Ready to take on Black Friday deals in style? Here’s the official Cliphair gift guide, curated by yours truly for you to get inspired and find the perfect present – either for yourself, or for a loved one. What are you waiting for? With discounts going up to 20% off EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, getting yourself or a special person the makeover of the century is easier than ever. Let’s explore the bundles and offers available together.

Hair Gifts Under £15

Looking for a small token of appreciation? Here’s the thing, shopping for a hair enthusiast doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. With Cliphair’s Under £15 collection, you can now find the perfect present for the hair lover in your circle of friends at a teeny, tiny price.

That wig lover that always changes hairstyle? Lace glue & remover bundle, at your service. That girlie that just got a tape in hair extensions makeover? Wham, bam, yes ma’am: tape remover. On top of that? A nifty selection of small (but mighty) Cliphair goodies such as the Moisture Lock spray, heat protectant spray, nano beads for the nano ring hair extensions enthusiast, and so on. Explore the Under £15 gift collection to find the perfect gift today!

Gift For Hair Lovers Under £100

If you want to raise the bar for the hair lover in your life, then this section is for you. Hair pieces and hair extensions dominate the scene, with products such as the nifty clip in bangs set,  the Mini wrap around ponytail hair extensions, or the gorgeous one-piece volumisers.

Shop and give the gift of brand new hair, with newly found versatility and the opportunity to switch things up whenever you (or the lucky receiver of these amazing presents) will like.

With a range of over 70 shades and various lengths, you can find the perfect gift in this section and get all the help you need with our FREE colour matching service. What’s not to love?

Cliphair Stocking Stuffers

Want to chip in with your personal addition to someone’s lucky Christmas stocking? Do it in style, with Cliphair’s selection of stocking stuffers – carefully designed to satisfy everyone’s taste when it comes to hair care and beauty. Small, nifty accessories such as spare clip ins and spare tape adhesive for the permanent hair extensions enthusiasts are only a few of the options available in this handy Christmas collection. And if you’re not sure about what to get, how about a cutesy e-gift card? Environment-friendly and personal, this useful option can be bought starting from a minimum of £25. But don’t worry, if you’re feeling generous, you can top it up to a maximum of £150 for the ultimate glorious gift.

Cliphair’s Gift Guide: Gifts For Hair Beginners

If you’re buying for someone that is new to the magical world of hair extensions, these options offer all the glitz and glamour of a makeover that is easy and approachable for everyone. Looking to add some extra oomph factor to someone’s hair? Double weft hair extensions are the perfect options for you, with two wefts sewn-in together for more volume, thickness, and length whilst staying discreet and versatile. What about a subtle hair transformation instead? The classic full head hair extensions set is here to fill that gap. Coming in 8 nifty clip in wefts, these clip in hair extensions are only two of the available options for beginners that would like to start experimenting with new looks.

Cliphair’s Luxury Lovers Gifts:

If you need to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated palates in your group of friends, then look no further than the luxury lovers gift collection. Featuring Remy Royale, double-drawn products such as Seamless hair extensions. Remy Royale hair wefts, and the brand new selection of professional hair extensions, including: flat weft hair extensions, invisible tapes, and more. A supreme plethora of professional hair products with unmatched quality, shine, softness, and manageability – designed to transform anyone’s mane with a makeover worthy of a celebrity. But what are double drawn hair extensions? Simply put, double drawn means that each strand is hand-picked to be of the same length and thickness – for a fuller, glamorous finish that doesn’t thin out around the ends. The premium bombshell hairdo that will have everyone ask you: “what did you do to your hair?”

The Trendsetter’s Gift Guide

For that one friend that is always ahead of time with hair trends and fashion tips and tricks, here’s the trendsetter’s gift guide – a selection of innovations and the latest technology in Remy hair extensions. Adding volume and thickness to finer hair? Let me introduce you to the nano bond hair extensions, designed with a sturdy yet gentle silicone bead that stays hidden even in thinner tresses. And what about invisible tape hair extensions? With a new and improved design, these AAAAA grade tape ins feature a super-discreet and flexible tab that is completely covered by hair, guaranteeing a seamless finish even with tricky updos.

Last but not least, meet the flat track hair extensions – a new collection of Remy Royale wefts that can be used for sew-ins, LA weaves, and custom clip ins and hair extensions jobs. But there’s more… Come and explore the trendsetter’s gift guide now!

Cliphair’s Gift Guide: Total Transformation Set

Short to long makeovers, here we come! With luscious Remy Royale tape in hair extensions, the world of double-drawn gorgeousness is only a few clicks away. All the lightweight beauty of the classic tape ins with the improved and superior quality of double-drawn Remy Royale tresses, for a fuller, shinier, and more manageable finish.

Last but not least, meet the Ultra Volume hair extensions: the stunning clip in option that is capable of blending in seamlessly even with short, blunt haircuts. These are only two of the options available in this collection – designed to help people find their very own beauty secret weapon for a change of hair that is as dramatic as it gets. Not for the faint-hearted!


Found the perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one? Get inspired by Cliphair’s holiday campaign: Gifted Glamour – and create the perfect hairstyle for your next party or occasion look.

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