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Can Hairdressers Blow Dry Hair? Post Lockdown Salon Rules

Can Hairdressers Blow Dry Hair?

It’s been a good three months or so since hairdressers closed their doors, however, thanks to the ease of lockdown rules, hair salons have finally reopened! While we’ve enjoyed learning how to get that salon-blow dry at home, how to cut our own hair and even how to fit in and remove extensions, we can’t say we haven’t been looking forward to this. Although plenty of services have reopened, we are still to follow social distancing rules, which leaves the question: can hairdressers blow dry hair and maintain social distancing rules? What PPE will they need to wear? What other hairdressing services might be affected? We are going to answer those questions and concerns in our blog today.

When do hairdressers reopen in the UK?

Hair salons and barbershops were officially allowed to reopen on Saturday 4th July. However, since then, there have been some questions of what salons are expected to look like and how they will be able to carry out hair treatments as some procedures will require close contact that breaches the current two-metre social distancing rule.

Can hairdressers blow dry hair during COVID-19 pandemic?

Unfortunately, the traditional hour-long blow dry will not be on the menu service for a while until we have new lock down rules. In a recent interview with fashion magazine Stylist, Kat De Rozario, hair stylist at Josh Wood Atelier stated, ‘due to the potential risk of the virus being transmitted through swift airflow and to reduce the time and volume of people in salons, what is apparent is the need to cut down, or out, blow drying the hair. Essentially, whether hair is long or short, the cut needs to aid styling so it can dry naturally without the need for a blow dry.”

However, there may be some exceptions with some salons. The guidelines from the UK government did not ban the use of blow dryers, so you may be able to still get your blow dry though you should contact your salon and ask for confirmation first. If you have short hair, however, may still be able to get a blow dry as some hairdressers may still offer the service on shorter styles as there is less blow-drying time. If you REALLY need to get that blow dry, you may be in luck as some hairdressers are finding new creative ways to achieve that professional blow dry effect without heat.

What treatments and services are available at the hairdressers right now?

textured waves

When British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced that hairdressers could resume reopen on the 4th, he also added that they would have to adjust how they operate in order to reduce the risk of infections, which include reduced treatment lists. Yikes!

Other styles and haircuts that require minimal styling will most certainly be on the table, however, it is always best to check with your hairdressers first.

What safety measures are hairdressers meant to take? What PPE will they need to wear?

Operating hair salons will require every hairdresser in the building to wear a full-face plastic visor (plus additional protective equipment if necessary) and adhere to even stricter hygiene rules. This is especially important when disinfecting equipment. Some salon will even have perspex screens installed for added protection. There are other process hair salons can make to increase safety measures; for example, face to face consultations increase the risk of infections, so some hairdressers may offer online consultations or even request you contact that salon by phone first, before going to enquire or for a treatment, or you may be offered a mirror consultation. In some salons, you may be required to take an online questionnaire (much like the NHS app one) to ensure you are healthy to come into the salon before any appointments are confirmed. You may also be required to wear a face mask when you go and throughout you visit depending on the salon. Whichever salon you visit though, you will most likely be expected to sanitise your hands on arrival.

You should also remember most of the nation has been homebound, meaning most of us desperately want a trip to the salon, thus the salons are going to be busier than usual. However, the most important thing to remember is that some salons may be running at a reduced capacity in order to properly follow social distancing rules – and some are already reporting three-month waiting lists – so be mindful of that prior to making your rules around an unconfirmed hair appointment!

You may also notice some salons may be using disposable towels instead of the nice fluffy we all love. That salon service we’ve missed so much may not be available for a while as many hairdressers have been advised to remove waiting seats, magazines and sadly, even your tea and drinks menu too. You may only be able to be served bottled water until further easing rules are announced.

If you wish to avoid the salon for a while longer (or can't get an appointment), and still want your hair to look gorgeous and salon-quality, then opt for some clip in hair extensions you can install and style yourself easily at home.

Will you be visiting the hairdressers anytime soon? If you have already, what has been it like? Let us know, and don't  forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your new post lockdown hairstyles! 

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