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20 Inch Clip-Ins & Bonded Remy Human Hair Extensions UK

One of the most popular lengths we sell at Cliphair are our 20-inch hair extensions. Made from 100% Remy human hair for a natural look and easy styling, these extensions generally sit slightly below her mid-back, usually around the bra line, making them ideal for creating a wide range of styles. Our range of 20 inch hair extensions includes many different colours, from the lightest blondes to dark black, as well as 20 inch clip in hair extensions, or can be worn for longer by getting them taped, bonded or looped into your hair. Browse below to see our range.

20 Inch Hair Extensions

20 Inch Hair Extensions Add Length While Being Practical

If you’re looking for hair extensions that give you a dramatic look, without being impractical or difficult to maintain, then 20 inch extensions might work for you. Even if you aren’t used to longer hair, 20 inches is a good length to start with, and if you like it, you can try longer lengths in the future.

Not sure whether 20 inch extensions will suit you? Many women who are new to our products will use our human hair extensions clip in 20 inch, as these can be attached at home and removed whenever you like. If you like them, you can then order a set of tape in or micro rings extensions, which are attached at a salon and last for several weeks.

There are Loads of Ways to Style Our Remy 20 Inch Hair Extensions

One reason to opt for 20 hair extensions is that this is an easy length to style in lots of different ways. And since all our extensions are made from natural hair, you can simply treat them like your own hair.

Cliphair offer 20 inch hair extensions in straight, wavy and curly styles, which takes a lot of hassle out of styling and matches your natural hair. Our 20 Remy hair extensions are long enough for a range of updos, from chignons to braided buns and much more, allowing you to try lots of different styles.

Because we use high quality Remy hair, you can be sure that it’ll look good no matter how you style it, and you can use your own hair extension friendly products or equipment to get the look you want. Shop for our 20 inch hair extensions today and you can start experimenting

Get Long Hair Whenever You Want with Our 20 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

If you’ve not worn extensions before, or only want them for one night, our 20 inch clip in hair extensions are the perfect choice. Clip-ins are made from the same high-quality human hair. But using our 20 inch clip in hair extensions means you don’t have to go to a salon to have them professionally attached and fitted.

Our 20 inch clip in hair extensions are easy to use, and come in one piece with the clips already attached. You can even get double wefted extensions, which come with two layers of hair for loads of volume and a fuller look. Even if you aren’t great at doing your own hair, our human hair extensions clip in 20 inch product is easy to use, and you will find lots of information and tutorials online to help you out.

Our 20 Inch Human Hair Extensions Are Made with Remy Hair

When Cliphair make 20 inch human hair extensions, we use only the highest quality hair. Choosing 20 inch Remy hair extensions means this hair will flow nicely with your own hair, and will feel thick, healthy and bouncy.

Whether you buy our 20 inch human hair extensions as a clip in or tape in application, we use only the best 100% Remy human hair for all our extension formats, so all our customers get the same amazing finish.

Turn Heads By Adding Length with Cliphair’s 20 Inch Real Hair Extensions

Want to turn heads for the right reasons? Our 20 inch real hair extensions will certainly get you noticed. Most women want extensions that give them noticeable length, and with 20 inches of human hair, these extensions are bound to give you a completely different look. Not only do extensions give you extra length, plus bounce and volume, many women notice that they look younger with extensions in. This is because hair often gets thinner and flatter as you age, so a set of beautiful, thick 20 inch clip in human hair extensions can give you that instant youthful aura.

Use Our Free Colour Matching Service for Your 20 Inch Extensions

One of the most important things when buying extensions is getting the right shade. If you’re choosing some Remy 20 inch hair extensions, we advise you to take advantage of our free colour matching service, so we can help choose the closest shade for your hair. When you are shopping for Remy 20 inch hair extensions, all you have to do is send us some photos of your hair, and we’ll get back to you ASAP with our recommended colour or shade. This ensures you get the best possible match for the most natural look.

We Don't Just Offer 20 Inch Hair Extensions, if You Prefer Longer or Shorter?

If our 20 inch hair length isn’t right for you, you’ll find a choice of extension lengths at Cliphair, including:

  • 14 inch hair extensions – these are great for those who are new to extensions or simply want shoulder-length hair
  • 16 inch extensions – slightly longer, these extensions are great for day to day wear or an updo
  • 26 inch hair extensions – if you want a dramatic look for ultra long hair or a complex updo, our longest extensions are 26 inches, and we offer a full head clip in for easy attachment

You can see an example of where different lengths sit in the graphic above. Bear in mind, if you choose wavy or curly extensions, they’ll come up a couple of inches shorter as they don’t sit as flat as straight hair.

Buy 20 Inch Remy Human Hair Extensions Online at Cliphair

If you’re looking for real Remy 20 inch hair extensions, you’ll find a huge range at Cliphair. Browse and buy online with fast UK delivery and excellent customer service.


How long is 20 inches of straight hair?

20 inches of straight hair will generally fall down to your bra line. This means that 20 in extensions are ideal for those who want longer than average hair, but don’t quite want it down to their waist. Remember, the length of hair extensions can vary slightly from person to person

Should I get 18 or 20 inch hair extensions?

If you’re trying to decide between hair extension lengths, you should think about what style you want. Curling your extensions will make them appear a couple of inches shorter, and most updos are better with extra length. It’s better to go for the 20 inches extensions to be safe.

What is the most popular length of hair extensions?

While extensions come in lengths from 10 to 26 inches, it’s the 16 to 20 inch hair extensions length that tends to be the most popular. This is because it gives you longer hair, without looking fake, and gives you plenty to work with for curling or creating an updo.

How much are 20 inch hair extensions at Cliphair?

Cliphair has a range of hair extensions of 20 inch length, and the price will depend on factors like how much hair is used for the product and whether they are temporary or for longer wear. Streak sets start at about £26, while full head, double wefted extensions cost just over £100.

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