Do you dream of longer, thicker hair but aren’t sure which hair extension length is right for you? Choosing the right length is key to achieving your dream hair so dive into our ultimate guide to see visual examples of each option and find out how your height, body shape, placement of the extensions and how you style it affects the finished length. Whether you're looking for a dramatic transformation or a boost of thickness, we have 8 different lengths to serve every need in our collection from Clip In Hair Extensions to professional varieties such as Tape In Extensions and Weft Hair Extensions.

Why Hair Extension Length Matters?

Choosing an extension length that’s too short or long for your hair can result in an unnatural looking finish which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve when using human hair extensions. Additionally, the cost of your extensions will rise with their length. Ideally, you shouldn't cut more than 1-2 inches off your extensions after fitting them, as this would be a waste and you could have opted for a shorter, more affordable length instead. Having a consultation with a professional hair extension technician before ordering your hair will reduce the risk of this as well as using our free colour match & advice service.

Hair Extension Length Guide Video

Check out our hair extension length guide video that showcases lengths from natural looking 16 Inch all the way up to cascading 26 Inch Hair Extensions. The side-by-side comparisons help to visualise the differences between similar lengths and where they are likely to sit on you! In the video our model Shannon wears Seamless Clip In Extensions in top selling shade BlondeMe and is 5.7 in height.

Visual Guide: Hair Extension Lengths

14 Inch Hair Extensions

14 Inch Extensions usually sit at collarbone length or just below shoulder level from the back. This length is typically used to thicken long bobs and fill out areas around the face that is thinning. In the image below 14 Inch Tape Ins are used to create this stunning long bob in the rich shade Medium Brown.

Customer wearing a 14 inch hair extension

16 Inch Hair Extensions

Medium length 16 Inch Extensions fall just above the breast area at the front and just above the bra strap at the back. This is a very popular option as it’s a very common natural hair length. @hairbyhollie_kate uses 16 Inch Nano Ring Hair Extensions to create this gorgeous wavy look.

Customer wearing a 16 inch hair extension

18 Inch Hair Extensions

The most popular length of all, 18-inch extensions, are considered a medium to long hair length in the extension world. Sitting just below the breast area around the front and below the bra strap line at the back. This is the most requested length on the market. @hairbymegan.jones uses 18 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions in shade Cinnamon Swirl Balayage to create these gorgeous warm waves on her model.

Customer wearing a 18 inch hair extension

20 Inch Hair Extensions

Another super popular length is 20 Inch Extensions, just slightly longer than 18 inch, sitting a couple of inches below the bottom of the bra strap. @naomipricee_1 wears her 20 Inch Tape Hair Extensions in cascading waves to show off the stunning blend of colours in her hair.

Customer wearing a 20 inch hair extension

22 Inch Hair Extensions

22 Inch Hair Extensions sit just below the ribcage area at the front and between the bottom and middle of the back and are considered within the longer category. @bobbijanecar uses Invisible Tapes in Iceblonde to create these lusciously long locks.

Customer wearing a 22 inch hair extension

24 Inch Hair Extensions

24 Inch Hair Extensions are classed as very long hair, with the ends sitting just above the hips on the majority of people, but slightly lower if you are below 5’4! This length is perfect for creating dramatic long looks like Hollywood waves or mermaid curls. @Taylorslaats uses her 24 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions in our top selling shade Blondeme to rock this classy blow-dry look.

Customer wearing a 24 inch hair extension

26 Inch Hair Extensions

The longest length, 26 Inch Hair Extensions, are often worn by celebrities such as Kim K. This length is considered super long and will rest on the lower back while grazing the hips at the front.

Customer wearing a 26 inch hair extension

Does Your Height Affect Your Hair Extensions?

Yes! Your height definitely affects how long your hair extensions will be, for example if someone who is 5 feet wore 24 Inch hair extensions, the longest point would be all the way down to the edge of their bottom. However, if someone who was 5 foot 8 wore the same extensions, the longest point would fall at the very bottom of their back but a few inches higher.

Choosing The Right Hair Extension Length For Your Height

Super long hair extensions such as 24 and 26 Inch tend to suit taller figures more as on shorter statures such as myself, the length can look less natural. From 5’1 to 5’5 the perfect length hair extensions are from 16 Inch to 22 Inch which can sit from just below the collarbone down to the lower back.

Hair Extension Lengths For Different Hairstyles

How you plan to style your hair should also be considered when choosing your extension length. If you like to experiment with different styles such as curls, waves, ringlets and up dos, its best to opt for a length a couple of inches longer than your dream finish to allow for the rise once the hair has been styled. Especially with tighter curls, hair can decrease in length by up to 3-4 inches so if you want your hair to remain super long even after styling account for this at the start!

Styling long hair extensions takes some practice, the added weight and length to your hair means extra getting ready time. Clip In Extensions can be styled ahead by using a hair extension holder or hanger but permanent hair extensions such as Nano Rings or I-Tips will need to be styled whilst they’re in the hair, read How To Style Long Hair Extensions for all the tips and tricks to speed up the process.

How Do I Know What Length Hair Extensions To Get?

If you’re using hair extensions to make your hair longer, then the obvious choice is a length that’s longer than your current hair, just make sure to pick a type that’s thick enough to blend the ends of your natural hair into them. For dramatic length transformations on thick hair, we advise the Ultra-Volume Full Head Clip In Hair Extensions which is an 8-piece set guaranteed to blend even the thickest of blunt haircuts into a new longer length. If you’re using extensions for a simple volume or thickness boost, you need to choose a length that matches your own hair which tends to be between 16-20 inches. For more hair inspo, check out our dedicated blog, How To Choose The Perfect Hair Extension Length.

Maintenance Tips For Different Lengths

To keep your hair extensions looking and feeling their best, some changes will need to be made to your general haircare regime, no matter what the length is. Swap high street products with hair extension friendly sulphate and alcohol-free versions that won’t damage or dry your extensions out. Cliphair’s Quench The Thirst collection consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask that are all specifically designed for hair extensions.

Short Hair Extensions

If you’re wearing short hair extensions, the chances are you’re using them for thickness, and they will be the same length as your natural hair which means your maintenance and styling routine won't require much change. You may need to add a little extra product than usual during wash days to allow for the extra weight and spend a little longer rinsing. To keep your hair protected, remember to also add Heat Protection Spray to your styling kit to protect your extensions from heat damage.

Long Hair Extensions

Switching from short to long hair does require some changes to your normal routine and updates to your styling toolkit! You may want to invest in a larger barrelled curling iron to make curling or waving your hair quicker, and a more powerful hairdryer as long hair extensions will add to your drying time!

Heatless styling tricks such as curling ribbons or overnight braids are also nifty ways to style your hair without damage and saves you tonnes of time in the morning!


Choosing the right hair extension length is key to achieving your dream hair. Whether you prefer natural-looking 14-inch extensions or dramatic 26-inch styles, understanding how different lengths affect your appearance is essential. Consider your height, the placement of extensions, and your preferred hairstyles.

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