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12 Inch Hair Extensions

With lengths in the range of 14 inches and 16 inches, we thought the market for short-haired beauties was filled. But what if you have even shorter hair and just want to give it a boost without having to add extra length? Read more

Now 12 inch hair extensions are here to fill that gap, and bring your lob or other shorter hairstyles to new life with a lightweight kick of volume, movement, and thickness. Read less


12 Inch Hair Extensions at Cliphair

We designed our 12 inch extensions to meet you exactly where you are: why should someone with shorter hair waste money on longer hair extensions just to have them chopped off? As the shortest option in our Classic Full Head hair extensions range, this product aims to save our customer’s time and money by being ready to use – just the right amount of length that you need, an incredibly light feeling, and a gentle addition of bounce and density to your mane.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Unsure about finding the right shade? Don’t stress – leave it to us. Our team includes hair professionals and colour specialists that will help you choose your hair extensions with confidence, so that you can recreate your next best hairstyle without hesitation nor delay.
    • We tend to advise against dyeing or bleaching our human hair extensions, however it is technically possible. Make sure you always refer to a trained hair professional to get this done – avoid colouring your hair extensions at home!
    • With a lifespan spacing from 6 to 12 months, our Classic 12 inch hair extensions are a long term investment that you can count on. Style them, braid them, curl them; the choices are yours! Make sure you keep them knot-free with the aid of a detangling brush and keep them smooth and silky by using moisturising products to wash them – always ensuring that the formulas you choose are sulfate-free. Last but not least, a spritz of Moisture Lock Shine Spray will finish off your look by keeping your hair soft, manageable, and shiny – what else could you be asking for?
    • Our 12 inch clip in hair extensions come in a set of 8 different sized wefts that you can wear to achieve a seamless blend. Discreet and lightweight, this product works wonders for those with finer hair and stay hidden in your natural tresses!
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