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Valentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair Extensions


Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to dress up, so whether you’re in the midst of a new romance, settling in with a long-term love, or happily flying solo, spend this February 14th with absolutely flawless hair. 

Valentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

Whatever the situation, we’ve got your hair needs covered this Valentine’s Day. Here are some handy tips and tricks that you can use to put together a great hairstyle for your Valentine’s evening.

Over the Shoulder Hair

Valentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

There are two reasons why over the shoulder hair is a great look for Valentine’s Day – you can tastefully show off a little skin – your clavicle, shoulder or décolletage.

This look is easy to achieve and doesn’t have to look perfect. It also doesn’t require constant readjusting throughout the night, so you’re free to relax as you please.

Valentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair Extensions 

How to:

Begin by applying your Cliphair extensions. Our double weft extensions work best for this look, as they can provide double the thickness with the same number of clips. Apply them as you would normally – there’s no need to worry about the fact your hair will be over on shoulder. Then simply sweep all of your hair over to one shoulder.

Valentine's Day HairstylesTake a fine-toothed comb and spritz it with a little hairspray before combing from the root towards the side your hair is falling over. This will ensure your hair looks sleek and stays in control. You may need to add a small grip at the back of your head to hold it in place. You can then style your hair extensions as you like – flirty waves are perfect for this time of year.

Bun With a Bump
Valentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

This flirty hairstyle is a chic and relaxed way to have your hair back while maintaining some volume. It adds structure and height to your hair so you can control just how classic, glamorous or extravagant you want your look to be.

This style allows you get a fuller head of hair without all the extra work. Besides, what better time to try something new and fun with your hair?


How to:

Grab a teasing comb or brush and give your bun a bit of a boost with a light teased relaxed look. Take care to leave a few playful tendrils loose around the hairline.


The key to this look is all in the back combing. Apply all of your hair extensions, avoiding the top area of your head, particularly your crown area. Then sprinkle the crown area with a texturising powder before taking a comb and lightly back combing for height. Once you have back combed to the desired height, brush over a thin layer of hair to hide the messy back combed part. Then gather your hair at the nape of your neck and either style in a messy bun or use a hair doughnut for a more polished look.


Play it StraightValentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

Hair that’s brushed smooth with every strand in place is pretty to look at and easy to play with. The key to having gorgeous straight hair is the condition, so achieve a mirror shine with these handy hints.


How to:

Use a deep conditioner on your hair when washing it. If you have time, wrap your hair in cling film and either blast it with the hairdryer or leave it for a few hours. The heat will allow your hair cuticles to open so that the conditioner can penetrate your hair.

 Valentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

Don’t forget to apply a heat protection product when blow drying your hair. A shine spray will also help to make your hair look healthy. To keep your hair extensions looking sleek all night, add a tiny amount of serum to the palm of your hands and sweep over your hair extensions.


The Ponytail

Valentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair Extensions
A slick ponytail is the perfect way to bring attention to your face whilst still showing off the fact your hair looks amazing. There are so many options to enhance your hair, so this hairstyle works even if you naturally have wispy and thin hair.
Valentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

How to:

We offer clip-on ponytail extensions which make this look incredibly easy to achieve. The Cliphair ponytails are long and straight and look fabulous with slicked back hair. The fact they are made from the finest quality 100% Remy Human Hair means that they blend perfectly with your own hair and they don’t have that tell-tale plastic looking shine which so many hairpieces on the market unfortunately do. You can even add a flirty bow or hairband to complete the look.


Loose Beachy Waves

Valentine's Day Hairstyles
For a soft, sultry and sophisticated look, beach waves are among some of the most flattering hairstyles for most people. They allow you to add an instant but soft glamour with minimal effort. The romantic, gorgeous textured waves look amazing, natural and are quick and easy to create.

How to:

Simply plait your clip in hair extensions the night before you intend to wear them. An easy way to do this is by clipping them on to something, such as a piece of card, and then hanging the card on the edge of a table. That way you have both hands free to plait and you don’t need to worry about holding the top of your hair extensions.

Valentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair Extensions Leave the extensions in plaits overnight and also plait your own hair – remember to only do it loosely, you don’t want a tight crimped look. In the morning, take the plait out and voila - a relaxed wavy look at your fingertips. You can always tease the roots to add volume and give yourself that sexy bed head look.

The Fishtail

Valentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

If you’ve never experimented with the fishtail braided hairstyle, now is the time. This classic look has been popular for years because it can be switched up and changed around in so many different ways, and can easily be taken from day date to date night without too much effort. The key to getting it right, however, is length. So, you do need to either have quite long locks or use hair extensions.

How to:

Comb out your natural hair and rid it of any troublesome knots and tangles. Your real tresses are going to be so much easier to handle if they are sleek and ready for styling. You can add a light styling cream if you need something to control frizz. Once your natural hair is ready, part your hair into two sections. Clip the top part up and out of the way, so that you can join the extensions up with the crown parting.

Valentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair ExtensionsBring all of your hair together by gently use your fingertips to blend your hair with your clip in. Divide all of the hair into two side-by-side sections and start braiding. It doesn’t matter which side you begin at, just keep the pattern steady and try to braid in even widths. You need to be crossing the two sections of your hair neatly over one another, so pick a starting direction and stick with it. Once you start to approach the ends, the braid will feel looser, but this is perfectly fine.

Valentine's Day Hairstyles with Hair Extensions 

Once you’ve reached the end of your hair and the fishtail looks great, gently secure it in place with bobby pins, an elastic band or a hair slide. In some cases, the braid will feel quite tight against your head, but you can fix this by taking your fingertips and slowly massaging the scalp.

As a short cut you can also add thickness and weight to your hair very quickly with One Piece Hair Extensions, these are often used as volumisers to create new hair styles ultra fast!

How will you be wearing your hair for Valentine’s Day? We would love to see your styles and hear what you’re planning to do with your extensions for date night. Don’t forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your looks.


Whether you are spending this day with your loved one, a friend or out on the town, make sure your hair looks its best with Cliphair.


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