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How to Blend Hair Extensions With Your Hair Type

How to Blend Hair Extensions With Your Hair Type

A one size fits all approach to fitting your hair extensions is a mistake most people make. It’s no different to saying there can only be one size of jeans in the world – it just isn’t going to work. If you have super straight hair, you are likely going to concentrate more on your roots whereas if you have layered locks, the focus is likely going to be on the ends, and layering the extesnsions. Keep reading to find out how to attach and manage your hair extensions to suit your hair type.

Sleek and straight hair

How to Blend Hair Extensions with Your Hair Type

This is possibly the easiest hair type to blend hair extensions with because the come straightened already. That doesn’t mean that you won’t need to work a bit to make them look flawlessly blended. The roots tend to be the biggest hurdle for straight hair, but the good news is that it’s totally manageable. Most of the work you need to do is before you even put your hair extensions in.

To blend in straight hair with extensions, divide your hair into rows from the nape of your neck to just in front of your ears. Working from back to front you want to tease your roots vigorously to give them extra body, this will help your hide on top of your human hair extensions too. Once you have clipped your clip in hair extensions, smooth over the top with serum and brush your hair and the extensions together to blend.

Lower that top layer of hair and the front section. Brush and straighten your hair so that it blends in with your extensions seamlessly. Remember that your natural hair gets nourished by the natural oils on your head, but human hair extensions are not, so it’s important to add protecting spray before you straighten it.

Layered locks

How to Blend Hair Extensions with Your Hair Type

Layered hair can be brilliant for framing your face and giving your hair a lovely sense of movement, but it can feel frustrating to blend. You have two options; either put your hair extensions in as normal and trim the ends so they match your layers (you may need a friend or a hairdresser for this) or create new layers just with your hair extensions. To do this divide the top layer on your hairline and tie it out of the way before creating a snake braid with the rest of your hair.

Start with the top left side and create a tight three strand braid towards the right. Create a backwards c and add hair from the next row heading back towards the left. Continue this back and forth action to you get to the nape of your neck and tie and pin left over strands back into place. You have now essentially created shelves to clip in your human hair extensions onto that won’t make the ends look like they don’t match. Untie to top layer and brush to blend.

The easiest and best way to blend your human hair extensions with short hair is to make your short sections look like layers. Your hair should be about four inches long in order to get best grip from your clip ins. This allows you to play with your hair extensions and have some hair on the top layer that can cover the clips so that it looks natural. Pop the clips and make sure that you lay it flat against your head, make sure that you leave about an inch, so you don’t give yourself a headache. The benefit of attaching this bottom part first is that if you mess it up you have layers to cover it up. Divide your hair evenly and add more rows of clip ins. The key thing to remember is to leave a layer of hair on the top and sides so you can blend the extensions and hide the clips.
To do that you have to continue the layers, or it will look odd it’s important to use a very steady hand and layer your hair extensions correctly.


Curly mane

How to Blend Hair Extensions with Your Hair Type

We all love a curly mane however one of the biggest downsides with curls is the dryness and frizz, and of course, the worry of blending in the hair extensions. For most of you who have naturally wavy or curly manes, you are blessed with extra body at your roots which helps us to hide the top of your hair extensions.

To fight the frizz, try and go heatless as often as possible. Spritz your hair and human hair extensions with water before separating a one-to-two-inch section of hair. Create a simple three-strand braid. You can make them as tight or loose as you want depending on how tight your natural curls are, and you might want to mix up the sizes as curls in hair are never naturally the same width. Give your hair and hair extensions a couple of hours to dry before you untie your braids and unravel them gently with your fingers from the ends, spray your hair extensions so that they hold the waves.

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If you have any questions about human hair extensions, get in contact with our team for help. And don’t forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your looks.

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