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Princess Beatrice Wedding Hair: How to Get the Look

Princess Beatrice Wedding

Princess Beatrice’s wedding took place last week Friday and we haven’t stopped drooling over her bridal hair and make-up look! She gave us the 2020 down-to-earth bride we never knew we needed. So, today we are sharing some tips and tricks to help you style your hair like a royal, at home. Now, we cannot provide Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi or an elegant bridal gown, however, we know hair very well and can show you how to style it like Princess Beatrice.

Following strict lockdown guidelines, Princess Beatrice did not have a Royal glam team of hair and make-up artists, which means her modest hairdo, with a delicate nude make-up pallete and peachy lips is super easy to achieve at home.

Princess Beatrice's Hairstyle

Princess Beatrice Wedding Hair

The Royal bride wore her natural strawberry locks in loose, bouncy, waves, accesorised with a diamond fringe tiara for a simple yet elegant hairdo. The relaxed look is a refreshing change from the traditional Royal wedding updos. She styled her loose tousled curls with a low side parting to complement the elegantly modest look.

To get those bouncy waves, you will need nail down that root lift and use some light reflecting hair serum. Follow the steps below to learn how to get that royal wedding hair look.

Step one: Light-reflecting Shine

Work one or two drops of reflecting shine serum through damp hair for shine to add a non-greasy gloss to your hair, while also making each hair shaft smoother and more light-reflective. Rub the reflecting serum in your hands. Apply to hair ends, avoiding the roots.

Step two: Blow Dry Hair

Lifting up your hair with hands direct air to roots - you want to get as much air to your roots as possible. Though you should be sure not to over dry your hair. To minimise heat damage, you can blow dry your hair in cool.

Blow dry your hair while brushing it forwards from ends to roots. Repeat this step until your strands are smooth and have more root lift.

Step three: Curl

Take a large round brush (8cm diameter- green points if you have a wooden one with natural bristles – they’re eco-friendly), and take a large strand (depending on how loose you want the curls to be) and brush your hair forwards from the roots for preparation - this will help you get that 2020 Royal wedding volume. For the smoothest results, brush from the nape of your neck.

Slowly pull your hair up and roll your hair around the brush and heat it up with your hair dryer. Direct the air downwards from the roots. Slowly roll the brush out of your hair and leave the hair strand to cool down. Apply cool air when the hair’s rolled round the brush to set it for extra hold.

Step four: Hair Spray

Using your fingers, lift hair up near the roots and set with a hold and shine hairspray. Give it a shake and that is your Princess Beatrice wedding hair look complete!

What did you think of Princess Beatrice’s bridal look? Let us know in the comments below. 

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