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2022 Hairstyles Ideas: 6 Hairstyles To Go Big This Year

2022 Hairstyles Ideas: 6 Hairstyles To Go Big This Year


If 2021 had to be kind to our lockdown heads, it already looks like this new year is all about fresh starts of all sorts - beginning from our hair. Fashion often brings us back to the past decades (2021 was all about the seventies!), and hair trends tend to do the same - to an extent. Inspired by the iconic bob haircuts, the naughty 90s bangs, and the big hair of the New Age era, this new year will showcase many interesting options for those in need of a change. As 2022 really said “new year, new me”, let’s check out these hairstyles, right before they become the next big thing. 

Spice your big curls up with this everlasting classic; with its texture and vertical development, the “shag” will instantly boost the volume of your hair, acting as a rich frame for your face. This famous low-maintenance look is getting a modern makeover, and it has already been seen on many celebrities, such as singer Taylor Swift, model Mica Arganaraz, actress Zendaya and British It Girl Alexa Chung. If your style is more à la bohémienne, then you can always opt for the extralong version, as seen on musician Stevie Nicks at the peak of her career.

A versatile long bob that gently brushes against your collarbone with its flattering length - to wear with curtain bangs or even (sorry, gen Z) a side part. Whether your mane is straight, wavy, or curly – any hair type can work just fine with this amazing, flexible length. Need some celebrity inspo? We’re talking Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Margo Robbie… What else?

Nearly a century later, fashion is still winking at the classic beauty of the old school Hollywood divas. With its soft waves framing the neck and the comeback of the side part, this hairstyle – paired with a blood-red lipstick perhaps? – will surely turn a lot of heads at your New Year’s Eve soirée. 

On and off stage, this particular hairstyle can officially be labelled as a timeless classic – as the limelight never really stopped shining on it. Actress Lucy Hale has been spotted wearing this romantic hairstyle, on and off set.

The nineties are back, and this time it seems like they’re not going anywhere. Idolised by the followers of grunge culture and aesthetic, this naughty decade – infamously known for its scandalous power couples, the goth vibes, and boy bands at the peak of their careers – was characterised by a short, cheekbone-grazing bob, religiously parted in the middle. Dua Lipa wore her own sleek version of this hairstyle, previously rocked during its peak era by starts such as Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder. Are you ready to give it a go?

Length, length, length! We’re talking middle part, even, hippie-like hair. And if you were blessed with tight, curly hair? Grow it out, sister! If short hairstyles are not your cup of tea, keeping your hair long works just as fine. Experiment with hair accessories such as hair tinsel, or keep it flowing for a stunner effect. Making a comeback directly on the runway, this hairstyle is another all-time high-maintenance favourite, requiring a lot of care and patience. Going for the full retro look? Pair it with puffy side-swept bangs for the ultimate 70s blowout.

Not a fan of long hair? Bored of the medium length? Then chop it off! The trim pixie cut is here to satisfy anyone who enjoys a low maintenance, fashionable short hairstyle. Think Mia Farrow, with definition and edge control; or perhaps wavy and romantic, like the one worn by the iconic Audrey Hepburn. Rhianna, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Cara Delevigne all gave it a go at some point, turning every outfit into an elegant, bold statement. Not to mention all the time they probably saved in getting ready! Need more inspiration? You may be interested in these blog articles to talk hair colours, highlights and haircare. Happy styling!

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