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Easy amazing wedding hairstyles

Easy amazing wedding hairstyles

A wedding has a lovely sense of magic whether you are the bride or just a guest. Celebrating love has such a sense of potential and the food is usually great as well. One thing that is always the top of everyone’s priority is looking great. There are so many pictures that will be taken on the day looking your best is essential. As the weather is getting sunnier and the days are getting longer it is going to be peak wedding season so why not share some of my favourite wedding styles and show you how to create them yourself.


clip in hair extensions-wedding-styles-laced chignon


The laced chignon

I love this style, it looks so intricate and beautiful that you could imagine it taking hours at the hairdressers but all you need is your friend at home. It starts with a french braid crown. Take a one-inch section behind your left ear and divide it into three. Start to weave your sections over each other to form your french braid along your front hairline. Add extra strands as you go along to keep the sections looking thick. Once you get to your right ear pinch the end of your braid and tug at the sections and secure with a clear hair tie. Add some extra hair to the end and twist it to conceal the hair tie. Pin your twist behind your left ear. Now our look will consist of crisscrossed twists so make sure you don’t have serum in and grab your extensions and hairpins. I like my twists to look full and dramatic at weddings so using tape in hair extensions is great, no one will even know you are wearing them. Twist a one-inch section from behind your left ear and drape it across the other twist to create a cross effect before you pin it into place. Continue this until you reach the nape of your neck. Braid the rest of your hair and loop it so you can conceal the end under your twists. Make sure you hairspray this look so it will stay put while you dance.


clip in hair extensions-wedding-styles-romantic-half-up


The romantic half up

This style looks incredible and is great if you don’t want to put your hair up in a bun. Second-day hair is no problem here so lightly curl your hair and put in your extensions we are about to great a look. Brush the front section of your hair back into a half up style and divide the ponytail in two. Clip one half out of the way for now and an elastic a couple of inches down from the top hair tie. Unclip the other half and thread it through the centre of the section you just created. Repeat this process until you get to the end of your hair and secure it. To conceal the last hair tie wrap a few strands of hair around it and pin them in the back. This is such a stunning look you will have fabulous pictures with.




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