy and in better condition. Dry/damaged hair will give you fuzzy and unruly curls. Keep the hair hydrated by using a hydrating mask every time you wash the hair extensions. For your own natural curls you can use the hydrating mask every other time you wash your hair. 
  • Use Curl defining creams and leave in conditioners after you wash the hair. This will help the curls to stay in and not drop. 

Curly & Wavy Hair Extension things to avoid (Don'ts):

  • Brush your curls when the hair is dry, only when you are about to wash it. This applies for both your own hair and curly hair extensions. Brushing Curly hair when it is dry will cause a mass of frizz! 
  • Use products that contain sulphates or alcohol. These ingredients will dry your hair extensions out. 
  • Dye you Curly hair extensions. Even though they are human hair they have already been dyed and permed, adding another chemical process on top of this will decrease the curl and damage the hair. 

5. What are the best hair products to use for Curly & Wavy hair extensions? (back to index)

There are a number of shampoos, conditioners, creams, oils and masks you can use to help maintain and look after your wavy and curly hair extensions, below are some of our own brand picks to choose from. But you can talk to our team if you would like more help and recommendations.

Now that your a pro at looking after Curly and Wavy hair extensions why not have a browse through our collection here at Cliphair, we've got a wide range of lengths and 20 shades to choose from! Our Curly and Wavy Clip-in hair extensions come in Full head sets weighing up to 160g with 8 pieces. Whatever your after you will find it in our selection, and remember if you need any help choosing the right ones for you feel free to ask an expert and use our FREE Colour Match and Advice service by clicking the button below!

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