Wedding Season is BACK! Over the past 18 months thousands of couples have had to postpone their special days due to the pandemic. Salons, beauticians, and all kinds of businesses have suffered from the lack of weddings and events going ahead, a once booming industry was cancelled during 2020.

The good news is there is a glowing light at the end of the tunnel and wedding season is almost back in full swing! We have a sneaky suspicion that the weddings of 2021/22 are going to be even more special after the tough times we've experienced, celebrating love and family has never felt so important.

We've compiled all of our best bridal hair content into one Ultimate Wedding guide to give you endless inspiration and advice for both Brides to be and Bridal stylists alike. We've covered everything from bridesmaids to hair extensions, co-ordinating your hair to your dress and tons of other essential wedding tips. And don't worry, we're going to talk you through every step of the way where your hair is concerned so you're fully prepared for your big day.

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1. The Dress (back to index)

Your choice of dress can have a huge impact on the hair and make up style that you choose. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a beautiful intricate lace back dress only to hide it away with your hair. We advise choosing your dream dress first; using this to help narrow down your hairstyle choices. Your Bridal hairstylist should also be able to give you suggestions and advice. But what if you're going DIY? Here are a few handy tips to make sure your hair complements your dress perfectly.

Strapless Wedding Dress

Strapless dresses look beautiful with long, flowing locks of wavy hair. It is the ultimate glam and we absolutely look this look. Pulling the hair to one side also shows off the collarbone but keeps the shoulders partially covered for a elegant and demure finish.

Lace Detailed Back Wedding Dress

Dresses with intricate lace detailing on the back should be shown off and admired. It would be a shame to hide the details of your perfect dress with long hair or veils. We believe that having your hair up is the best way to complement this style. Low, elegant buns are a perfect partner to these dresses.

Backless Wedding Dress

Backless dresses work beautifully with tousled, long hair. No need to worry about masking embellishments with this look, as it's only your back on show. We absolutely adore the pairing of blonde, beachy waves teamed with a stunning backless dress.

Off The Shoulder Wedding Dress

Having your hair up with off-the-shoulder dresses really shows off the stunningly cut lining, details of your dress and of course, your shoulders. Style with big waves and pair with a subtle veil to set this entire look off beautifully.

2. Bridesmaids Hair (back to index)

The big question when it comes to styling your bridesmaid's hair: “Should they all be the same?” The answer? There really is no rule! It's completely up to the bride-to-be. If you do want your bridesmaids to look identical or at least follow a similar theme, you need to pick a style that will work with all hair types.

This can be tricky to achieve. Not all of your bridesmaids are going to have the same hair length, thickness or style. But it's not impossible. Even if you have one cousin with a short curly crop and another with straight locks down to her waist, there is a way to tie each hair type in with each other to create a continuous theme.

Braids are the saviour here! Adding some French braiding around the face is not only super stylish and practical for dancing, it can also be achieved in hair as short as 6”. So even if you have a range of 5-6 different lengths and styles, chances are a braid around the front will work. This way your bridesmaids can style the rest of their hair as they wish, and still be in sync! Remember, if all else fails, there’s always hair extensions to save the day if you need that extra added boost.  

See in the photos below how these stunning bridesmaids use braids to create a fluid look. Even though their hair and lengths vary, braids really do save the day here!

3. Flower Girls Hair (back to index)

There really aren’t many things in this world cuter than Flower Girls at a wedding. Imagine a group of giggling little girls all dressed in gorgeous fancy dresses, beaming with happiness as they shower guests with smiles and petals. They could melt even the coldest of hearts! BUT… anyone who’s ever tried to create a hair up on a 4 year old will know the pain of getting them to sit still!

Adding to that, if you do manage to pull off a show stopping style, chances are within a hour or two your hard work will have fallen out. We advise to save yourself the hassle! Adding a floral headband to a little girls hair is absolutely enough. Not only will they will look amazing, its done in under a minute; saving both the stylist and flower girl the stress. A floral headband will work with any hair type and length, meaning your flower girls will match without all the hard work!

4. Bridal Hair Accessories (back to index)

Whether its tiaras, veils, flowers or pearls the options are endless when it comes to Bridal Hair Accessories. Remember, a little goes along way when accessorizing. Each element of your look should enhance, not overpower, each other. It very much depends on the type of bride, the theme and how you plan to have your hair. We have split them into sections, explained each one, and chosen hairstyles they look best with to make your choice easier.


The great thing about veils is that they can be taken off after the ceremony. They don’t need to be worn all day and if your having the wedding in a hot climate this is probably the option to take. If you are planning to remove your veil, choose a style that simply slides into the hair rather than being firmly attached. For the best of both worlds, there are also veils that can be placed into your bun to delicately flow behind you rather than over your face. This look is super angelic and classy. By clipping directly into the bun, there is zero detraction from the main event, the hair!

