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How to Use One Piece Clip Hair Extensions? Which One is Right for You?

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One Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions are the answer to instant transformations with the least amount of effort needed! They can be used to add volume, length, colour or enhance hair up styles making them one of the most versatile extension products on the market. We all have our different ways of using them and different reasons for wanting them, but which type is right for you? In our blog today we gathered some ideas for you on how to style your hair with one piece hair extensions sets. 

valentines day datevalentines day datevalentines day date


Our one piece top up hair extensions are 40g 10’’ wide with 5 clips. This is the lightest of our one pieces. One piece top ups are great to enhance hair ups, bridal hair and for an extra volume boost when used with other sets. If you have fine/thin hair and worried about hair pull, one piece top up extensions are the best for you. These are not suitable to use on its own to add length. 

valentines day datevalentines day datevalentines day date


Quad Weft Piece Hair Extensions are 80gr 10’’ wide with 5 clips. This is our middle weight one piece with a thicker seam as it is 4 wefts sewn together to create a volumizer piece. It can be used on its own to add volume to hair of the same length and 1-2 inches of length in average thickness hair. It can also be sued in styling to enhance hair ups, bridal styles and braids. 

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Supreme Quad Weft Hair Extensions are 120g 10’’ wide with 5 clips. This is our heaviest, thickest one piece. It is a great option of you are looking for glam and big volume. The seam is thicker than the other one pieces meaning this piece is great for hair down styles, or half up half down. But not ideal for hair ups, bridal styles or braids. It can be used on its own to create both length and volume even in thick hair.

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