If you're growing out a short haircut or simply got a chop to freshen up your tresses, you may be in search for mid length hairstyles to pump up the glam in your brand new look. Whether it's with natural hair or by adding Remy hair extensions, here's a list of 10 hairstyle ideas for medium hair to keep you looking fabulous!

Long Soft Curls

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If you’re feeling the itch to switch things up in your hairstyle, perhaps you’d want to consider adding volume and length to your tresses by using clip in hair extensions! If you’re tired of looking up medium haircuts for women to try and find a new style, then guess what? Products such as Ultra Volume hair extensions are perfect to blend in your added tresses with blunt haircuts such as bobs and lobs, whilst adding body and movement to your mane. You can then craft soft, bouncy curls to achieve a seamless blend and flawless style. Easy!

Modern Marilyn

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If you have ice blonde locks and you are about to go to a fancy party, this is something that is a must try. This look is best with clean, towel dried hair. We are going to be turning up the heat so putting in some heat protecting serum is a must. We don’t want to straighten out your hair too much so don’t use a brush on your hair, finger comb it instead. Marilyn was known for her voluptuous face-framing hair so create a deep parting and add your hair extensions. If you want to create loose waves, use a 1 ½ inch curler. Start with the side with less hair and curl it behind your ear. Focus on the mid-section and ends of your hair as this is going to give your hair the most body. Spray some hairspray on your fingers and gently run them through your mane. You might need to add a bit more hairspray and then you are finished.

Braided Top Bun

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If you want a more casual day look but still look hot this style may be more your style. If you have naturally thinner hair this is going to be brilliant for you. Start by gently backcombing your roots so you have more oomph to your roots. Now divide your hair into rows, add your Cliphair extensions and lightly curl your locks. Repeat this all over your head. Grab your fishtail comb and separate the mid-section of hair from your hairline to your crown. The middle section is what is going to be your piece de resistance. You are going to make it into a Dutch braid until your crown and secure with a clear hair tie. Pinch the sections of your braid to give them more thickness. The ends left out can just be twisted and tucked into the hair tie to create a top bun. As we don’t want this look to be too solid so I scrunch mousse into my hair rather than use hairspray.

The Easy Side Updo

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This is brilliant if you have second-day or frizzy hair. As it is quite cold your hair might frizz more than normal so add a little serum to your locks before creating a side part. Take a two-inch section on the deeper side of your part and divide it into three equal sections. You want to fold the part closest to your hairline over to the middle and then the other side over that to start your French braid. Try to keep the braid in line with your hairline as you add strands and head towards your ear. When you get to your ear don’t add any more hair just braid to the end of your hair length and tie it to keep it out of the way then pinch the sections to make them picture-worthy. Tie the rest of your hair into a mid-ponytail. You ultimately want a lovely bun. To achieve this I use a donut to pin my hair around. Drape your braid over your bun, pinning it in place and hair-spraying your look so it doesn’t budge.

The Half-Up Switch

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What if you’re being indecisive? Trying some half-up mid length hairstyles will give you all the glitz and glamour of an updo, mixed with the luscious length of having your hair down. You can customise this look however you prefer, adding braided details here and there, using Remy hair extensions to maximise volume and thickness even with half of your hair up, etc. For the upper section, you can either play around with plaits and ponytails, or arrange your  hair in trendy space buns or a classy chignon. The possibilities are truly endless!

The Sleek And Sharp Middle Part Bob

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The middle part has taken the spotlight since it made a super chic comeback last year. This style is classic but bold, and best of all it is a face-framing style that can dramatically transform your look. If you straighten your bob into a sleek sharp style, it can help draw attention to your eyes and nose, which will enhance your face and make your make up appear more glamorous and effective.

The middle part bob is just past the shoulders, perfectly asymmetrical – giving the illusion of long hair, but without the required maintenance. It’s also flattering on almost everyone; no matter what face shape you have, what colour your hair is, or even what texture your hair is. Find out more about blending hair extensions with your bob.

The Barbie Ponytail

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This is probably one of the most Instagrammable hairstyles right now. Taking inspiration from the 90's, the flip pony has been taking over by storm. A partly easy hairstyle for anyone with medium length hair, this style is ultra-chic and easy to achieve.

This chic flipped-out ponytail is also dubbed the ‘facelift ponytail’ – does what it says on the tin. This style takes your hair away from your face and makes the cheekbones stand out. The flipped-out pony is the perfect alternative to the killer ponytail, and it makes just much of a bold statement. If you have shorter hair at the back that’s not long enough to bring it into a high ponytail, wear half of it up for a super-stylish half-up half- down do. Alternatively, you could also grab a Mini Wrap Around Ponytail hair extensions set to make this hairstyle yours!

Textured Waves

@alexiistherese Replying to @edmomalicia the best piece of advice i can give is bring a picture or video of what you want to the salon when it’s time to get your hair done. i bring inspiration for both the cut & color & sometimes this means showing my stylist multiple photos & videos. since i don’t speak “cosmetology language” i’ve found my stylist appreciates me showing her what i want through visual content vs me trying to explain the color & cut using my words lol. bring visual inspiration. your stylist will thank you, trust me. thanks to @Hiro for the inspo 💕 #midlengthhair #shaghaircut #haircut #hairstyle #texturehair #texturehaircut #longbob #lob #longlayers ♬ I Like You (A Happier Song) - Post Malone

If you aren’t looking to cut your hair anytime soon but are stuck in the in-between stages, you should try adding a little wave and texture to your hair. This trendy shoulder length hair look will make your tresses appear slightly shorter and more layered, without you actually having to cut it.

To get these waves, apply mousse to damp hair before blow drying and curling random strands. While this look works well with every hair texture, you can always add some extensions to puff it up.

You can also try the latest hair trend this hair; the modern shag hairstyle. This style is all about texture and easy hair. This will certainly be out go-to on lazy days.

The Blinged Out Top Bun

Tie the middle of your hair into a small sleek bun, you can then straighten the bottom half to a sharp look. Complete your look by adding some accessories to the front or middle of your hair.

If you want a more casual daytime look but still look stunning, then go for a braided top bun. To achieve this style, simply Dutch-braid your hair in the middle from the front until the crown. Secure with a clear hair tie and if you’d like more thickness, you can pinch the sides gently for volume. Now it’s time to tie the ends of the braids into a top bun.

The Kick-Ass Fringe

@joycevalenciaa_ This is your sign 💫 #mediumlayeredhaircut #curtainbangs #mediumlengthhair #fyp ♬ 3:15 (Breath) - Russ

Cut your hair again? Of course, not... (if you don’t want to). Adding a clip in fringe can really transform your medium length hairstyle into a completely different look without the commitment. Cut your clip in fringe into your desired style, but if you’d like to jump on this season’s hottest trends, then got for the 70s curtain fringe/ bangs that have made a strong comeback this year. This hairstyle is especially popular if you have a blunt and sharp bob.

If you have layers in your medium length hair, then a side swept fringe is a good choice. It can add movement and a lively vibe to any haircut. If you have thin or fine hair, we recommend you start the fringe further back so you have enough hair to clip on. For shorter haired ladies, why not go for a statement fringe a’la Mia Wallace?  


Have you found your perfect mid length haircut? Then come and explore our collection of clip in hair extensions and professional hair extensions to complete it. Whether you’re looking to add more body and dimension to your tresses, or simply want to be able to switch between short and long with your clip ins, Cliphair’s got the right product for you to express your creativity and freshen up your image whenever you’d like.

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