Tiaras And Crowns

Our favourite wedding accessory of all time has got to be the tiara. Nothing says extravagant quite like a crown and adding one of these to your hair on your wedding day takes you from princess to queen in a matter of seconds. They come in all shapes and sizes; from large elaborate headpieces to dainty delicate designs. In today’s weddings, fashion-forward people are favouring smaller tiaras. The best thing about tiaras and crowns is that they really do work well with any hairstyle; they can be used whether your hair is up or down. We find larger tiaras work better with hair that’s down and smaller styles with buns, ponytails and hair ups.

Flowers, Vines And Leaves

Flowers have been used to decorate the hair for centuries, and this decoration style is still very much in use today. Using flowers to decorate the hair works best at summer weddings that have a bohemian vibe. Unlike other hair accessories that can work with each other, when flowers are used it's best to keep it simple and not mix with veils or other accessory types. The most popular wedding hair flower is the Gypsophila, otherwise known as “Babies Breath”; a small, delicate white flower that works perfectly with white wedding dresses.

Pearls And Jewels

Pearls and small jewels have become extremely popular for bridal hair styles in recent times. Due to their tiny size they give a subtle but stunning vintage effect to the hair and can be perfectly placed into all types of hair styles. They look beautiful dotted into the ends of fishtail braids and scattered around buns and never look “too much”. They are also super easy to use as they usually come with a handy prong attached to secure them to the hair.

5. Hair Extensions And Hair Pieces For Bridal Hair (back to index)

Many women wear hair extensions on their big day to achieve their dream hairstyle. As most of us are not blessed with long, luscious thick hair to accomplish these elaborate wedding styles, we need a little help! Whether that means you’ll only be using Human Hair Extensions on the day or having Permanent ones fitted to last you throughout your wedding celebrations and honeymoon, you’ll want to make sure your using the right ones. You can use extensions for all kinds of reasons, maybe your want to add some highlights to the ends of your hair to enhance your colour, or you just need that boost of volume to thicken up a braided style.

Whatever the reason for using hair extensions, we strongly recommend having at least 2 trials with your stylist before your big day to make sure the set you’ve ordered is able to be hidden in your hair and feels comfortable on your special day. Our long-time customer Lisa Curtis, an award winning Bridal stylist from Gemini Styling, has created some videos using Cliphair products. These show you the best extension types to use for wedding hair and also include some stunning style inspiration tutorials. 

In this video, Lisa uses our Supreme Quad Weft in 20” shade #4 Medium Brown to achieve this half up half down bridal style.

one-piece hair extensions clip in

Supreme Quad Weft One-piece Clip Ins (120G)


In this video, Lisa uses our Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions Double Drawn in 18” shade #60 Lightest Blonde to achieve this big volume ponytail wrapped in Dutch braids.

6. Which Hair Extensions Are Best To Use For Bridal Styles? (back to index)

Choosing hair extensions for your big day will hugely depend on what style it is you're creating and on your own hair type. Your stylist should be able to hep you with this and having a few trials before the main event will reduce the risk of anything going wrong and also give you time to swap sets if need be. We have listed some styles below and linked which extensions are best to use for each. We've also provided a video explaining One Piece Hair Extensions by Lisa Curtis, an award-winning Bridal Hair stylist.

Best Extensions For Ponytails

Very thick full head multi-piece sets are best when creating ponytails that need to last all day. As there are many pieces, you have the freedom to place them all in the ponytail area where you need the volume and also avoid areas that need to be flatter e.g. around the face. A great tip is to place the clip-ins upside down around the neck and middle area to prevent any bumps in the style. From our Cliphair range we’d advise the Ultra-Volume Full Head Set.

Best Extensions For Bridal Buns

For buns there are less places to hide. Compared to ponytails, the hair hangs down and is easier to manage. However, buns are usually skilfully pinned into place so too many pieces, or very thick bulky pieces, may be tricky to control. We advise using a lightweight and thin full head set to create a bun which has a natural thickness to it rather than masses of volume and big seams. From our Cliphair collection wed suggest the Classic Full Head Set.

Best Extensions For Half Up Half Down

When the hair is half up and half down, this gives you the ability to use pretty much any hair extensions you like as the seams will be easily hidden. For these styles, in average thickness hair, we would go with a simple one piece medium thickness hair extensions. These = will be super quick to apply on the day and also stay secret throughout the night. From our Cliphair collection we would recommend the Quad Weft One Piece.

Best Extensions For Hair Down Bridal

Again, with hair that’s down it makes it super easy to disguise hair extensions. Here we would keep it simple and minimise the work by using one piece hair extensions. Most of the time, when the hair is down, its styled in big, bouncy waves. Your best bet with these styles is to go for a super thick set that will give you lots of volume and length. From our Cliphair collection we’d recommend the Supreme Quad Weft.

Bridal Fishtail With Hair Extensions | Seamless Full Head

7. Bridal Hair Extensions Explained (back to index)

Below we have shared a collection of our best wedding articles and videos to give you even more inspiration and information for everything to do with your Wedding hair.

8. Getting in Touch… (back to index)

Here at Cliphair we have a team of dedicated hair experts that are ready and waiting to help you along with all your hair extension needs! If after reading this Guide you still have questions feel free to get in touch.

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