Are you the owner of a drawer full of old hair extensions? Yeah, I know the feeling. I get it: these locks of hair were once your pride and joy. And after all, how could I blame you if you're refusing to let them go? Not only they gifted you with months of flawless beauty and a lavish mane, but you also spent your hard-earned cash on them! So I totally understand – you simply don’t want to part with them.

But when they don’t quite cut it as actual hair extensions anymore, but they’re still too fine to part with – what exactly can you do with them?

Luckily, it turns out there are quite a few things you can do with your old hair extensions, to revive them and repurpose them.

First of all, what's the entity of the damage? If the problem is dryness and your hair extensions feel crunchy and brittle to the touch, have you tried giving them new life with deep conditioning and treatments? If you want to know how to revive your dry hair extensions, check out our guide.

If you're feeling creative instead, here's a list of 9 "things to do with your old hair extensions" ideas!

How To Recycle Hair Extensions: Turn Them Into DIY Hair Accessories (back to index)

Those tired extensions aren't suitable for glamming up your mane anymore, but fashion them into a hair accessory and... Presto! Said extensions are revived and ready to party. Here's what you can do with them:

1: Clip-In Braids (back to index)

Want instant definition and texture to your hair? Who doesn’t! But how?

The answer sometimes is easier than you'd think: how about "braids"?

Braids add depth and texture to long hair, and they also make the perfect summer look. If you add hair accessories and/or a touch of colour, they will also help you smash the festival aesthetic. What else could you possibly ask for in a simple hairstyle?

Not only they are cute and versatile, they’re super simple to make too. Grab your old clip-in hair extensions and braid them. Clip into your hair whenever you want romantic bohemian vibes. Looks like you spent ages crafting and braiding your hair - in reality, you whipped them out of a drawer and attached them in just a few seconds. Don't tell anyone!

This technique works with ALL hair colours, but if you have some old balayage or ombre clip-ins laying around then you’re in luck. These sun-kissed colours create an effortless beachy-boho vibe.

2: Messy Hair Bun (back to index)

Have you ever seen a photo of a woman looking flawlessly casual and artsy whilst wearing a messy, bouncy bun, and thought to yourself “I wish I looked that good in a bun”? If the answer is yes, then the solution, again, might be in your old hair extensions. How?

Take a hair doughnut sponge and wrap your old hair extensions around the doughnut to create a thick, volumised bun. Either glue or pin the ends onto the underside of the doughnut to secure in place. Place it over a ponytail, then wrap your tresses over the top for added thickness. Backcomb your hair, and pull some strands out for a sexy, undone look.

3: Braided Hairband (back to index)

We all know one – that smug girl who seems to float wistfully around your neighbourhood with a billowing maxi dress and effortlessly braided crown… how does she do it? Well, it’s either she’s very skilled at braiding her own hair (and she was also blessed with full, thick tresses), or she is wearing hair extensions!

Good news – you too can easily make your own braided crown with used hair extensions. Simply plait the old hair and secure at each end with an Invisibobble. Use Kirby clips to secure the ends underneath your hair at the nape of your neck. Add a few more clips around the crown to keep the braid secure and voila – you’re now THAT girl.

4: Hair Wrapped Bobble (back to index)

Concealing your bobble with a strand of hair wrapped around it elevates your ponytail from basic to swanky in no time. But what if your do is more er, rat’s tail than ponytail?

You’ll most likely struggle to loan the extra locks needed to skilfully hide your hair tie. Not mentioning the fact that you probably want your ponytail to look full and luscious, so every strand counts! Not to worry, an old extension will do the trick nicely.

If you don’t want to invest more money in a wrap-around ponytail hairpiece, slot a small hair extension (such as one of our Nano Ring Hair Extensions) under the bobble – don’t worry you won’t see this bit – and proceed to wrap the extension all around the bobble for a seamless and sophisticated finish. Secure the ends underneath your ponytail with a small clip. No extra natural hair needed!

5: Create Volume (back to index)

Feeling a little retro? We’ve recently seen big hair going back to being trendy, and if you successfully put together a 90s inspired outfit, the only missing thing is the perfect hairstyle to go with it!

A beehive is in order. But wait… you’re simply not blessed with the kind of bountiful mane required to create a beehive of Bardot proportions – what’s a girl to do?

Well, it sounds absurd, but you should create a ‘hair rat’. Say what, now?

Don’t worry. I don’t mean create an actual rat out of hair!

Phew! No, a hair rat has been utilised by ladies since the 19th century and it’s since become an industry secret used by anyone requiring a little help in the volumised bounce department. It’s basically a ball of hair, placed under the locks on your crown to create impressive height. Picture those romantic, big 60s hairdos… Yep! That’s what I’m talking about! Here’s how to make one:

  • Backcomb your hair extensions and scrunch them into a ball
  • Place them into a hair net - your hair rat is now complete!
  • Section your locks at the top of the crown and secure your hair rat into place with clips or hairpins
  • Comb your own hair over the top and style into a trendy beehive – Brigitte Bardot eat your heart out!
  • Store somewhere no one will ever set eyes on it.

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6: Clip-in Fringe (back to index)

This is the perfect afterlife for any of our old weft extensions. Simply clip the weft into the front of your hair, where a fringe would be, and snip into your desired fringe shape.

Not confident with the scissors? Take it to a hairdresser!

For a small fee, a professional would be happy to chop it for you. Ta-da! You now have a non-permanent fringe, forever. No trims, no awkward growing out stage, no regrets. How cool is that? Clip it in when you fancy beautiful bangs – whip out when you don’t! Easy peasy.

7: Highlights (back to index)

What if your human hair extensions don’t match your latest hair colour instead? Let’s say you used to be a blonde and decided to hop on the train of the expensive brunette trend, and got new hair extensions to match your new tones.

You could repurpose some of your old blonde hair extensions to create a beautiful, creamy blonde and brunette mix! Are you a natural brunette that got seduced by the bombshell vibe of a bleached head? Well, this works the other way around too. You can create deep, gorgeous lowlights with the aid of darker hair extensions! Both of these techniques allow you to create a textured look and face-faming layers.

8: Festival Hair (back to index)

If your old hair extensions are just collecting dust, you might as well want to try and dye them. If they’re light blonde this will be an easier job – but after all, if the choice is between this and throwing them in the bin, you could also leave them in the caring hands of your trusty hairdresser and ask them to bleach them out.

What’s next? Well, consider going funky coloured. Festival season is all about being extra, glitz and glamour, and most of all: sparkly everything! This is a green light for pink, purple, green and blue streaks in your hair too. Who doesn’t love a rainbow braided ‘do? Colouring your old remy hair extensions means saving money and expanding the lifespan of your old clip-in tresses, giving them a second chance at life.

9: Money Piece Hair (back to index)

This hairstyle has made its way back from the 90s (remember Geri Halliwell’s epic hairstyle?), and it has been revisited and worn by many celebrities. If you have a couple of clip-in hair pieces that have no place with your current hairstyle or hair colour, think again!

Single strands can be strategically dyed and placed at the front of your head to create a bold, highlighted look – without touching the general colour of your mane like thick highlights or lowlights would do. The money piece hairstyle is still all the rage on the internet, and it goes really well with curtain bangs.

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