Incorporating human hair extensions in your hair care routine is the start to a beautiful journey of confidence, beauty, and creativity. But when it comes to taking care of your tresses, what are the best products for hair extensions? Whether you’re looking to pump the volume up, keep your tresses soft and detangled, or looking to freshen up in between hair washing days, don’t miss out on these hair care staples for every extensions user. Start the new year right – and restock your bathroom shelf with these unmissable hair icons!

Understanding Your Hair Extensions

First, identify the hair extensions you are (or soon will be) wearing. Some products, such as tape in hair extensions and invisible tape extensions don’t do well with oil-based products close to the root, for example. Other products, if you’re wearing clip in hair extensions, are best used whilst your clip ins are not in your hair. Some hair care procedures are standard for every type of Remy hair extensions in general, such as regular brushing (with a detangling brush), using heat protection spray for hair, and gentle washing. Let’s see the washing staples first!

Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Extensions

shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions

When washing hair extensions, there two important rules to keep in mind:

  1. Always avoid sulfates, as they are drying agents that will significantly reduce the lifespan of human hair extensions.
  2. Always focus on moisturising ingredients, as hair extensions don’t get any nourishment from the scalp like natural hair does.

With these key points in mind, let’s have a look at the best shampoos and conditioners for extensions!

Best Shampoo And Conditioner For Hair Extensions: Quench The Thirst

conditioner for hair extensions
Cliphair’s Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions had to be at the top of our list. Infused with Shea butter and Baobab seed oil, this miracle duo takes care of your tresses under the shower, guaranteeing replenished (ang long-lasting) moisture levels for hair that looks and feels revitalised right from the first use. The shampoo formula, 100% sulphate-free and paraben-free, gently cleanses your scalp and hair, getting rid of product build-up whilst breathing new hair into your tresses. Designed to rebalance hydration in dry, parched hair and hair extensions alike, this duo works on every hair extensions type and works wonders on natural hair too!
Then, follow up with the Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture hair extensions conditioner to detangle and lock in that precious moisture in your tresses. A real game changer for dry hair, perfect to prepare your hair under the shower and make it ready for flawless styling.

Ouai Medium Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

One of my favourites of all time, the Ouai Medium Hair Shampoo (coming with its twin conditioner bottle) is characterised by a delicate, signature Ouai fragrance, and is packed with all the good stuff to restore softness and vitality in your hair and extensions. Coconut oil, Babassu oil, and hydrolyzed keratin in this formula make sure your hair stays shiny and manageable, tackling frizz and pesky flyaways.

Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner, part of the “Like A Virgin” collection, focus on shine, moisture, softness, and repair – taking care of your hair with their ultra-moisturising recipe supercharged with a powerblend of hyaluronic acid and enriched with vitamins, proteins, and Argan, Camellia, Green Tea & Almond Oil. Everything you need to power-up your mane and seal those cuticles for long-lasting health and beauty!

Kérastase Resistance Bain Extentioniste

For the boujee hair extensions wearer that wants to go a little extra, here is a high-end product that can satisfy even the more demanding palates when it comes to hair care: let me introduce you to the Resistance Bain Extensioniste, by Kérastase. If your hair is visibly weakened or your hair extensions are in need of a serious pick-me-up, this product will exceed your expectations with its powerful formula – infused with aminoacids and ceramides.

Kérastase Fondant Extentioniste Conditioner

The luxurious, creamy, and rich Kérastase Fondant Extentioniste conditioner is a real game changer. Infused with Maleic Acid, this miracle-in-a-bottle conditioner works to rebalance your hair’s pH levels, eliminating bacteria and impurities whilst its ceramides-enriched formula flatten the cuticles for long-lasting shine and manageability.

Top Deep Conditioning Products and Hair Masks

deep conditioning and hair mask product bottle

Looking for that weekly deep conditioning product that will breathe new life into your hair? Then look no further than these amazing products.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask 250ml

Infused with Argan oil, this rich and intense hair mask focuses on restoring the hydration levels in your hair, working to rebalance dry and dull tresses. Elasticity, texture, shine, and softness are revived in less than ten minutes – making Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask the perfect product for those who don’t really have the time to keep a hair mask on for half an hour.

Color WOW and Chris Appleton Money Masque

The hair mask that everyone’s been talking about! The name kind of gives it away: this deep conditioning product is designed to give that luxury feeling to your hair, making it look (and feel) expensive. After all, it comes from the genius mind of celebrity hair stylist Chris Appleton, so, could we expect anything less? Enriched with Blue Sea Kale, Mediterranean Sea Kelp, Algae, and Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein Complex, Color WOW Money Masque's mermaid-like recipe restores suppleness in your hair and seals the cuticles for the ultimate glass finish.

Olaplex No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask

For the mane that needs a little extra care, here’s the patented Olaplex formula – now in a deep conditioning product. Best used in combination with the rest of the famous disulfide bond-repairing icons developed by Olaplex, the No.8 Bond Intense is ideal for those who damaged their hair with highlights, bleach, or heat.

