Travelling to your favourite destination for a summer break? If you’re escaping the heatwave and plan to look fabulous whilst doing it, knowing how to style your hair is an essential skill to develop. The perfect updo to complement tube-tops and off-the shoulder dresses, the secret behind perfectly-crafted mermaid waves, and how to rock a high-ponytail are only a few of the tips and tricks that you may want to know about for your summer holiday looks! Looking for the perfect summer hairstyle ideas? Then look no further than this blog.

Gorgeous Airport Hairstyle Ideas

Finding a good hairstyle to nail that laid-back airport look isn’t easy: at the end of the day, you want something that is practical on top of looking gorgeous and stylish. Here’s some cool ideas to look like a model off-duty whilst strolling in the lounge area of your local airport!

Claw Clip Hairstyle

Putting your hair up in a trendy claw clip (also known as a jaw clip) is one of the easiest ways to look incredibly sophisticated with a “just woke up like this” type of vibe. Nowadays you can easily shop for the perfect claw clip to match your outfit! Whether you’re going for a neutral-coloured, matte finish one or an embellished, pearl-encrusted one, there are plenty of shops and websites that can satisfy your hunger for cool hair accessories. An example? I’m still not over these CLIPXY cutesy matte claw clips.

For the perfect claw clip hairstyle, you can also add clip in hair extensions. There are many ways you can put your hair up in a trendy hair clip, such as the fancy claw-clip ponytail that went viral on TikTok. For more ideas, check out our dedicated blog: Thursday Hair 101: How To Put Your Hair In A Claw Clip.

The Classic Plait

You can never go wrong with the classic three-ways plait: simple, quick, and irresistibly trendy – this hairstyle will keep your Remy hair extensions tucked in and in place whilst you’re going around the airport and carrying your luggage or duffel bag with you. It’s the perfect hairstyle to look good and ready to be on the go whilst keeping your hair away from your face, and protecting your strands from getting caught up in your bag’s handle.

The Top Knot

Another staple for those who love that laid-back, relaxed, yet super-glamorous airport aesthetic? A trendy top knot can go a long way! Polished, shiny, and yet very casual, this look is perfect for that "beautiful-but-on-the-go" finish that you can pair with your favourite tracksuit, athleisure wear, or a chic and cosy leggings+oversized top combo.

The Rope Braid

Quick and easy to recreate, the rope braid is a modern hairstyle that can be adopted for many different occasions. You can use your clip in hair extensions to achieve the perfect rope braid (or, why not? maybe two of them!) and get going for your quick airport brunch before you take off.

Find out more airport hairstyle ideas in my previous blog: Traveling Hairstyles For Airport, Christmas Break, Holidays, & More.

Hairstyles For The Beach

Whilst we always recommend not wearing your clip in hair extensions in the water to avoid matting and hair breakage, if you’re wearing permanent hair extensions you won’t be able to take them off for a day at the beach. So in that case, what are some of the best hairstyles for the beach? Let’s see them together.

The Messy Bun

There is something incredibly trendy, romantic, and laid-back about a perfectly-crafted messy bun. Although it started off as a “stay at home” hairstyle, slowly making its way in the hipster scene for those who had longer hair, the messy bun rapidly became a fan-favourite for every person that wanted to look trendy, keep their hair away from their face, and ooze a chill vibe whilst doing it. This is also ideal to rock on the beach, when you don’t want any saltwater to come in contact with your precious Remy human hair extensions!

The High Ponytail

If you’re not planning on going for a swim, the high ponytail is a great hairdo to look trendy on the beach whilst keeping your hair tied up together in a protective hairstyle. If you’re wearing products such as nano ring hair extensions or invisible tape hair extensions you don’t even have to worry about seams and bonds being visible – what’s not to love?

A high ponytail will keep your tresses together and prevent matting and tangling whilst you bask in the sun and get some well-deserved vitamin D.

