Struggling to find your colour in hair extensions? Found the perfect set but they just don’t match your shade? All is not lost, there is another option. Here at Cliphair, one of our most asked questions from customers is ‘Can you dye hair extensions?’ The answer is yes, as long as they are Remy, human hair it can be done. However, dyeing hair extensions isn’t quite the same as colouring your own hair and there are a few different steps that need to be taken to achieve a good result. In today’s blog, we are going to talk you through the whole process of dyeing and toning human hair extensions, which includes a step-by-step guide and all FAQs.

What Hair Extensions Can You Dye?

Human hair extensions are the only type of hair that you are able to dye. Synthetic or artificial hair extensions will repel colour and not take or change at all. All of our hair extensions at Cliphair are made from 100% Remy, human hair so they are able to be dyed and toned. 

What Is The Difference Between Toning And Dyeing?

What Is The Difference Between Toning And Dyeing?

Toning and Dyeing are very similar but they are 2 different processes of colouring hair. Toning is where a softer, low level dye is applied to the hair to eliminate unwanted colours or add and enhance new tones. Dyeing is a stronger solution used to change the colour of hair either permanently or semi permanently. Toners usually do not last as long as true hair dyes and will eventually wash away from the hair over time, they can be bought in shampoo form as a top up in between colouring services to use at home. 

Also check out How to wash all types of hair extensions as we have explained the best products, methods and tools to perfectly clean and dry your hair and all the things to avoid too. 

Can You Bleach Hair Extensions?

Can You Bleach Hair Extensions?

No. Hair extensions should never be bleached or lightened, you should only ever dye or tone extensions to go darker or change tone. Lifting or lightening the hair will cause severe damage to the quality and decrease the life span. 

During manufacturing of almost all human hair extensions they will go through a bleaching process, especially very light shades. This means 95% of human hair extensions have already been bleached, adding another layer of bleach to the hair could cause the hair to break. 

Real hair extensions have been removed from their natural roots therefore they are missing all of the natural nutrients and oils from the scalp they need to thrive. For this reason, even thought the hair is human it is weaker and more prone to breakage than hair that is still attached which is why we strongly advise against bleach and lighteners. 

You may be wondering; which hair product is best? Not to fear girls! We’ve handpicked some of the best hair care products for you. 

Can You Dye Permanent Hair Extensions Whilst They Are in Your Hair?

Yes and No. You can have your hair dyed whilst you have extensions fitted however the dye must not touch the extensions. This is because the dye can loosen and degrade the attachments and cause the hair to fall out. Usually the top section (parting) and hairline are left out, these areas are fine to top up in-between services as the colour does not need to touch the extensions. You should wait till your human hair extensions are removed before applying an all over colour. 

What Colour Hair Extensions Are Best To Dye On To?

best colours to dye with shade #60 For funky, vibrant or pastel shades choose a light blonde like our #60 Lightest Blonde shade. This will provide a great blank canvas to work on as it is already lifted to the lightest shade of blonde.

best colours to dye with shade #6 For dark, deep brunette shades choose a light brown like our #6 Chestnut Brown. This will keep the hair feeling silky and shiny even after the hair has been dyed.

best colours to dye with shade ice blonde For icy, silver cool tones choose a white blonde like our #Iceblonde shade. As the colour is already lifted and toned to a cool shade it will be easier to achieve pure silver colour.

How Many Times Can You Dye Hair Extensions?

You should aim to only dye your hair extensions once. With every chemical service the quality will be slightly effected so over dyeing will eventually ruin your hair extensions. 

To guarantee a long and happy life with your Hair Extensions they will need to be cared for properly with the correct products and tools. We have created the Ultimate Care Guide to help you look after your precious hair extensions and included lots of fantastic tips for your own hair too.

Top Tips for Dyeing Hair Extensions

Even though we would recommend not to dye hair extensions unless you really have to, we understand that sometimes its very hard to find the right colour. So our motto is ‘If your going to do it, do it right!’ and there are some super handy tips to bare in mind before going ahead with it. 

Top Tips for Dyeing Hair Extensions

  • Always dye a small section of the hair extensions first to test the colour before applying all over. As some hair extensions have a special coating to keep them shiny and have already been coloured they can react differently to the dye than you would expect. Testing the hair first will give you a good idea of the timings you will need to use and amount. 
  • Use a lighter base than the colour you are trying to achieve. Colour does not lift colour so you need to make sure your dye is darker than your hair extensions. Below we have examples of the ideal base shades to use to achieve certain colours! 
  • For the best results take the hair extensions to a trained colourist with experience dying hair extensions. They will know how to treat and colour the hair perfectly to avoid any disappointments.
  • Separate the hair extensions before applying the dye, don’t attempt to dye the hair all in one bunch. This will give you an uneven result, the hair should be separated into thin sections and completely saturated in the dye. 
  • Avoid the attachment areas with the hair dye, try not let the hair dye touch any of the clips, seams or tips. 

