Looking for tips on getting gorgeous heatless curls? Cliphair is here with 12 easy ways to get beautiful bouncy locks. Let’s face it – curly hair is gorgeous, and it includes a plethora of different hairstyles that you can play around with for so many different occasions, with natural bounce, movement and texture for days. Those who’ve been lucky enough to be born with natural curls sometimes struggle in finding the perfect routine to achieve the optimal, luscious curly look in their tresses. There’s also those who have straight hair instead and more often than not damaging their hair and hair extensions with scalding curling wands, hair wavers and crimpers.

Before you go for your heat-based styling tool of choice, why not try one of these gentle options to bring your curly look to life without all the fuss of hair damage and frizz? Read on to find out how to get salon-worthy ringlets in a way that will leave your tresses look (and feel) healthy and refreshed.

1. How To Do Heatless Curls? (back to index)

There are many ways you can achieve different types of heatless curls, depending on the style you’re trying to achieve. From soft and bouncy blowouts to tighter ringlets, curly hair extensions looks and the best styling techniques for naturally curly hair, these methods will help you recreate the look you want in a gentle, loving way for your mane.

2. Pin Up Curls (back to index)

Pin curls, also known as pin up curls, are a retro-inspired look – made famous by the divas of the silver screen. As the name suggests, they are obtained by securing your tresses in position with the aid of hairpins, usually overnight or for an extended period of time (from six to eight hours!) in order to set. The final look is pretty vintage, and makes a popular option for elegant events, weddings, and – why not? – theme parties or even Halloween costumes. Back in the days women were often seen rocking this gorgeous, elegant hairstyle – and although it’s pretty time-consuming, the final result is jaw-dropping! If you’d like to get inspired by more vintage hairstyles inspired by the black and white era, have a look at our blog: Roaring 20’S: Celebrity’s Favourites Are Now 1920’S Hairstyles.

3. Curly Clip In Hair Extensions (back to index)

For those who have naturally curly hair, adding curly hair extensions could be the solution to most of your problems. Cuticle-aligned human hair extensions are treated to be frizz free, luscious and sleek, and in just a few minutes they will add thickness, volume and length to your natural tresses in a super-discreet way. Even if your hair isn’t naturally curly, this can be an easy way to boost your curly hairstyle with body and texture, making it bounce with natural movement. 

4. Braid Your Hair At Night (back to index)

Securing your hair in a plait at night is an easy and quick way to achieve beach-worthy ocean waves whilst you sleep. Depending on your hair type, a firm braid is an optimal way to protect your lengths and ends while sleeping, making it a staple of protective hairstyles to help you grow healthy, long hair over time! On top of that, say bye-bye to heat-based styling tools – as all you need to do is undoing your braid when you wake up and adding a bit of leave-in conditioner. For optimal results, try adding curling cream to your hair before plaiting it! If you wear clip in hair extensions, unfortunately, this will need to be done separately – as sleeping in your clip ins is a no-no since it can cause serious breakage and matting. This quick and easy technique can replace quality time with your curling iron in the morning, giving you one more chance to hit the snooze button. If you have wavy hair, a basic two-strand braid will help maintain that bombshell beachy texture. 

5. Scrunch Hair For Bouncy Curls (back to index)

Some of those belonging to the curly hair category will already be familiar with this technique: after all, scrunched hair is considered a classic for many. On damp hair, start by using a generous (but don’t overdo it) amount of curling cream; if you’d like a trendy wet finish or a longer-lasting do, try also applying a curling mousse. Then, proceed to flip your hair and begin scrunching your ends towards your scalp, with a firm (but gentle) touch. This helps enhance the natural shape of your curls, removing the water in excess. To speed up the process you can always finish off things with a diffuser, keeping the settings on “low” and making sure you use a heat protectant spray first. Need to stock up? Look no further – Cliphair Heat Protectant Spray is specifically designed to protect both your natural tresses and human hair extensions from heat damage. 

