Wedding season started, and if it wasn’t already obvious based on the “tie the knot” posts on social media, your friend’s “I said yes!” repost from last year is a reminder of the incoming big day. This is a time of tough decisions: which events to attend, what to pack, what to wear, how to do your nails, and obviously: how to do your hair for a wedding?

Between an RSVP and a “scrolling spree” on your favourite online shopping websites trying to find the perfect outfit, you suddenly ask yourself: “what am I going to do with my hair”? Don't worry, the initial panic is completely normal.

Sit back, relax and let me help you with that one: whether you have long hair, short hair, thick coils, corkscrew curls, thin hair or wavy tresses - if you’re looking for wedding guest hair ideas, there are plenty of options to step up your hair game for a special occasion.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles: The Updo (back to index)

Well, the updo is a timeless classic when it comes to formal events. It’s been a popular choice since, like, ever - and there’s a reason behind its popularity.

Not only is the bun a comfy, super-easy protective hairstyle to wear at home (see: messy bun), but with a few touches, it also makes the perfect hairstyle for a wedding guest too!

The bun keeps your hair tucked in elegantly, giving more light to your neck and shoulders and bringing attention to your face and dress. Here’s how to wear it for a special occasion:

Go Colourful!

Add highlights or lowlights in your bun or chignon. With the aid of colour-mixed hair extensions you won’t need to dye or bleach your hair in a permanent way.

If you’re a fan of funky shades but don’t want to compromise on your dark hair’s health, add a touch of pastel with coloured hair extensions.

Braid It.

Wedding updos are a solid, complimenting choice of hairstyle. If you want to show off a pair of statement earrings, for example, a braided top knot will be your best bet to elongate your figure and bring attention to your face, becoming one of the most sophisticated hairstyles for weddings and other formal celebrations.

Put Your Crown On!

The crown braid is one of the most popular updos, with its origins dating back to the Dark Ages - when having your hair falling on your face could’ve been misinterpreted as - yep, you know it already - allegiance to witchcraft.

Not only has the crown braid saved many women from an unfortunate witch hunt, but it has evolved in history - remaining in the top 10 most elegant braided updos out there.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Curls All Day (back to index)

When people with straight or wavy hair think of a massive change to their manes, most of the time they also imagine a curly, romantic finish to their blow-dry.

Curls are also one of the best, most natural ways to hide hair extensions without compromising on volume.

If you’re looking for an elegant way to wear your hair down and frame your face in romantic curls, look no further than your curling wand - and with a bit of skill, here’s how you can wear your curls to someone’s special day.

Like A Mermaid.

Mixing curls and colourful streaks will give you that "Queen of The Seas" vibe that will surely turn a lot of heads. It’s not one of the most popular options for a formal reception, but if you’re attending a wedding on the beach this is a fun, boho-chic option that won’t go unnoticed between the hundreds of tight chignons and ringlets.

Bouncy Blowout

If you recently chopped your hair off, don’t think you won’t be able to curl your hair. Inspired by the 1920’s popular flapper hairstyle, finger waves can still be found on many celebrities.

Think of Kehlani, Zendaya, Beyoncé, Cara Delevingne, Demi Lovato, Rihanna; they all wore finger waves at some point in their successful careers, as a way to spice up their hairstyle on occasion when wearing short hair.

Hollywood Waves.

Hollywood waves have been around for a long time - long enough to be now classified as a “timeless classic” - and are also a popular bridal hairstyle for those that prefer to wear their hair down. These glamorous, uniform and textured waves will give you starlet vibes - hence the name.

For a plumpy and full effect, add hair extensions and achieve the perfect volume. Hollywood waves can be styled in loose waves or edgier, tighter ones worn with a deep side part for a vintage effect.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Half Up, Half Down (back to index)

The half up half down hairstyle represents a youthful approach to elegant hairstyles. Did you know that there are many ways to style a half up half down ‘do? Paired with a side-swept fringe it will compliment heart-shaped and diamond-shaped faces the most, bringing light and attention to prominent cheekbones; combined with a fishtail braid or beach waves will give you that perfect boho touch, perfect for beach weddings and quirky, artsy locations.

Are you considering a half up-half down for a wedding day? Here’s how to get the most out of this simple yet effective hairstyle.

Beach Days, Beach Waves.

As previously mentioned, this hairstyle works best with beach waves - the hairstyle that brings highlights, bronde and mixed blonde shades to next level. You can achieve this look with expert styling and a micro-hair straightener or using a sea-salt spray on your natural locks.

Accessorise It.

From securing flowers to your hair with a bobby pin to golden or rhinestone barrettes, the selection of accessories you can use to embellish your hairstyle is absolutely incredible. Play around with themed accessories to jazz up your ‘do!

Plain Jane?

If curls, waves and big preposterous hairdos are not your thing, try smoothing things down and straightening your hair to keep it simple.

No matter how long your half up-half down hairstyle is, a sleek half up-half down will give you minimalistic elegance and will leave the spotlight on an amazing dress or important neck jewellery.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles: The Ponytail (back to index)

Who said that ponytails are a “stay at home” hairstyle only? (Literally nobody, Brenda.)

Well, good, because I’m a huge fan of the good old pony. Wrap it, twist it, curl it, braid it; there’s no way you can go wrong with a well-styled ponytail.

If your hair is not long enough or if you simply would like to achieve a fuller, thicker, luscious pony - grab your clip-in one and read on to get creative with your ‘do.

Slicked And Sleek.

The sleek ponytail has been brought back to life and to popularity by Kim Kardashian, and has been a fan favourite ever since. Worn by countless celebrities (including Kim’s own sisters), this versatile hairstyle can be worn both in formal and informal settings - making it the perfect choice for those who plan to go a little wild after the formal reception.

If you’re planning on stealing the spotlight on top of stealing a bottle of rosé, this simple yet effective hairstyle is what you’re looking for.


If “fierce” is the word you have in mind when thinking of your ponytail, then braiding it is what you want to do to achieve the vibe you’re looking for. Opt for a loose fishtail braid for a messy, elegant finish.

Another option would be to introduce the ponytail starting as a French braid on top of your head.

High And Mighty

A high ponytail is and always has been a classy statement hairstyle. Wearing your ponytail up and high on your head elongates the neck and allows the attention to focus on your facial features and precious details, such as minimal jewellery and/or dress embellishments.

To jazz up this hairstyle, you could elegantly close it with a wrap-around single hair lock and style the ends in tousled curls.

Conclusion: (back to index)

Liked any of these hairstyles? Finding the perfect hairstyle idea for any occasion - let alone an unforgettable day such as your friend’s wedding! - can be quite the mission, but don’t worry! As wedding season approaches, I will be selecting and writing about the best hairstyles to rock this spring and summer for all your special events. Stay tuned!

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