June is here, which means it’s officially time to celebrate Pride Month! Whether you're hitting the different parade routes, attending fabulous events, or simply showing your support, your hair can be a colourful canvas to express your true self. From bright rainbow hair to y2k streaks and dazzling accessories, here are five popular hairstyles with hair extensions that scream Pride loud and clear!

Can You Colour Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can colour hair extensions, but we strongly advise using a light colour base and semi-permanent hair dye when doing so. However, if you want to prevent potential damage to your extensions, the best way to add a splash of colour to your locks is by integrating our funky shades extension collection into your natural hair. If you decide to dye your locks for Pride, follow our expert advice in our blog How To Dye Hair Extensions so you feel confident in your hair throughout Pride and beyond!

Pride Hairstyles With Clip-In Hair Extensions

Bubble Braids

Why stick to one colour when you can have them all? For this rainbow hair look, choose all the colours of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet for vibrant results without long-term commitment. Bubble braids are super easy to execute, more so than your typical braid! Start by clipping in the coloured extensions of your choice, then section your hair into two pony tails, either high or low depending on your desired look. Secure the bottom of each ponytail with clear elastic hair bands, then wrap any of your remaining elastic ties equally down each ponytail. After you have placed them all in neat intervals, gently pull each section apart until they create a bubble shape. Finish by using medium hold hairspray to keep them in place throughout the day.

If this is your first time exploring brighter hair colours or rainbow hair extensions, make sure to read our expert blog: Colour Guide: Funky Coloured Hair Extensions for everything you need to know when dying or experimenting with bolder shades.

Glitter Roots

Why hide your roots when you can make them sparkle? Choose silver, gold, or holographic glitter for maximum impact. Focus on the roots and blend into your natural or dyed hair. Part your hair in the middle or create a dramatic side part, then apply hair gel to the roots and generously sprinkle glitter. Compliment the look with metallic headbands or glittery hairpins. Use coloured clip-in extensions to add some length without taking away from the glitter roots. To create this look, use a small brush to apply hair gel to your roots, sprinkle or press glitter into the gel, and finish with a medium hold setting spray to keep the glitter in place all day.

Rainbow Balayage

Stand out from the crowd with this gorgeous rainbow balayage! Begin by selecting the shades of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, or simply a colour you think would suit you best! Section the hair and strategically place clip in extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, creating a gradient effect. Blend the extensions with your natural hair by trimming and styling as needed for a cohesive look. Use heated styling tools and heat protection spray to create waves or curls, enhancing the balayage effect and showcasing the vibrant rainbow colours. This method allows for a temporary yet eye-catching transformation, perfect for celebrating Pride Month. Decorate with small pride flags, pins, or colourful clips, or add a clip-in fringe for extra flair! @hollymayland wears our clip in extensions in the shade Pastel Pink.

Mermaid Waves

Live out your Aquamarine fantasy and become a mermaid this Pride! Choose a palette inspired by the sea – think deep blues and hints of iridescent purples and greens. If you plan on using semi-permanent hair dye for this look, use a gradient dyeing technique, starting with darker shades at the roots and blending into lighter, shimmering hues towards the tips. After colouring, create loose, flowing waves using a medium-barrel curling iron to achieve that effortless, summery look.

Enhance the mermaid vibe with a cute shell, starfish hair clips or sprinkle some biodegradable glitter for a touch of underwater sparkle. For dramatic volume, use ultra volume clip in extensions, and finish the look with a sea salt or medium hold hairspray, making your Pride mermaid waves both mesmerising and magical. Explore our turquoise and blue extensions and shell-ebrate in style!

Rainbow Braids

These French Braids showcase each colour of the rainbow and give your hair a playful, textured look. To recreate this look, use our colourful one piece top up clip-in extensions to add funky y2k streaks. Grab a large section of hair from the top of your head and divide it into three equal parts either side so they are parallel to each other. Start braiding your hair, then work in new sections by taking hair from the side of your head and adding it to one of your strands. Keep going until you've added all of your hair into both braids. Adorn your braids with rainbow beads, glitter, or colourful hair rings for extra drama!


And there you have it – five fabulous hair looks styled with coloured hair extensions that are perfect for Pride Month! Each style is a celebration of colour, creativity, and individuality. Whether you go for bold rainbow braids or the enchanting unicorn waves, remember that the best accessory is your confidence. So, get out there, flaunt those locks, and let your hair do the talking as you celebrate love, diversity, and pride! Happy Pride Month!

Want to learn more about the history of Pride? Browse our blog The Best Hair Looks From Pride Across The Decades and explore how hair, fashion, beauty and identity has evolved over the past 50 years for the LGBTQ+ community, as well as some of the statement looks seen at Pride parades.

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