Dutch Braids

This is a great hairstyle to protect your hair whilst having fun on the beach. On top of that, if you’re attending a sea-side party, this hairdo will instantly elevate your look with a youthful and trendy vibe! You can also add products such as seamless hair extensions applied sideways to boost your hair’s length and thickness for the perfect cutesy dutch braids. Or, even better, to add a pop of colour for an evening look whilst you’re sipping on your favourite cocktail, admiring a gorgeous sunset on the beach. Seamless clip in extensions are the perfect product to switch things around whenever you’d like, whilst staying discreetly hidden in your natural hair. Their silicone seam lays flat against the scalp, working wonders even in finer hair types! 

French Braid

I personally consider the French braid a trendy cousin of the Dutch braid – this trendy hairstyle is woven internally rather than externally, for a classy finish that doesn’t stand out as much. Just like Dutch braids, a French plait can be single – tying up the hair at the back of your head – or double, dividing your mane in two main sections and then laying on your shoulders. Whatever your style is, French plaits are incredibly trendy either way and work wonders in many different settings! A party on the beach, a wedding by the sea, a festival weekend… You name it. Adding human hair extensions can help make them thicker, fuller, and longer – providing you with the most glamorous braided hairdo.

French Twist

The French twist is another hairstyle that is perfect to tuck in the ends of your hair and protect them from wind, sand, and seasalt water! Despite the sophisticated look, this hairstyle is incredibly easy to recreate. Also known as the French roll, you can use it to look super glamorous whilst chilling by shore. Even better if you’re going out later on: all you need to do is to change your sundress into an evening one, and off you go! For a polished finish, don’t forget to spray some Moisture Lock mist on your hair – giving your updo a shiny, classy appearance that will keep you looking glamorous throughout the day.

The Low Ponytail

Classy and youthful, a low ponytail is perfect for many different occasions. It’s a more subtle and low-key hairstyle compared to its fierce cousin, the high ponytail – but trust me on this one, it doesn’t lack anything when it comes to classiness and glamour! Chosen by stars like Kim Kardashian and Alexa Demie, the low ponytail can be easily recreated with the help of the Wrap Around Ponytail hair extensions set. Quick and easy to fit, this versatile hair accessory can be straightened, waved, curled, braided, and used to bring to life SO many different hairstyles! Add a middle parting for the perfect Y2K finish, or a trendy sparkly barrette for an evening look.

The Low Chignon

Another classy option for the more sophisticated palates, and ideal to tuck in and protect permanent hair extensions: the low chignon. Inspired by the looks of ballerinas and performing artists and gymnasts that need to keep their hair away and securely tucked in, this gorgeous hairstyle has now become a popular option for formal looks and weddings.

Braided Accents

If you prefer to wear your hair down, you can always accessorise without accessorising. How? But with braided details, of course! Whether it's the intriguing snake brade, little bubble-tendrils, or little rope twist here and there, adding braided details to your mane can be a clever and simple way to add more dimension and movement to your long hair and hair extensions with a touch of trendy boho chic. What's not to love?

Pool Party Hairstyles

Signed up for the coolest pool party in Ibiza, or going to dance the night away on the poolside with your friends? No matter what the pool vibe is going to be, if you’ve already sorted out the perfect outfit, chances are you’re looking for the right hairstyle to go with it! Here’s some cool options for you to recreate with the help of your trusty hair extensions.

Hair Tinsel Galore

Adding some playful touch to your hair and hair extensions has never been simpler, with the help of hair tinsel. You can purchase clip in hair tinsel or manually add a single shiny strand here and there for a subtle yet glamorous party look. Even Beyonce got allured by this look, so why shouldn’t you try it?

Bubble Braids

Who doesn't love the bubbly (hah, got it?) energy of bubble braids? Made famous by celebrities of the 90s and early 00s, this trendy and easy to create hairstyle has been all the rage on social media, lately. Good thing is, you don't need to be a crafty hair stylist to make this look yours! All you need to get is your trusty hair extensions - or perhaps a clip in ponytail? - and a set of clear elastic bands. Some people opt for fluorescent, colourful ones, to keep the vibe playful and cheery. Either way, this hairstyle is a great idea for many occasions - a pool party, but also festivals, and nights out.