Step by Step: How to Dye hair extensions

Step 1.

step 1 - seperate into smaller sections

Start by separating your hair extensions out into smaller sections. Whether your dying clip in externsions or permanent extensions its important not to dye in one big bunch as the colour will not be even. 

Step 2.

Thoroughly brush the hair so that its completely free of knots before applying the dye. You can also give it a small spritz of water to make it easier to work with. 

step 2- sprits of water

Step 3.

colour brush

Start applying the dye to the hair using a colour brush section by section, always avoiding the attachments of the hair extensions. Make sure the hair is completely saturated at every piece. You can use the tips of your fingers to softly rub the colour into the hair to make sure it is totally covered in the dye. 

Step 4.

Start applying the dye to the hair using a colour brush section by section, always avoiding the attachments of the hair extensions. Make sure the hair is completely saturated at every piece. You can use the tips of your fingers to softly rub the colour into the hair to make sure it is totally covered in the dye. 

applying the dye section by section

Step 5.


Sticking to the timing instructions for the dye brand you are using leave the colour to develop. Remember lighter shades will take faster and darker bases need a little more time. If you have used dry hair extensions to dye on to the colour will take quicker and if the hair was wet, it’ll take slightly longer. Normally this is between 20-35 minutes. 

Step 6.

When the colour is ready to come off rinse each piece section by section directing the water downwards towards the ends of the hair. Rinse until you are sure there is no colour residue left on the hair before giving the hair a gentle wash. 

rinse each piece section

Step by Step: How To Tone Hair Extensions With Toning

Step 1.

step1 - separating hair extensions

Start by separating your hair extensions out into smaller sections. Whether your dying clip ins or permanent extensions its important not to do this in one big bunch as the colour will not be even. For toning with shampoo simply splitting the hair in half is enough. 

Step 2.

Rinse the hair so that it is all evenly soaked. One wetted you can squeeze the excess water off slightly but do not towel dry the hair. 

step 2 - rinse the hair

Step 3.

step 3- fill with luke warm water

Fill the sink or bowl with Luke warm water and add 1-3 drops of the toning shampoo you are using. Swish the water around until the water and shampoo are totally mixed together.  

Step 4.

Now you can dip your hair extensions into the water and rub with the soapy solution as if you are shampooing the hair. Remember to avoid touching the attachments or seams in the water. Once all the hair is fully covered you can leave it to sit for 1-2 minutes.

step 4 - timer

Step 5.

step 5 - rinse hair extensions

Thoroughly rinse the hair extensions and condition as normal! 

Now you know how to dye your hair extensions the next part is keeping that colour intact! Take a look at our blog to learn how to stop your colour fading and keep it looking fresh.

10. Best Products To Wash Hair Extensions

best shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions

If you’re looking for the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions, then look no further than the Cliphair specialised hair care line, designed to work wonders on both Remy hair extensions and natural hair. Let us introduce you to the Quench The Thirst – Deep Moisture range! Including a 100% sulphate-free moisturising shampoo for dry hair, a lightweight conditioner for hair extensions and a deep conditioning hair mask for extensions, the trio works in harmony to restore the hydration levels in your hair fibres, giving your tresses their pizazz back and improving shine, elasticity, softness, and manageability. Featuring ingredients such as Shea butter, Baobab seed oil, rice proteins, silk amino acids and more, the formulas combined penetrate deep into the hair shaft, packing it with moisture that will change your hair game from the very first use.

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Here at Cliphair we have a team of dedicated hair experts that are ready and waiting to help you along with all your hair extension needs! If after reading this Guide you still have questions feel free to get in touch. 


Dyeing hair extensions is a fun and creative way to customise your look and match your hair colour. In this blog, we have shown you how to dye and tone human hair extensions, as well as what to avoid and what to consider. We have also answered some of the most common questions about dyeing hair extensions, such as what type of extensions you can dye, what the difference between toning and dyeing is, whether you can bleach hair extensions, whether you can dye permanent hair extensions while they are in your hair, and what colour hair extensions are best to dye on to. We hope you have found this guide helpful and informative, and that you are ready to try dyeing hair extensions yourself. Remember to always use quality products, follow the hair care instructions carefully, and take good care of your extensions.

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