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Steal her style Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders is a hilarious and talented Canadian actress who has a lot going on this month. She has just had a birthday and is premiering her new film Avengers Infinity War. If you like a good comedic tv show you will probably recognise this beauty as Robin Scherbatsky in How I met your Mother. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how to get her stunning bone structure but I can help you get a glimpse of her style and show you how to steal it.



Hollywood loose waves

If you want to look like you are effortlessly stunning, particularly if you have layers, loose waves are your best friends. Cobie is no fool and has worked this out. If you like your eyes then take a page out of Cobie’s book and create an indent of a wave near your eye. This is so simple you don’t even need to curl it very much, just make sure that you have serum on before your curl and hairspray your curls to hold.


A pose worth hairstyle

There is no way to be modest with this hairstyle so you might as well show off and strike a pose. I have seen this style a lot in hair magazines but not seen it much in real life. The key to this style is to make sure that you are wearing something as dramatic as the hairstyle otherwise it can look a little bit like you have a swiss roll sitting on your head. It is not meant to and it is done correctly it looks amazing, it is not an everyday look though. One thing is for sure, if you want this to look posh high and glamorous you will need your hair extensions to help you get that little bit more body.


The curly bob

Cobie has loved having curly locks since chopping her hair. If you have hair that is normal or even thin hair you are actually quite lucky with this style as you don’t need to worry about over curling your hair. Thicker hair tends to hold curls much more so over curling your hair can make you look like a doll. Thinner hair doesn’t have this problem so you are recommended to curl your hair longer and add more hairspray if you are on a night out.



Modern slick back

This is by far my favourite look because I think that the style is complimenting the overall look rather than dominating it. This colourful dress and shoes are the stars a show so they need something sleek and understated to go with it. This is a perfect style and could work well with any length of hair. Gel, wax or hair spraying your hair whilst it is wet are all great ways to keep it slick and hard. You want your hair ‘hard’ over your crown and behind your ears so that your hair holds its shape and doesn’t become messy. I love this style if I know I will have a lot of pictures taking.



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