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How to blend extensions with your bob?

Bob hairstyles have been super popular over the last few years. They are fun, flirty and look great wavy or straight, the only downside seems to be blending them with hair extensions.

How to put hair extensions in a bob hair cut?

I have heard so many of you have the same question, how do I blend my extensions with my bob so it looks natural? The truth is there is more than one method to achieve and after trial and error, I have found the method I find the fastest and most effective. I am going to show you this method in this step-by-step tutorial. Goodbye hair troubles, hello beautifully blended clip in extensions. #wearcliphair

Bob Hair Extensions Front

Step number 1: Preparation

There isn’t much you have to do to prepare for this look. If you are going to be wearing your extensions in a straight style, add some heat protecting spray. Other than that I would recommend having second-day hair that is thoroughly brushed. Now that your hair is prepped it is time to prepare your extensions. I often find that people forget to prepare their extensions, making them look less natural and not look as healthy. You don’t want too much product on them but in this dry weather, they should be well conditioned.

Step number 2: Divide and conquer

Like when you are putting in clip in extensions to longer hair, dividing your hair into clearly defined rows is advisable. I can sometimes be lazy with longer hair and use my fingers as a guide where to part but I would definitely suggest being more accurate with this method. Use the end of a fishtail comb to create a straight horizontal line 2 inches from the nape of your neck. Clip the top section out of the way for now.

Bob Hair extensions back of head

Step number 3: Applying for your extensions

Now that you have a clearly defined row it is time to add your clip in extensions. The trick is to have it as close to your root whilst allow it to still lay flat. Do that on top of your row of hair, as you would normally do, then take an extension piece and do it underneath your row as well. You will be able to brush the ends so your longer hair extensions will cover your bob and the short sections of hair will not poke out.

Bob hair extension close up

Step 4: Repeat

You will be repeating this at the back of your head a few times. What worked well for me was the nape of my neck, at the bottom of my ears, the top of my ears and at your crown. This will make your hair look like you have long layers s that the shorter pieces are natural. When dealing with the front sections you also want to create a row, this time near your temple. This way it will help you conceal shorter sections near your ears. Brush your hair extensions and your hair together so they blend and if you need to straighten out any kinks now is the time to do it. Finish by adding hairstyle.

For more advice read our full guide on how to blend hair extensions for all hair types.


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