Billie Eilish hairstyles have always been a source of inspiration and admiration for her fans and followers. The singer is known for her bold and creative hair transformations, from neon green roots to platinum blonde locks. In this article, we will explore her past and present hairstyles, and how they reflect her musical style and personality.

1. Billie Eilish SIlver Hair (2016-2017)

As her debut single “Ocean Eyes” was climbing the charts, Billie sported silver locks throughout the whole year. Silver hair quickly became a popular choice, adopted by fellow artist Ciara at the 2016 Met Gala.

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2. Billie Eilish Blue Hair  (2018)

After briefly toning her silver hair in a delicate lavender shade, Billie made blue her signature colour for her 2018. Although this remains, to this day, one of the shades that her fans loved the most, in 2019 Eilish admitted that she actually hated it. Towards the end of the year, she managed to compromise on a light teal shade.

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3. Billie Eilish Black Hair (2019)

By March 2019, Billie had “joined the dark side” as one would say. This pitch-black colour was the beginning of one of her most iconic looks, worn by the singer later on the same year.

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4. Billie Eilish Green and black hair (2019)

This is Billie’s most memorable look, recreated by many and recognised internationally for its creativity and avant-garde style. Again, she wore this hair colour for over a year – although not without consequence. This is also the year where her infamous “accidental mullet” happened, as her hair got irreparably damaged on the front – leaving Billie with an unplanned wolf haircut.

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5. Billie Eilish Brown Hair (2020)

Billie Eilish joins the Lovely Brunettes Club, sporting light brown hair in her music video “Xanny”.

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6. Billie Eilish  Platinum Blonde Hair (2021)

In March 2021 the singer broke the internet with her platinum dye job. Her Instagram photo, showcasing the new hairstyle to her audience, racked up a million likes in a record-setting six minutes. Later on, she also appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine with her new platinum locks arranged in a pin-up style do.

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7. Back To Brown (2021)

Towards the end of 2021, Billie goes back to brunette. During this transition, she had red hair for about a week (according to a confession she posted on her Instagram stories).

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8. Billie Eilish New Hair colour: Paint it… Black (again) (2022)

Last but not least, here’s Billie Eilish new hair look! Swapping her mocha chocolate brown for a raven black hue and a fresh new fringe, the singer debuted her new goth-inspired look on Instagram, captioning her plane selfie: “I’m back”.

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9. Conclusion

Billie Eilish is a true hair chameleon, who has experimented with various colours and styles over the years. From silver to blue, from black to green, from brown to blonde, and back to black again, the singer has never been afraid to express herself through her hair. Whether you love her edgy, bold, or classic looks, you can steal her style with our hair extensions that match her shades. Which of Billie Eilish’s hairstyles is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

Which one of Billie’s aesthetics and hair-eras was your favourite, and why? Let us know in the comment – and if you recreated any of these styles, don’t forget to tag us!

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