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From blonde to brassy: how you can avoid turning your locks copper

From blonde to brassy: how you can avoid turning your locks copper

As a lot of you will know I had blonde hair for years. I love blonde hair extensions because blonde hair makes you stand out, it is bright and happy. Whether you have golden beachy blonde hair or icier white blonde hair a word you don’t want to hear is brassy. Brassy is unwelcome warm hues of red and yellow that can make it very obvious that you have dyed hair. That may be ok for some of your but for most of your making your hair or extensions brassy is not cool. I have put together some tips to help you avoid brassy blond hair extensions and keep you looking great.



Why is brass bad?

Brassy hair is associated with cheapness, sorry to those of you struggling with brassy hair. You want your hair to have a soft appearance not overly orange-yellow. Think about it when you saw someone in a movie that is meant to be bad or with a poor background they never have soft cool blonde but always brass. Remember blonde is not yellow if your hair is yellow it will make sure eyes appear duller and may even make your teeth not look as good in comparison.



Why can your hair gets brassy

This is something to pay attention to if you are planning to go on holidays with blonde hair aka using an unknown hair or planning to dye your hair extensions. Toner is something that is essential when dying your hair blonde. If you are unsure whether your hairdresser has used enough or if the packaged dye has toner in it, speak up. We are to use to grinning and bearing it but remember you will have to live with this so politely ask them to explain the process. Blonde is a colour that also takes on other things to some extent too. Be aware of what tools and chemicals you are exposing to your blonde (even hard water) as it can make your blonde become brassy.



Tips for keeping your hair brass free:



  • Get a shower filter- this sounds so strange, I know, but hear me out. We filter drinking water to get minerals out but minerals also affect your hair negatively. These will need to be screwed off and changed once and a while but if you want stunning blonde it is worth investing your time.
  • Wash your hair less- shampoo tends to contribute to the colour loss. Getting purple shampoo that is SLS free will definitely help but blonde is bleach based so if you want to keep your hair feeling healthy and not brassy wash your hair less often.


  • Do swimming to regularly- sorry! I know that swimming is amazing exercises and great fun on holiday but you do take the risk of severe discolouration. If it is too hard to resist make sure you wet your hair in the shower beforehand and wash your hair straight after.



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