6. Velcro Rollers (back to index)

Hair rollers, also known as Velcro rollers, are one of the easiest and most popular hair tools used to achieve beautiful curls. Although this traditional hair accessory is over 200 years old, its versatility and popularity keep it a constant throughout time and trends. Different sizes and designs will allow you to recreate the looks of your dreams: from the incredibly trendy and puffy 90s blowout to shiny, tight ringlets that will make you look and feel like a princess. As technology evolved and advanced over time, there are many types of hair rollers that you can count on these days, such as heated ceramic rollers, steam-powered rollers, and more. Sleeping in Velcro rollers is usually considered safe, however uncomfortable. If you have the time, you can use them for a day-long styling session, wearing them on wet hair in the morning and taking them out before leaving for your dinner date. Apply a spritz of hairspray on each section before rolling to achieve a long-lasting curly blowout! Do I have your attention? Find out more about these handy tools in our dedicated blog: Curls For Days: The Ultimate Velcro Rollers Guide.

7. Heatless Headband Curls (back to index)

Completely heatless, fairly comfortable and damage-free: what’s not to love about the heatless curling headband? This hair accessory is perfect for those that have long hair and would like to try an easy and quick method to achieve natural-looking curls at home. Like for Velcro rollers, this technique is perfect for those looking to get a curly blowout whilst they sleep, in the most natural and gentle way. The pros? Well, surely the heatless headband curls are a more comfortable alternative to Velcro rollers. The cons? You won’t be able to section your hair with precision, which is what characterises the Velcro rollers styling. Depending on the look you’re willing to achieve, one of these two accessories might be just what you’re looking for!

8. Flexi Rods (back to index)

Think of flexi rods as Velcro rollers’ cousins: unlike the latter, this type of hair accessory was designed to be used as it is, taking its name from the flexibility of the bendable rods, used to keep your locks in place – whereas Velcro rollers often need to be secured with the aid of bobby pins or hair clips. What they have in common, however, is that they are both very easy to orchestrate and leave satisfying results. That, and they both require quite a lengthy time to give you that bouncy finish!

To get the perfect flexi rod blowout, all you need to do is divide your hair sections, then wrap each section around a cushioned rod. To secure it in place, bend it around so that your hair won’t slip out. Because of the rods’ size, this type of hair roller is the best to achieve ringlets or tight curls. For people with naturally kinky hair, flexi rods can also be applied to stretch or widen the curls as they please. Like with Velcro rollers, flexi rods are supposed to be applied on damp hair with a spritz of styling product to better set the curls in place. Once you wake up, gently remove the rods one by one and use your fingers or a large-toothed comb to open the curls up. Using a texturising spray or a volumising powder on your roots is optional!

9. Sock Curls (back to index)

Since TikTok’s hair section has birthed the sock curling technique, I already knew it would be only a matter of days before it would go viral – and guess what? I was right. Sock curls are everywhere, and since it’s so easy to achieve (and, dare I say, even hair extensions friendly – as long as you don’t sleep in it) thousands and thousands of users of any age have given it a go with gorgeous results. Many of the hacks from social media end up being a total fail, but not the sock curls! If you’d like to try it yourself, here’s how to do it: start with damp hair, and apply your favourite hair primer or curling cream. Then, separate your hair into four sections. For the next step, you’ll need four socks – one for each section, but don’t worry about matching patterns! – that will need to be about the same length of your tresses. You can use a claw clip to attach the socks to your hair, then separate the section in two and wrap the strands around the sock in a crisscross motion. Secure the ends with a scrunchie, and you’re good to go!

10. Curling Ribbon (back to index)

If you’re intrigued by the sock curls technique, then you’ll absolutely LOVE the curling ribbon. This gorgeous hair accessory combines the sock curling method to the heatless headband styling technique, with flawless, satisfying results that have gone viral in an insanely short amount of time. Usually made of silk or sateen, the curling ribbon kits usually come in a cute assortment of colours and paired with accessories such as a matching claw clip and silk scrunchie, for you to get all the glitz and glamour of a salon-worth blowout whilst comfortably wearing it in your sleep. Like for Velcro rollers, curling ribbons also come in different sizes for you to achieve different types of curls. This isn’t the right accessory if you’re looking to achieve a wild mane of ringlets, but mimics perfectly the classic curly blowout without all the stress and damage of curling irons, round brushes and blow-dryer. And guess what? It’s human hair extensions friendly! If you’d like to know more, check out our blog: Heatless Hair: Curl Ribbons & Silk Everything Are The Latest Trend.

