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Get that look: Milkmaid braids hairstyle

Authored By Katie O' Connor


If you need a style you can do in 5 minutes flat and look stunning, this style is for you. Not the usual braid this milkmaid style draws attention for all of the right reasons. If you want to up your mane game as autumn approaches this is the way to do it. Sienna Miller and Selena Gomez have made this style one of their signatures but, honestly, I have not met a single person that doesn’t look incredible in it. It is super easy, so grab your hair grips and get this look off with a bang.




Prepare and separate

The brilliant thing about this style is that it looks brilliant as it is but it is also a great style to prep for the perfect wavy style. So start by deep conditioning your hair and scrunch with some alcohol-free mousse. You can either wait for your hair to dry or style it wet. Either way, it is time to get your fishtail comb and create a clean centre. Even if it isn’t a straight line, you just need to make sure you have roughly the same amount of hair on each side.



Time to braid

Now is the time you can choose what you want to do. If you are short on time it is probably a good idea to stick with the simple twist braid or french braid. I much prefer a dutch braid because they are bigger and the whole point of this style is the amazing braids. I like my braids to me bold so if you have shoulder or mid length hair clip in your hair extensions for the extra length. If you want to go for a romantic style try creating textured fishtail braids. Start your braids just above the ear and stop your braids a couple of inches from the end of your hair before securing it with a hair tie. Do one braid then the other so you can make sure that they are roughly even.



Creating the look

So good news, the braids are actually the hardest part. To make sure you are happy with the width and look of your braids pinch them gently to tug them outwards a little. Now you have braid perfection it is time to secure your braids milkmaid style. Take your left dutch braid and place it on the top of your head and grip it just behind your loose sections of hair. If you are going out it will be a good idea to secure your hair with a hair grip every couple of centimetres, make sure you hide the grips though. Now fold the right braid over your head and secure it just behind the left braid. Again you will need to pin your braids every couple of centimetres just to make sure. If your hair is thick, try and lay your braids flat. To finish spritz your hair with some hair spray and you are ready to rock this style.

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