Ultimate Hair Extension Styling Products and Heat Protection

Silk Spray and Heat Protection products

If you have your hair washing day all sorted out, it’s time to focus on your styling routine. Are you taking care of your extensions properly? And what are the best products for extensions when it comes to styling? Let’s have a look together.

Cliphair Style Shield Heat Protectant Spray

We all love a gorgeous blowout, but a flawless look should never cost you your hair’s health. Keeping your extensions safe from heat damage is essential, and you can now easily do it with this styling essential. Specifically designed to work on both natural hair and real hair extensions, the Cliphair heat protection spray works to protect your hair by creating an invisible barrier on your tresses – without any greasy residues.

Moisture Lock Silky Shine Spray

Once you’re done styling, it’s time to lock that shine in your hair for as long as possible. The Cliphair Moisture Lock spray can be used on wet hair to ease the detangling process, or at the end of your styling session for unmatched shine and softness. Either way, this Argan oil-enriched formula will help you achieve flawless hair in no time!

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can be a real life-saver! If you’re always on the go, chances are that sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where washing your hair and going through your complete hair care routine right after isn’t exactly a possibility – may it be because you don’t have your hair products on you, or because you don’t have enough time. Either way, a spritz of dry shampoo can help you get rid of any greasy excess, and give you an extra day (or even two sometimes) to plan your hair washing accordingly.

Best Accessories and Tools for Extension Care

Hair accessories product image

What are the staple hair styling tools for a hair extensions wearer? Yep, that’s right, your regular paddle brush is not enough. Stock up on these styling essentials to make the most of your hair extensions and achieve new looks in an easier, seamless way!

Anti-Tangle Extension Brush

Hair extensions need some special care, and only a good detangling brush can give you all the beauty and of a knot-free mane without damaging the hair extensions bonds/attachments. Invest in a good detangling hair brush for hair extensions!


Whether it’s a bonnet, a headscarf, or a pillowcase: investing in silk fabric for your hair is a great investment that will keep your tresses shiny and soft. Silk is much more gentle than cotton on your hair cuticles, reducing frizz and static.

Pintail Comb

The pintail comb is an essential in every good hair extensioner’s bag, as it helps create clean and precise sections for your clip in hair extensions – and ensure a flawless parting too, for any hairstyle you’d like to create, including the super-trendy middle-parted low ponytail look a la Kim Kardashian, that you can recreate with the help of the Wrap Around Ponytail hair extensions set.

Silk Scrunchie

Tying your hair up at night is a definitive step in a healthy hair care routine, and using a silk scrunchie is the best way to tuck your ends in and keep your hair together in a protective hairstyle without tugging nor pulling on your hair extensions and natural hair.

Bobby Pins

You can never have enough bobby pins, period. Especially since we all tend to lose them around, let’s be honest…

Clear Elastic Hair Ties

These are the perfect tool for those wanting to recreate any of these trendy Y2K hairstyles that have been going on for quite a while now. Braided tendrils, bubble braids and ponytails, etc – they can all be recreated by using clear, elastic hair ties.

Hair Waver

For those gorgeous mermaid waves you’ve been longing for, the perfect combo is: your favourite hair extensions + a decent hair waver! Nowadays there are plenty of options online. My favourite has to be from Mermade Hair UK.

Hair Straightener

Together with a waver and a hair curler, the hair straightener is a tool I could personally never live without. My hair is naturally tousled and wavy, and sometimes I love indulging in the poker-straight trend with my hair extensions. You can also use a hair straightener to get flawless blowouts and soft curls. Have a look at our dedicated blog to find the one for you: Which Hair Straightener Is The Best? A Shopping Guide For Every Hair Type.

Hair Curler Or Curling Wand

Depending on what type of curls you enjoy the most, you can find lots of different hair curlers out there. But if you, like me, are a health-nut when it comes to hair, perhaps you may want to resort to less-damaging ways to curl your hair (I already indulge in my hair straightener, give me a break…). The good news is, there are plenty of ways that you can achieve fabulously curly blowouts at home, without using any heat. Find out how in our post: Heatless Hair: Curl Ribbons & Silk Everything Are The Latest Trend.

Our Recommended Products and Accessories for Curly Hair Extensions

curly clip in hair extensions

Got curls? Awesome. But what about curly hair extensions? Well, if you had permanent hair extensions permed, you may just want to take care of your hair all together as you would with your natural tresses. But if you enjoy wearing curly clip in hair extensions every now and then, you may want to know how to preserve their gorgeous curl pattern and what to do when it’s time to wash them! Make sure you use a curl-defining cream when you wash your curly clip ins, to enhance their natural texture and minimise frizz.

If you are tying your curly hair extensions up, make sure you use curl-friendly hair ties designed for textured hair, so that you can wave bye-bye (pun intended) to breakage and snagging and enjoy a flawless finish in your tresses.

Find your curly hair extensions and transform your hair today!


In conclusion, the right products make all the difference in the world of hair extensions – and that’s a fact! These products, together with the right aftercare and maintenance of your Remy hair extensions, will ensure a long and healthy life for your tresses whilst you feel free to explore your creativity and express yourself through a plethora of flawless hairstyles. Explore our hair care range and find the perfect products for your hair extensions.

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