11. Try Spoolies (back to index)

Spoolies® are a small but handy hair accessory born in the USA. Usually made of silicone, these little hair-curling helpers have recently become a thing in the UK too, and they became quite popular in a short span of time. With the aid of Spoolies®, you can recreate a series of different hairstyles, such as beach waves, spiral ringlets, and even more vintage-looking curls similar to the pin up curl I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this blog. Zero heat, and long-lasting hairstyles for you to switch things up whenever you feel like it. You can use them both on dry or damp hair, and with the aid of hairspray you’ll be able to set your tresses in place for you to rock your new hairstyle all day, all night.

Shop Now: Spoolies.com

12. Plopping Hair (back to index)

Another one for my curly girlies (and everyone else, really, as long as your hair is curly!): hair plopping is one of the best air-drying techniques for natural curls. This is particularly useful if you need to reduce your drying time, but are not too fond of the idea of arming yourself with a hair diffuser, blow-dryer and similar. Gently untangle your tresses with your fingers, using some leave-in conditioner if needed: then, wrap your mane in a 100% cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel to help your hair retain moisture – something that natural curls usually struggle with because of the hair texture. Unlike wrapping your hair in a regular tower as many people do, plopping hair prevents damage, minimises frizz, and keeps your curls compact and in place on the top of your head, boosting its natural texture and without flattening the volume on your roots for the ultimate bouncy, curly explosion.

13. Use Waveformers (back to index)

Waveformers® are useful hair accessories to achieve various types of wavy hair in a safer, damage-free way. Using a similar concept to Spoolies®, Waveformers® comes in three size: Ocean Flair®, Beach Flair®, and Ripple Flair® – to help you get the wavy hairstyle of your dreams. The kit comes in a cute bag with a handle, ideal to bring with you on holiday to easily style your hair without splashing out at a local, unknown hair salon, and saving your tresses from the hassle of heat-based styling tools – an essential to consider during the hotter days! Using Waveformers® is quite easy: start with damp hair, apply your styling product to help the waves set, and section your hair in approximately 1-inch-small sections. Then, follow the instructions and use the little hook to ease each of your sections inside a Waveformer®, and let it dry. Once ready, gently remove Waveformers® from your strands and tease your waves with your finger or a large-toothed comb.

 Shop at: Hairflair.com

14. Heat Protectant For Curly Hair Styling (back to index)

In some cases, such as with some models of Velcro rollers, or for those days where you’re in a hurry and your plans had to change at the last minute, you might need to resort to a bit of heat, such as with a blow-dryer or a hair diffuser. For these instances, it’s best to stock up on heat protectant spray. You can get your Cliphair Heat Protectant Spray to shelter both natural tresses and Remy hair extensions from heat damage. Air-drying is always the best option when possible (pssst… You can read more about air-drying techniques here: Let It Breathe: How To Air-Dry Your Hair Like A Pro), and in the case of curly hair (or hair that has undergone a lot of stress because of heat-based styling), keeping a regular intense-moisture regimen is essential. In that case, to finish your curly blowout in style, top your hairdo with Cliphair Moisturising Silky Spray for intense hydration, seal the cuticles and get ultimate shine all day long.

15. Conclusion (back to index)

When it comes to heatless curls, these 12 amazing techniques leave you with a world of open doors to achieve different hairstyles and textures for every occasion. Get the perfect hairstyle for your hair extensions or natural locks.

If you’re considering going curly on a more permanent level, however, you might want to consider getting a perm. Find out more about the results you can get with a permanent curly treatment, and see if it is suitable for your hair on our dedicated blog: Should I Get A Perm? Everything You Need To Know Before Going Curly.


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