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How To: 4 awesome ways to curl your hair

We all love sexy sleek and straight looks but for wind and rain resistant hair that won’t make it obvious that something has gone wrong, opt for curls. I love wearing my hair curly or wavy it is a brilliant way to give your hair extra volume and you get extra attention from the bounce. I love experimenting with different ways for curling my hair from a beach babe style wave to old Hollywood sculpted curls. Today’s blog is all about sharing four of my favourite curling techniques with you guys, they work great with every type of hair extension in too. So spray on your heat protecting spray, get your curling iron (mine is a standard 1 inch) and let’s get started.

clipin extensions-ways-to-curl-beach-wave

Option 1 the beach babe wave

Perfect for hitting the beach, or dreaming about hitting the beach, these loose curls are stunning and are totally Instagram worthy. This is the quickest style to create and loose curls are far easier to create than tighter curls. Take larger sections of hair, at least 1 inch, and wrap it around the largest part or your barrel. I wrap it away from my face for extra body. Hold the end of your strands and move your barrel in up and down motion so that you create loose, easy looking curls. As with all of your curls spray with hairspray before your curls cool.

clipin extensions-ways-to-curl-twisted-natural-curl

Option 2 the twisted natural curl

Divide a one-inch section of hair and twist it away from your face. Holding your twisted strand at the end wrap it tightly around your curling barrel. Leave it for ten sections then release it. Hold to curl in your hand whilst it cools to hold the shape. This will leave you with a very natural look curl, perfect for an everyday look.

clipin extensions-ways-to-curl-tight-spirals

Option 3 tight spirals

For smaller, tighter spirals of hair, you have to work with smaller sections of hair. Take a thin section of hair and wrap it around the thinner half of your barrel away from your face. To get the desired spiral effect leave a space between each loop. If you have long hair you will probably have to curl each section in two parts so start with by spiralling the half closest to your head and then your ends. As you can tell this may take a bit more time so be prepared for that but you will end up with super cute and on trend tight curls.

clipin extensions-ways-to-curl-hollywood-classic

Option 4 the hollywood classic

This curl is perfect for an elegant party and will make you look a million pounds. It is actually the easiest of all the styles despite being the most sculpted. Divide your hair into approximately 2-inch sections. Wrap each section around the barrel of your curling wand. Make sure that your strands are spread out and that there is no gap between your hair and the barrel so you get enough heat. Leave your hair in the barrel for at least 10 seconds and, after you take it from the barrel, pin the curl together and spray with hairspray. That way the shape holds whilst it is cooling. Once your curls have all cooled let them out to reveal your Hollywood worthy curls.

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