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Two hairstyles that look great with pink hair

Authored By Katie O' Connor

Rose gold and pastel pink locks are once again everywhere this season. Celebrities like Sophie Turner and Kim Kardashian have adopted different pink hues and have looked fab. We have seen natural redheads, blondes and brunettes donning pink and because it is not a natural hair colour, it works with them all. With fabulous hair colour, it helps you have fun and glamorous photos with friends but you don’t want to let it down with a boring hairstyle. Hairstyles can show off the colour beautifully, particularly if you just have in highlights or ombre pink colours, so check out these two styles to show off your pink hair.



The three ‘rose’ buns

Have you just washed your hair or extensions and are rushing out the door with wet locks, this is for you. Of course, you can create this look on dry hair but when it is so warm outside why not let your hair have a break and let it dry naturally? To create this fun and travel-friendly style use a fishtail to divide your hair, with hair extensions in, into three equal parts. Twist the middle section then twirl it around itself to create a low bun. You can use a hair tie to secure it but if you want to rely on keep it in check, use a couple of hairpins. Now you have your middle bun completed you can create your other buns either side. These will end up looking three mini roses in a row, especially with pink hair. All you need now is some hairspray to finish.



Ballet Bun

This is great if you have deeper roots or ombre pink hair. Ballet buns have been really popular this year and you will be wanting to choose this hairstyle if you are going to a festival or having a really busy day. I have seen this with party dresses as well as bikinis and it looks fab with both. Start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail. Once you have done that separates an inch section from the rest of the ponytail and put a doughnut around the rest of it. Spit the section you have slipped through the doughnut in half and make sure that it is covering the doughnut evenly. Brush over the hair covering the doughnut to make sure it smooth as it will be on display. Pull out the one-inch section that was separated earlier and divide it into two you are going to use these as two of a three strand braid around the bun. The other strand will come from a part of the hair that is over your doughnut. You want to make this little braid quite tight to keep the bun shape intact and equally spread around the doughnut. If you have a trusted loved one or a friend that can spot you do this will make sure that it is equal all the way around. Continue your braid to the end of your hair strand, secure it and tuck the end under the bun and pin it into place.



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