Glamming up a Bob hairstyle for a wedding whether that’s for a bride, bridesmaid or even a wedding guest can be tricky as there isn’t as much hair to work with to create the dream look. Of course, you can always use hair extensions to add length or volume to any haircut however there are still many ways to embrace and enhance your chic short style with just a few clever styling tricks! In todays blog we share our best styling tips for dressing up short hair for special occasions. 

Bob Wedding Hairstyles

Beach Waves Short Hair

Beachy, textured waves arnt just for the cascading lengths! Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lawrence have shown time and time again how to rock the laid back beach look with their bob cuts. By using a medium barrel tong and alternating the direction of the curls, you create the natural looking waves. Use your hands to pull out the curl slightly and finish with a spritz of texture spray to ensure the style lasts all day.

Side Parting With Vintage Waves

Bob hairstyles were all the rage in the 20s and 30s which set off the everlasting trend of Hollywood waves. In modern times this look is usually teamed with tons of volume and long lengths however its just as effective on short hair as shown by Taylor Swift at many a red carpet event. If its good enough for the Grammys, is good enough for a wedding! To get this look on short hair simply use a smaller sized tong and curl the hair in the same direction all over, pinning each curl as you go to create pin curls. Allow the hair to cool down for 10-15 minutes then remove and fully comb out the pin curls to achieve the iconic Hollywood wave hairstyle. If you love vintage looks as much as we do, check out our blog “Roaring 20s celebrity favourites” for more inspiration.

Short Wedding Hair Up

With a little backcombing, some pins and clever twists of the hair, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with short hair. First start by curling the hair all over to add texture which makes shaping much easier, this also helps to give the illusion of more hair which will help to hide your pins. Then simply twist sections of your hair and pin into the middle area, you can pin as much or as little as you like to create your own bespoke hair up style! This is the perfect style for bridesmaids as it gives the illusion of a very intricate hair up when in reality its super simple and fast to achieve. To make the look really special finish with some flowers or pearl hair pins, again this is a great way to hide any clips or grips. Take a look at our blog dedicated to bridal hair accessories “Top Bridal Hair Accessories”.

Sleek Bridal Bun

Kourtney Kardashian recently rocked her black bob hairstyle in a sleek bridal bun for her romantic, Italian gothic themed wedding to Travis Barker. With her signature middle parting and slicked back sides she dressed her high bun with a stunning lace embroidered veil which only added to the drama of the look. For this look its likely a few clip-in hair extensions were used to bulk out the bun as it can be quite tricky to achieve such a sleek and high style on chin length hair without the back falling down.

Half Up Half Down Short Hair

Half up half down styles are the perfect solution for short hair as usually its hard to get the entire hair up if its above shoulder length. This versatile style can be enhanced with braids, waves, curls, accessories or even worn sleek and straight, the possibilities really are endless. A popular addition to half up half down on short hair is clipping the veil underneath the clipped section of hair instead of on top, this looks super angelic and feminine.

Can A Bride Have Short Hair?

Absolutely! There are so many beautiful wedding hairstyles for bobbed hair that are easily achievable with the correct products and styling equipment. Our advice would be to always have a hair trail before the big day to ensure your stylist is confident with short hair, this is also the perfect opportunity to check if hair extensions are needed to thicken the hair up for certain styles. If your interested in using extensions on the big day, check out “How hair extensions can provide the perfect wedding style” for more information.


Contrary to belief short hair is just as easy and glamorous to wear at a wedding or special occasion as long hair is, it dosnt take any longer to style and is definatley no more difficult as we are sometimes lead to believe! For even more even more wedding inspiration check out "Wedding Occasion Hair". 

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