Bandanas and headscarved have been around for a long time; not only as trendy accessories but also as multi-functional statement pieces that helped men and women around the world to protect their hair, express cultural values, and more. With the revival of retro hairstyles it was inevitable to bump into a raging comeback of bandana hairdos, and although some of these ideas are nothing new, they do feel fresh and modern like never before. Ready to take on some new inspiration for spring/summer 2023? Let’s have a look at these cute and trendy bandana hairstyles!

The Classic Look

Long, flowy tresses and the top of your head protected by a trendy bandana; to finish the look? Baddie makeup and minimalist sunnies, et voila – yes, it’s a look. This bandana style goes well with a laid-back outfit that tells the world you don’t take yourself too seriously, but you shouldn’t be messed up with either! Adding clip in hair extensions to this look will help you achieve fuller, longer hair or even add highlights and daring dashes of colour to your mane And guess what? You can go as crazy as you want, your bandana will keep the seams hidden for you!

The Boho Look

Inspired by a more retro vibe, this type of bandana lays open on your hair and brings a cutesy, boho-chic type of energy on the table. This type of hairstyle works wonders with any hair pattern, although being particularly flattering on curly hair. If you’re lacking the necessary volume and length to pull it off, you can always resort to products such as ultra volume hair extensions to get that puffy effect – or even curly hair extensions to match your hair texture and boos your mane with more body and a few extra inches.

The Headband Look

You can wear a bandana as it is, but what if you fold it? You got yourself a trendy headband to play around with. This look is simpler but doesn’t miss out on looking extremely cool – especially if accessorised the right way. A hairstyle like this one brings out your natural features and could be a creative way to enhance your chosen makeup colour palette too! Try leaving out a few tendrils for a messy-chic finish, or trendy baby braids to frame your face in true Y2K style.

The Half-Up, Half-Down

What happens if you mix a half-up, half-down hairstyle with a cool accessory such as a bandana? Try it before you deny it is my sincere advice. This type of hairstyle gives the classic bad girl a romantic tweak that is simply too cute not to try. Perfect for a coffee date, a pic nic, brunch with your bestie and more. This type of hairstyle can be boosted with seamless hair extensions to keep things thick and luscious in your mane whilst looking authentically and effortlessly chic thanks to your chosen accessory.

The Dolce Vita Style

If you’d like to give your hairstyle a vintage twist, then why not trying this gorgeously retro look? Inspired by divas of the past such as Sofia Loren and Audrey Hepburn, this hairstyle will make you look (and feel) like a silver-screen actress in no time. Easy to recreate and simply iconic, the dolce vita headscarf look was particularly popular around the 60s, and it’s been chosen as runway hairstyle by prestigious fashion houses such as Gucci.

The Bandana Look With Bangs

Wearing your bandana with impeccable fashion sense and sass can go a long way, and trying it with any sort of bangs can bring the look to life in 0.5 seconds. If you’d like to try this look but don’t feel like committing to a big chop, feel free to experiment with clip in bangs! Wispy, curled, micro, full or arranged in an elegant pin-up do, there are so many options you can try!

The Blowout With Neck Accessory

How about spicing your hairstyle up with an accessory that goes around your neck rather than on your tresses? For the perfect far west, rode-inspired look, just add a bandana around your neck in true bandit style; boost your blowout with extra thickness and length with a fresh set of Remy hair extensions et voila – you’re all sorted in perfect gunslinger fashion.

The Bandana Ponytail

If you’re still emotionally attached to the sleek ponytail look made famous by Kim Kardashian and other fellow celebrities, don’t worry; you can still add a cool bandana to your favourite hairstyle. Wrapping your headscarf of choice around your ponytail or braid will add a touch of edginess, and can be arranged in so many ways! For example, you can leave it as it is – long and flowy together with your hair, or tie it up in a cutesy bow to achieve a romantic look. If you’re using clip in ponytail hair extensions, this can also be a clever way to hide the wrap-around attachment.

The Bandana Updo

Are you a fan of updos? Well, whilst a bandana might not exactly go with elegant and formal attire, having your hair up in a low messy bun can go a long way when paired with a trendy bandana or headscarf. This makes for a clever choice in settings where the temperatures might be too high to enjoy having your hair down, and it’s also a clever way to protect your head from the sun!

The Trendy Rambo Look

Do it like JLo (and dozens of glam rockers in the 80s before her): wearing a bandana like a headband has been cool since… Well, forever. Even if you’re not on a dangerous mission in the jungle nor stepping on a red carpet as one of the world’s most successful pop stars in history, this look can easily become yours and take even the most basic of outfits from zero to hero. Don’t forget to pair it with big statement hoops! Like JLo, you can also recreate gorgeous highlights or a sapiently-crafted balayage effect with the help of mixed hair extensions – with all the perks of a multi-tonal finish without suffering any bleach damage.

The Pineapple Hairstyle

This look isn’t just incredibly cool and trendy, but it’s a clever way for curly-haired individuals to protect their hair whilst being out and about. You can read more about this topic in our dedicated blog: 10 Protective Hairstyles For Curly Hair: 3B To 4C Edition. If you’re a fan of natural hair and are looking for new cute hairstyles for this season, the good old pineapple paired with a colourful bandana is likely to satisfy your palate.

The Vintage Bandana Look

You may have seen this bandana look on pin-ups illustrations a lot, and let me tell you – there is a reason why this hairstyle has met such popularity! Useful and trendy, this cute vintage bandana look helps you keep your hair away from your face whilst giving you a laid-back, trendy vibe.


Bandanas are a trendy and useful hair accessory, perfect to involve in your hair care routine as the temperature rises and we start to look for new ways to arrange our manes and protect our scalps from the sun. These cute bandana hairstyles make the perfect way to achieve new looks and keep you trendy throughout the warmer seasons!

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