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#hairhacks The Half Up, Half Down Hair ‘Do

It’s been revealed that Princess Kate Middleton is now the most influential beauty icon in Britain. She’s certainly got a lot of class and style, that’s for sure. She’s also a lot more colourful and adventurous with her choices than the other royals, which might be why so many women feel like they can relate to her look.

She always appears impeccably well groomed, but we know that she likes a bit of a high street bargain. And it’s not difficult to fall in love with a member of the aristocracy who isn’t afraid to nip out in a cut price Zara dress or a Ted Baker coat. Kate has also become known for her super relaxed half up, half down ‘dos, which have spawned a million eager copycats.

Today, we’re going to show you how to create your own version and give the Princess a run for her (lots of) money.

The Tousled Top Knot

There’s another famous lady who loves to wear her tresses in a half up, half down style. Zooey Deschanel prefers a more romantic and tousled look to our Kate, but it is every bit as gorgeous. This look is best suited to long and thick hair because the addition of a top knot or bun breaks up all of that volume. Make like the New Girl actress and opt for a beautiful pinwheel bun on top and undulating curls on the bottom. Make sure that your curls start half down the length of your hair, in order to create that bouncy fifties vibe.

The Sultry Side Sweep

Screen siren Penelope Cruz introduces some serious sex appeal to her ‘do, by wearing the top up high and leaving broad sections loose at the front to frame her face. This look is all about the body, so you should absolutely consider wearing clip in extensions for some added length. They’ll lift the back into a beehive type shape and still leave you with enough hair to play with. You can use rollers on the front sections to add even more lift. Team with a terrifically smoky eye for a hairstyle that guarantees you’ll stand out from the crowd.

The Vertical Ponytail Braid

This is quite an unusual style, but we’d expect nothing less from catwalk queen Poppy Delevingne, who wears it with such sass in this picture. She has sectioned her hair into two so that she can leave the bottom half loose. Then, rather uniquely, she’s created an upwards braid on one side that extends up and around a little ponytail. This is exactly why supermodels are worth watching. They’re always giving out inspiration for cool new styles and they’re usually a lot simpler than they seem. This one is fiddly, but the hardest part is learning how to braid vertically.

The Traditional Twisted Pony

If you’re as confident in your skills as Poppy (in other words, you don’t have access to your own stylist), you can keep things simple and use a twist technique instead. Split the hair into two sections – a top half and a bottom half – and make sure that any clip in extensions are carefully blended. Then, divide the top section into three and twist each tight until they form a spiral shape. Secure each with a clear plastic band and run the ends into a ponytail. Or, you can bring the twists together and wind them around the stem of the ponytail, but this is a little bit more fiddly.

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