If you follow any of the hottest models and celebrities of the moment such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, then you’re probably familiar with the spiky bun - also known as the feathered bun - another 90s trend that made its way back from the naughty decade to keep us fashionable through Spring and Summer 2022.

Some call it the “Model Off-Duty Hairdo”, and it’s easy to see why!

This late 90s/early 00s trend is all the rage on social media, driven by Tik Tok and the generic nostalgia for the millennial “good old days” of flip phones, celebrity love drama and boy bands. And who better than Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo and Bella Hadid could pull off some of the most dangerous looks and trends of that era?

When it comes to trend-setting, Bella Hadid is the most cutting-edge celeb that could literally bring back anything you can think of. And once she set her eyes on the 90s and the Y2K fashion, thousands of people hopped on the same train. From razor-thin eyebrows to zig-zag hair parts, cargo pants and butterfly clips - the model has taken over the nostalgia feeling with her outfits. Her latest call to action? Dusting off the spiky bun, an easy and casual hairdo that now becomes a red carpet look.

The spiky bun - or spiky top knot - has rapidly gained popularity amongst Bella Hadid’s fans, including fellow celebrities. Take a look at Olivia Rodrigo’s spiky bun on the Met gala red carpet!

But what is the spiky bun, and how to recreate it? Let’s have a look together.

What Is A Y2K Spiky Bun?

The spiky bun is a simple hairstyle, characterised by a high bun on the crown of your head. The rest of the hair is slicked back for an ultra-sleek finish; you can wear it with a classic middle part or with a deep side-part and tendrils.

How To Do A Feathered Bun

Since its comeback, the spiky bun has been everywhere on social media and creators all over the world kindly offered step-by-step hair tutorials to recreate the 90s spiky bun, just like Bella’s. 

The general rules are: 

  • Hair parting has to be sharp
  • No flyaways allowed!
  • Don’t make it too spiky - you don’t want it to turn into a loose, messy bun!

This fierce and simple updo is perfect for a night out too, and can be paired with hair tinsel as well for a little bit of extra glitz and glamour.

How To Create A Spiky Bun With Hair Extensions

If your hair isn’t long enough or thick enough to give your bun the desired volume, you can add a few seamless clip-in hair extensions to your updo to elevate it further and take it to the next level; just adding a couple of sections to the back of your head can make your skinny bun bulk up, allowing you to pull out a few strands for and extra spiky look. Alternatively, you can also fan out your ends for a more modern finish.

When adding hair extensions to your mane it’s easy to get carried away, but remember that for this look you won’t need to fit your side sections!

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How To Do Spiky Space Buns

If you’re looking for a youthful festival look or just to add a bit of spice to a night out vibe, you can create two spiky buns and place them at the top sides of your head. Congratulations! You now have two spiky space buns.

Unlike the single spiky bun, this look won’t do too well with the “fanning out ends” - but will give you the peppy Noughties aesthetic in an instant with a few spiky strands coming out of the buns. Also, you don’t necessarily have to smooth down your hair for this hairstyle - either way, I can guarantee you it will look absolutely fabulous.

How To Do The Spiky Bun With A Side Part In Hair

If your hair naturally parts either on your left or right side of the head, don’t worry; if you’re not willing to experiment with hair paste, pomades and hairspray - you can still try this gorgeous hairstyle adapting it to the way your natural hair grows.

You may have heard that Gen Z banned side parts a couple of years ago or so, but it looks like they quickly changed their mind too (and rightfully!). When done right, every hairstyle has its beauty and charm.

Wanna try and make it yours? Follow this simple hair tutorial to slay the latest celebrity look!

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