If you haven’t been living under a rock in the past few years, then you have probably heard of Euphoria, the HBO Gen-Z teenage drama starring Zendaya (in the role of Rue) and developed by HBO. The show is an adaptation of the 2012 Israeli television series with the same name, created by Ron Leshem, Daphna Levin, and Tmira Yardeni – and it touches a series of important topics, such as sexual identity, childhood trauma, mental health, and drug abuse – all narrated through Rue’s voice.

Praised not only for its storyline and development but also for the high concentration of eye-candy (the show’s gorgeous photography is simply sublime) and brutal honesty, Euphoria has quickly climbed the charts since its release – therefore it’s without surprise that we’ve been served with an extra dose of gasp-inducing moments in season 2, premiered on January the 9th.

Living and breathing ClipHair’s love and enthusiasm for everything hair-related, how could we not write a blog post about the hairstyles and hair transformations featured in the show?

If you haven’t watched it yet, grab your popcorns (and your hairbrush): we’re jumping on the Euphoria wagon!

1. Glitter Hair

When it comes to hair sparkles, glitter, and rhinestones hair clips, Maddy is the absolute queen. Her hair choices are always on point, and if you’re looking for inspiration for your party hairstyles and festival hair ideas, she will be your go-to fictional character.

Between all her iconic looks, her slick back half up half down rhinestone hairstyle (with rhinestones running through the partings!) will certainly make sure you’ll have everyone’s eyes locked on you – we have no doubt. Want to make it more sophisticated? Then you can turn it into a low (or high!) bun with lines of rhinestones running from your hairline to the peak of your bun. Looking for a playful, flirty look? Dutch braids separated by a single strand of rhinestone gems illuminating your middle part will do the trick for you. There are plenty of choices for you to play and experiment with!

2. Baby Hair

We’re still looking at you, Maddy Perez. Whilst Maddy’s life might be spiraling out of control, her edge control game – on the other hand – is very, very strong. What are we talking about? Baby hair, of course! Are you unsure on how to style baby hair and do edges? Don’t worry – Euphoria’s inclusive and fashionable cast is here to help.

3. Bubble Ponytail

The bubble ponytail has always been an under-the-radar classic in my honest opinion – then in 2015, this hairstyle took the world by storm after being featured in the Valentino fashion show.

Since then, the bubble ponytail has been seen on many celebrities and artists – and it was just a matter of time until we would see its comeback on a TV screen too. As Kim Kimble joins the Euphoria gang as season two’s lead hairstylist, she brings the bubble ponytail back to life with Sydney Sweeney, that plays the role of Cassie.

Bubble Ponytail

4. The Bob

Just when you thought you had enough of this 90s bob being showcased left, right, and center… Just kidding, who even has had enough of that? Bringing back the infamous side part that we, the millennials, used and abused during our teenage years, Kat (played by Barbie Ferreira) faces her emotional and sexual awakening with impressive character development. In season 2, we also finally see her addressing the toxic, invasive positive attitude that the countless girl boss-esque Instagram accounts want to force-feed you nowadays, completely disregarding one’s need and right to explore and express negative emotions.

5. The Heidi Braid

Each town of sinners has its resident trademarked good girl – and East Highland chose Lexi to fill the vacancy. Lexi’s here to show us that you can be the “basic girl” of the group without actually missing out on looking effortlessly elegant. Think half ups half downs, messy buns, soft waves and curtain bangs; showering in rhinestones and glitter doesn’t float everyone’s boat! With this iconic, milkmaid’s style hairdo she also captures the attention of Fez on season 2’s premiere.

Heidi Braid example image

6. Diamante Hair Clips

When it comes to glitter, I already know how Euphoria likes to cover everything in it – perhaps in the hope of embellishing the bitter truth our beloved characters are living? – but I had no clue this show could be powerful enough to bring back diamante hair clips. Let’s be real: what was this Y2K trend all about? Well, it seems that like with many other fashion statements we recently witnessed arising from the dead, this little sparkly detail is back too. And we have Cassie and her terrible taste in men to thank for it.

7. Baby Bangs

Okay, let’s talk about short bangs, please. I know they have made thousands of people feel conscious about their forehead and noses, or about their eyebrows. Oh yes, I know. But what if I told you that they are now super trendy? More and more characters in movies and TV are now sporting this brave hairstyle, and we don’t blame them – make short bangs hot again! From the Queen’s Gambit’s Anya Taylor-Joy to Don’t Look Up’s Jennifer Lawrence, short and baby bangs have officially made a comeback. Could Euphoria miss out on this opportunity? Absolutely not. And who other than Kat could rock this provocative retro aesthetic?

My dear reader, if you managed to scroll this down without feeling the need to sign up for an HBO account and binge-watch Euphoria, I applaud you. If it wasn’t for the crazy makeup look (and the significant amount of memes that popped up my Instagram home) I probably would’ve never been seduced by this show’s synopsis. Probably thinking I’m too old for this, yes. But am I?
Besides mentioning the shimmering make-up and the hairstyles that are definitely bound to define an era, I feel like there are a few more words to spend talking about this show.

Taking a step back and looking back at my teenage years and the shows I used to watch and relate to back then, Euphoria looks a lot like another beautiful, dreamy portrait of a raw reality that many teenagers are going through nowadays. This is Gen-Z’s Skins – with more tears, more drugs, more desperate need for love and acceptance. This is Euphoria, and more. Eye-opening, stunning, painful. A must-watch - and our followers know it too. Have a look at this stunning tutorial @hanstluce filmed, recreating Maddy's fierce look with our iconic clip-in ponytail!



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