The hair extensions you choose depends on your needs, hair type and colour. And also your lifestyle. If you want to wear your hair extensions on a more occasional basis or would like to get creative with your hair styling; then clip in hair extensions are the ones for you! This way you do not have to commit to one look. You can easily put your clip in extensions on, style and take them off when you want.

At Cliphair we have many clip in hair extensions you can choose from depending on your hair, needs and lifestyle. And we are happy to announce our latest almost invisible clip in collection ‘seamless clip in hair extensions’. 

1. What Are Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions? (back to index)

Seamless clip in hair extensions are the latest trend in real human hair extensions. Instead of using a lace seam, the real human hair is sewn into a thin silicone strip for a better grip and more discreet look.

The seamless technology also prevents the hair from shedding and tangling meaning your extensions will last longer! Our seamless clip in hair extensions come with 8 pieces to place on different parts on your head enough for a full head. You can place the extensions on different levels and sides for a more natural look whilst giving you longer and fuller hair. This new innovation is the most preferred and the latest trend in human hair extensions. And here is why.

2. Undetectable Clip-In Hair Extensions (back to index)

While wearing your clip in hair extensions, you want to enjoy your look but will not want a constant reminder of the clip ins. In Seamless clip in hair extensions, the hair is attached to a very thin, pliable silicone layer that lays perfectly flat to the head. Compared to other hair extension solutions, the silicone layer is much lighter and less bulky which gives you the best comfort while wearing them plus the confidence that they cannot be seen.

You will even forget that you are wearing extensions. When you put your seamless hair extensions on, as the silicone top is very thin it's flexible enough to bend in any angle to fit all head shapes; The silicone layer attached on your head will feel like a second skin and fit your head perfectly. With seamless clip in hair extensions, you can experience beauty and confidence in the most comfortable way.

3. Double Drawn Hair With Seamless Clip In Extensions (back to index)

We’ve gone one step further with our Seamless Clip-In Extensions and made them ‘Double Drawn’ as we specialise in this hair type. What does double drawn mean? The bottoms of your hair are rarely the same thickness as the mid-lengths and roots and can look thin and sparse, this is down to layering, hair breakage or over processing which makes the ends weak and brittle.

However Double drawn hair is the same thickness from top to bottom! If there is any shorter or damaged hair, it is removed from the batch. By being Double Drawn the hair is stronger on the ends so is less likely to break or become damaged which in turn means your extensions will last longer. With double drawn hair, your hair stays tangle-free, lasts longer, and looks much fuller and healthier. Another great reason to switch to Seamless Hair Extensions!

4. Long Lasting Seamless Hair Extensions (back to index)

With every brush and wash of our hair, we lose a few strands. Unfortunately, this is the case with hair extensions too. Sometimes while you are brushing or washing your hair extensions you can lose hair.

Thankfully, with seamless hair extensions, because the hair is held by a silicone strip rather than sewn into a lace seam, the hair is far more secure and it is nearly impossible for it to come out or shed. Less shedding equals a long and happy life for hair extensions and 3x less knots and tangles meaning the hair is also easier to use and maintain. 

5. Best Quality Seamless Hair Extensions In The UK (back to index)

Seamless hair extensions are the latest arrivals to our Luxury double drawn collection, Remy Royale. Our Remy Royale hair extensions are created with the best quality human hair, all double drawn and uses only the healthiest hair strands. At ‘AAAAA grade quality’ each set boasts a long life span and easy to manage and style hair. Our Remy Royale collection is a firm favourite amongst our professional trade customers and is used in salons all over the UK and internationally.

We believe if you are going to make an investment in your beauty, you deserve only the best! Check out the rest of our Remy Royale collection that includes NanosI-TipsTapes and Hairwefts for those looking for a more permanent solution.

6. Seamless Vs. Classic: What's The Difference? (back to index)

The difference between a Seamless hair extension and classic is in the seam at the top of the weft. Rather than the original lace sewn top found on most hair extensions the seam is made from a soft, silicone strip which holds the hair in more securely.

The Seamless technology prevents the hair shedding and tangling which equals longer lasting hair extensions. They are also easier to hide due to the small seam, lace seams can be fragile and bulky whereas the silicone strip is small and moulds perfectly to the shape of your head. 

7. Seamless Hair Extensions Application & Hair Styling Tutorial (back to index)

Virtually Undetectable Invisible Hair Extensions. Discreet And Natural. Ultimate Comfort. Effortless Blend.

For more information about our seamless clip in hair extensions collection and a free colour match, why not speak to our experts now?

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