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Steal her style Saoirse Ronan

Steal her style Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse’s name might be hard to say if you aren’t used to Irish spelling, but she is definitely someone you will recognise. She has been acting her socks off since she was 9 and has stared in Atonement, Hanna, Brooklyn and her latest hit Ladybird, just to name a few. It is incredible to think that at only 24 she has won a staggering 46 awards including a Golden Globe but enough about her work let’s talk about her style. This Galway girl loves to go from classic beauty in the day to daring diva in the night. Keep reading to check out how you can steal her style.


clip in hair extensions-saoirse-ronan-fringe


Eye-popping fringe

Ooh hello, beautiful blue eyes! Saoirse looks very East London here with her funky shirt and earrings. Despite all the colour, the thing that stands out the most is still her eyes. That is not just because she has lovely blue eyes but because of the smart way she is wearing her hair. This could be her real hair but there are very few pictures of her with a fringe so it is more likely to be a clip in fringe hair piece. These can feel awkward at first but they are super easy to put in and can be trimmed to the shape and style that suits you (trimming is a total must if you want to be 100% happy with the length and shape in my opinion). What she has done is made the fringe thinner on the top, grazing her eyebrows and thicker and longer at the sides. She has done this so her fringe doesn’t make her face look shorter but simply draws attention to her eyes.


clip in hair extensions-saoirse-ronan-high-bun




High Bun

Who says you can’t wear a loose/ messy bun to a formal event? She looks incredible in her long pink dress and bun. With the dress and her complexion being so pale it is her hair that actually makes this outfit. The trick to turning it from everyday to evening-worthy is volume so get teasing and make sure you have your hair extensions in.


clip in hair extensions-saoirse-ronan-brooklyn-babe


Brooklyn babe

Having been born in Brooklyn Saoirse must have felt at home on the set of her film Brooklyn, and she looks incredible. In a very 50’s style look she has dyed her hair a light brown and put it up in a beautiful curled style. If you are going somewhere fancy or just want to glam yourself up to do this look. The easy way to achieve this is to tie your top section up and create large curls all over. Pin them whilst they cool and hairspray them so they will hold their shape. This is a very manicured look so don’t release your curls until they are all cool brush over them gently roll your curls towards the nape of your neck so they look like they could have rollers under them. The trick is to get the rolls all the same size so they blend beautifully.

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