Infinite loops of guest lists, tracking the shipping of your hair-piece, family members constantly checking in with redundant questions, a wedding planner that simply won’t get what you’re looking for… It’s easy to get lost in the process whilst preparing for your big day, and nobody seems to be talking about pre wedding stress enough.

Unfortunately, experiencing stress before a wedding is quite common - and feeling overwhelmed can make it hard for both brides and grooms to enjoy the planning process.

Do you think you’re experiencing some unusual wedding-planning related stress trying to achieve your dream wedding? Read on to learn how to recognise your first anxiety symptoms and target them!

Wedding Stress Symptoms (back to index)

As per usual, my number one advice is always the same, and as dramatic as it may sound, trust me - it works. In a few words: know your enemy.

Stress is a heavily toxic component of life that has been abnormally normalised over time. Our society praises working too hard as dedication, knowing no boundaries is suddenly “being goal-oriented” and so on.

This way, unfortunately, knowing when your stress is taking over your wellbeing can be extremely tricky. Here’s a few signs indicating that your anxiety is skyrocketing:

  • You’re having weird, intense dreams.
  • You and your partner are constantly fighting.
  • You’re suddenly annoyed by the company of your loved ones.
  • Your mood is constantly under the weather.
  • You’re procrastinating.
  • You’re not thrilled anymore by the planning process.
  • You’re no longer taking time for yourself that isn’t focused on wedding planning.

If you see yourself in one or more of the above, then take a deep breath and let’s see what you can do to take your tranquillity back before your big day.

How To Deal With Wedding Stress: Prioritise (back to index)

Don’t get me wrong, I love a perfectionist. Nitpicking and obsessing over the most insignificant details are my specialties. But you’ve got to come to terms with the fact that, no matter how much of a bridezilla you can be, nothing is ever perfect - and your wedding is not an exception.

But don’t worry: that’s the beauty of it! After all, you don’t want your special day to be a sterile magazine-like ceremony, right? You want it to be yours, and your partner’s. Look great, feel great, you and your energy will do the rest!

To help keep things in perspective, prioritise the essentials, those things that are super important to making this your dream wedding.

Stop second guessing your choices and don’t go down spiralling in a tunnel of DIY projects you saw on social medias. After all, unless you’re particularly artsy, you’re better off leaving that to a professional.

How To Deal With Wedding Stress: Communicate (back to index)

Parents and in-laws are among the major causes of pre-wedding stress. The first thing to do is to set the correct boundaries, for everyone’s sake. Don’t allow anyone to project their dreams and expectations on your wedding day. This day, after all, belongs to you and your partner.

Unfortunately, if your parents are financially investing in your wedding, they kind of bought themselves a saying in the whole process. Make sure this gets talked about since the beginning, speak about your vision, and find a middle ground with them.

How To Deal With Wedding Stress: Have A Backup Plan (back to index)

Weather, venue availability, guest list, menu. Usually, the rule is: the more people are involved, the more the chances of things going awry rise.

Make sure you don’t fixate yourself on single options only and inquire about plan B everything. Better safe than sorry!

How To Deal With Wedding Stress: Take Care Of Yourself (back to index)

Why should you stop making time for your self-care routine before your special day? If anything, this is one of those times in your life when you most need it.

Scented candles, long baths, skincare, meditation, hitting the gym, getting a massage, going for a hike; these are only a few of the things that brides-to-be choose to unplug and wind down after a long week (or even day!) of wedding planning.

How To Deal With Wedding Stress: Take Care Of Your Love (back to index)

As the big day approaches, remember that stress and anxiety can affect your partner as much as they affect you - if not worse. Finding time to relax and spend quality time with your special person is extremely important.

Stress can also impact intimacy, so why not spice up things with a hot date? Take your partner on an adventure - hit the city for dinner, drinks, a film or whatever you both enjoyed doing during the early stages of your love story!

Another great way to strengthen the bond and maintain a connection with your loved one is to learn and participate in structured activities together. Going to the gym together, signing up for the same club or joining a pottery class are some wholesome examples of things you could do together to solidify your relationship and keep grounded whilst growing healthy habits.

Conclusion: (back to index)

There are many ways you can deal with your pre-wedding stress, and they all focus on keeping calm and tackling down issues one at a time. Keep your focus on the fact that however things are gonna go, this day will forever be special and unforgettable for you and your family.

Most importantly, remember that you’re supposed to enjoy the process and its difficulties. Embrace the challenges, be vocal about any ideas or doubts, set up a realistic goal, and keep track of your budget to avoid nasty surprises last-minute.

Enjoy yourself and don’t allow all of your free time to get sucked away by countless hours of internet searches and prolix phone calls!

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