Half-Up Hairstyle Ideas

Putting your hair in a half-up hairdo is a timeless classic! You can add products such as Ultra Volume hair extensions to a half-up to not miss out on volume and thickness in your length even when half of your hair has been put in an updo section. There is something incredibly romantic about half-up hairstyles, making them the ideal choice for festivals, parties, weddings, and date nights. If you have multiple plans for your night, a half up hairstyle offers plenty of versatility!

Space Buns

Straight out of the 2014 Tumblr era, the space buns are one of the most popular options for parties and festival looks. They can easily be recreated and boosted by using products such as Double Weft hair extensions for the ultimate thickness and bounce! You can wear them as they are, add glitter on your parting for a colourful and sparkly finish, braid them for a more sophisticated touch, or mix them with a half-up, half-down hairstyle for whimsical results! If you’re going over the top with a party look, you could also look into adding funky coloured hair extensions for a dazzling, daring, multi-tonal hairstyle.

Mermaid Waves

Want a hairstyle that flows long and free? Well, whilst adding hair extensions to your look will help you reach the perfect length and thickness necessary to create the hairstyle of your dreams, what you’ll need to craft the perfect mermaid waves is a good waver. I personally recommend the BaByliss Deep Waves Styler – one of my favourite hair tools ever, keeps my hair and extensions perfectly crimped for a wavy hairdo that lasts all day, and all night.

The 90s Blowout

Chilling by the pool with a big hairdo? If you want to go for that flawless Cindy Crawford-inspired big bouncy blowout, then arm yourself with Velcro rollers and hair extensions for volume. A spritz of Color WOW Xtra Large Bombshell volumiser will help lift your roots and boost the bounce-effect of your tresses for the ultimate big hairstyle that will make you look (and feel) like a 90s cinema diva. Want to know more about Velcro rollers and how to make the most of these nifty hair accessories? Check out my other post: Curls For Days: The Ultimate Velcro Rollers Guide.

Fishtail Braid

Trendy, sophisticated, and spiced up with that unmistakable summer flavour: what’s not to love about the fishtail plait? Although it’s not exactly the easiest braiding technique, the unique allure of a fishtail braid always stuns the audience. You can embellish it with hair charms and jewellery for a boho-chic finish, keep it loose and undone for a laid-back effect, or make it thicker and longer or even more colourful by adding your favourite hair extensions to the recipe. No matter how you choose to style your fishtail braid, this hairdo never fails to amaze.

Butterfly Clips Hairstyle

Supercharging with colourful accessories can be the key to success for a bright, colourful pool-party look. And paired with your favourite platform flip flops, bikini, and sunnies, this type of hairstyle will give some serious Y2K vibes that it's quite hard not to fall in love with. Try it before you deny it!

Importance Of Heat Protection

We all know the amount of damage the sun does to our skin but did you know that protecting your hair from the direct UV rays is equally important? It damages your hair to the extent that there can be moisture loss, fading if you’ve got coloured hair and major hair fall if exposed to the sun for a long time.

Sunscreen for hair and hair protection on holiday is a thing, yes! You need to include a heat protection spray in your summer beauty routine. Another thing you can do to ensure your hair’s protected is to never leave home without putting your leave-in conditioner. It keeps the moisture locked in and hence does not allow the dust particles or air to dry it out. 

Going On A Holiday With Extensions

Extensions, in general, add a wow factor to your appearance and hence you need to take care of them while you're on holiday! Here are some tips that are going to be helpful when it comes to taking care of your extensions. 

If you're on a beach, pool or near any body of water avoid getting your hair wet if you're wearing extensions and if you want to take a swim, make sure you remove them first. 

Carry a hat with you when out in the sun. The powerful UV rays can cause discolouration. 

Aftercare products like hair brushes and hair oils suitable for your extensions, always keep them handy, you never know when the need can arise. Find the complete travelling with hair extensions checklist here: How To Travel With Hair Extensions.


Now that you have all the inspo and the right haircare instructions for your hair extensions during the hottest season that you need, nothing can stop you from having perfect hair all summer long. Feel free to tag #wearcliphair on your summer holiday looks for a chance of getting featured on our Social Media channels!

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