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The new style of the season-The Pipe Braid

The pipe braid is an unexpected new look that has appeared over the last month and we love it. From Coachella to the high street we are seeing pictures all over Pinterest and Insta of this hot new style. It works as a bohemian masterpiece and is edgy enough to work with any outfit but this best thing is that it works with nearly any hair type. So “what is this new hairstyle?”, I hear you say. You will just have to keep reading and check out this step by step guide to pipe braiding perfection.



What is a pipe braid?

This hairstyle is made to impress. Danish hairstylist Nicci Welsh invented this look with a mix of intricate interweaving and precision. It works brilliantly with long or mid hair and looks magnificent with thick sections so pop your hair extensions in and let’s get started.



Like a lot of styles that are detailed, this style is easiest to achieve with damp hair so, avoiding your roots, spritz until it is slightly damp. This braid is all about precision so make sure that you don’t have to do this in a rush and that you will keep an eye on detail. If this is your first time doing it I would recommend asking a friend to check it has turned out the way you want it to before you hit the festivals. Create a centre part and apply a texturising spray throughout your hair to give it a bit of body.



Starting your braid

To start your first braid take a section of hair to the right of your parting, you will need a fishtail comb to ensure this is straight. Take another section next to you first and wrap the second section around the first. You will be going under and around the first section but before you pull it tight you will put your finger through the loop and pull the strand through so it will look like this:


pull this loop tight and transfer the second section (the one you looped) to the other side of your first section. Heading down your centre parting gather another small section. Pass it over the send of your second section and loop it under and around the first section like you did before. Once you have done that move the second section back over the right of your first to secure your second loop. I know this sounds a bit convoluted but just think of this style of crocheting your hair and you will get the hang of it in no time. Without adding any more hair create two more loops with your three sections in the same way as you did above.



Continue your braid

Once you have gotten up to this section you are going to treat all of the braid you have so far as section 1 or your hair. Now you need to repeat what you have done above and get sections two and three involved. I did this all the way down to the nape of my neck before tying it off and moving to the other side. It takes a bit of time but it looks insanely good.


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