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26 Inch Hair Extensions

Explore our range of ultra-long 26 inch Remy hair extensions! Whether you're looking for blonde or jet black 26 inch extensions, Cliphair’s longest extension, come in all colours. Whatever your natural hair styling: wonderfully wavy, sleek and straight or just messy, our longest ever 26 in hair extensions come in both removable options like clip ins and tape in styles. Made with 100% real human hair, we guarantee there is an option to suit you. 26 inch hair extensions UK are available to buy online to keep things easy.

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26 Inch Hair Extensions

26 Inch Hair Extensions That You Can Remove at a Moment’s Notice

Not everyone wants a long-lasting hair style, or even knows a huge amount about hair extensions. For those people, our range of 26 inch clip in hair extensions are a great option to test out how you might look with 26 inch hair extensions. These clip in hair extensions are the easiest option if you don’t want to commit, or if you are not sure if you will want to keep them! Read more

  • Apply them yourself: If you enjoy hair styling you will be happy to be able to apply and remove these 26in hair extensions yourself.
  • Perfect for people with a sensitive scalp or fragile hair: 26 inch human hair extensions clip in with no need for chemicals or heat. Just attach and go!
  • No more than normal haircare needed: Just shampoo, condition and dry your real human hair extensions as if it was your own hair. Using sulphate and alcohol free shampoos and products
  • Your style, day by day: Want natural-looking long hair but just for a party or special occasion? Take off your 26 inch Remy clip in hair extensions at the end of the day.

Take the first step with Cliphair’s 26 inch clip in hair extensions! Read less

26 Inch Tape in Hair Extensions, Don’t Worry About Losing These

We’ve all misplaced something the night before when we needed it. The last thing you want is to be missing a weft of hair before leaving the house. If you don’t have the steady hand for your own clip ins, or just want to be sure that your 26 inches hair extensions stay put, then consider trying 26 Inch Tape in Hair Extensions. For best results, you want a professional hairdresser to put these in for you – they’ll make sure to get it just right! Read more

  • Longer lasting: Tape-in's don’t need to be constantly applied and removed, so if you don’t have the time for applying and removing your extensions each day, 26 inch hair extensions can be the best choice for you.
  • Faster than a weave: Can’t sit still for 3 hours? These extensions normally only take an hour to put in, so you’ll be out of the hairdresser with the rest of the day left to show off your new 26 Inch Hair Extensions!

Leave them in for longer with our range of 26 Inch Tape in Hair Extensions. Read less

Every Colour of 26 inch Weft Hair Extensions to get Just the Right Look for You

It can be daunting to buy online when all you see is 26 inch blonde human hair extensions, or 26 inch dark brown hair extensions. We know that the exact shade is important, so we have a free colour matching service just for that! Send us three pictures, and within 24 hours we will send you a bespoke colour match - no one will notice the difference between your natural hair, and your 26 inch weft hair extensions!

26 Human Hair Extensions Too Long? Shorter Lengths for a More Manageable Hairstyle

In case you aren’t sure about the 26 Human hair extensions we also have our shortest option, 14 inch hair extensions! They all come in a range of styles and shades just like our 26 inch human hair extensions UK. We have everything from 14, or the middle-ground of 18 inch extensions, all the way up to our 26 inch hair extensions.


    • How long is too long? Every person will have their own opinion. We strive to provide expert guidance as you make a decision, but if you decide against 26 hair extensions we have a generous returns policy so you can try again with 20 inch hair extensions if it’s just too long.
    • 26 Inch Clip Hair Extensions are Cliphair’s longest extension, extending 26 inches (66 centimetres) down your back for that luscious, full-length look. Remember that the longer the hair extensions, the heavier they get.
    • Whether your 26 inch hair extensions clip in, weave in or tape-in, there are always questions about how it affects your natural hair. Hair extensions can act as protection from damage and breakage to your hair if you take proper care of them.
    • 26 inch human hair extensions from Cliphair can start from £54 for a weft of clip in hair, and go all the way £100 for a full head. Clip in wefts average about £60-65, while tape-ins average a little higher at £75.
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